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Julia's Letter Processor 1.0 - EGA/VGA Kiddie alphabet game with music. TC 2.0 source included.
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Julia’s Letter Processor 1.0 – EGA/VGA Kiddie alphabet game with music. TC 2.0 source included.
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Contents of the LETPROC.DOC file

LETPROC 1.0 -- Copyright (c) 1990 Michael Deuel Sullivan

LETPROC, Julia's Letter Processor, is a toddler's introduction to
computers. My 2-3/4 year old daughter, Julia, is fascinated by my
computer. She wants to play with the 'puter, too. She knows her
alphabet pretty well, so I thought maybe an alphabet game would be fun.
Unfortunately, she doesn't spell quite yet, and she can't control a
cursor or a mouse, so there is only so much she can do. She's not ready
for a word processor, but since she knows the letters, I thought a
"letter processor" would be fun.

LETPROC starts out with an opening screen accompanied by the alphabet
song. Then the letter processor starts. It is a two-line display for
BIG, nicely shaped characters, in graphics mode. Each letter is
accompanied by its note from the alphabet song. Numbers are accompanied
by notes, with 1-8 being a scale in C major, more or less. Invalid
keypresses get a cute twirp that Julia likes even more than the letters,

There are two command line options. Running without any command line
options will allow only upper-case letters, numbers, spaces, and
tabs/returns (both of which move to a new line). Putting L or l in the
command line will recognize the state of the shift key and allow
lower-case or upper-case letters. Putting S or s in the command line
will allow standard symbols. Function keys, cursor keys, etc. are all
considered invalid keys under all options.

You can use any format for the command line, as long as there is at
least one space after "LETPROC". E.g., LETPROC /l -s, LETPROC SL,
LETPROC l, or even LETPROC else (the l and s are recognized).

A VGA or EGA monitor is required. Nobody gets CGA anymore, anyway.

Source code is included in the ZIPfile, in Turbo C 2.0. The distributed
version has the EGAVGA.BGI and font files linked in. If you want to
play with the code, you can cut out the "registerbgidriver()" and
"registerbgifont()" codes and supply the location of your graphics
A license is hereby granted for the use of this program for
non-commercial and educational use at no charge. No registration is
required. If you redistribute the program to others, you may not do so
for profit, without permission. You may impose a nominal charge ($2 or
less if only LETPROC is included; $5 total for a disk with 200K of
programs) to cover the cost of reproduction and mailing, without
permission. You must reproduce the entire ZIPfile, including
LETPROC.EXE, LETPROC.C, and LETPROC.DOC. You may tinker with the source
code for your own use, but if you distribute altered source code or
executables you must (a) grant the same license to users of the altered
code, (b) include source code and documentation, (c) include credit for
this program, and (d) send a copy to me.
If you have comments or suggestions, contact me:

Via UncSamNet: Michael Deuel Sullivan
6011 33rd Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20015

Via BBS: The Running Board, Bethesda Md. (301) 229-5342
Relaynet Node: ->RUNNINGA Username: MICHAELD SULLIVAN (R/O ok)

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