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Documentation for RPN30EXE.ZIP--simulates HP scientific calculator.
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Category Science and Education
Documentation for RPN30EXE.ZIP–simulates HP scientific calculator.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
README.V30 3318 1630 deflated
RPN.MAN 23987 8788 deflated
SCANCODE.DOC 2425 720 deflated

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Contents of the SCANCODE.DOC file

LArr0x1b4b 0x340x1b730x1bb2
RArr0x1b4d 0x360x1b740x1bb4
UArr0x1b48 0x38 0 0
DArr0x1b50 0x32 0 0
Home0x1b47 0x37 00x1bae
End0x1b4f 0x310x1b750x1bb6
PgUp0x1b49 0x390x1b840x1bb0
PgDn0x1b51 0x330x1b760x1bb8
Ins0x1b52 0x300x1ba50x1bb9
Del0x1b53 0x2e0x1ba60x1bba
Esc 0x1b 0x1b 0x1b 0
BkSp 0x8 0x8 0x7f 0
Tab 0x90x1b0f 0 0
Rtn 0xd 0xd 0xa 0
a 0x61 0x41 0x10x1b1e
b 0x62 0x42 0x20x1b30
c 0x63 0x43 0x30x1b2e
d 0x64 0x44 0x40x1b20
e 0x65 0x45 0x50x1b12
f 0x66 0x46 0x60x1b21
g 0x67 0x47 0x70x1b22
h 0x68 0x48 0x80x1b23
i 0x69 0x49 0x90x1b17
j 0x6a 0x4a 0xa0x1b24
k 0x6b 0x4b 0xb0x1b25
l 0x6c 0x4c 0xc0x1b26
m 0x6d 0x4d 0xd0x1b32
n 0x6e 0x4e 0xe0x1b31
o 0x6f 0x4f 0xf0x1b18
p 0x70 0x50 0x100x1b19
q 0x71 0x51 0x110x1b10
r 0x72 0x52 0x120x1b13
s 0x73 0x53 0x130x1b1f
t 0x74 0x54 0x140x1b14
u 0x75 0x55 0x150x1b16
v 0x76 0x56 0x160x1b2f
w 0x77 0x57 0x170x1b11
x 0x78 0x58 0x180x1b2d
y 0x79 0x59 0x190x1b15
z 0x7a 0x5a 0x1a0x1b2c
[ 0x5b 0x7b 0x1b 0
\ 0x5c 0x7c 0x1c 0
] 0x5d 0x7d 0x1d 0
` 0x60 0x7e 0 0
0 0x30 0x29 00x1b81
1 0x31 0x21 00x1b78
2 0x32 0x400x1b030x1b79
3 0x33 0x23 00x1b7a
4 0x34 0x24 00x1b7b
5 0x35 0x25 00x1b7c
6 0x36 0x5e 0x1e0x1b7d
7 0x37 0x26 00x1b7e
8 0x38 0x2a 00x1b7f
9 0x39 0x28 00x1b80
* 0x2a 00x1b72 0
+ 0x2b 0x2b 0 0
- 0x2d 0x5f 0x1f0x1b82
= 0x3d 0x2b 00x1b83
, 0x2c 0x3c 0 0
/ 0x2f 0x3f 0 0
; 0x3b 0x3a 0 0

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