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Wood and Steel Beam Analysis. Computes required materials for a specified length and weight.
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Wood and Steel Beam Analysis. Computes required materials for a specified length and weight.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

As an Engineer/Architect or an Engineering/Architectural Company, you
aare aware that time is money. The more work that can be generated per given
period of time, the more money that the time is worth.

This program will allow you to maximize the amount of design work
which can be accomplished with the minimum effort and time.

The Land & Cea Engineering Aid is design to select the beams which
will yield both the lightest and most shallow beam - assuming that they are
different. The programs selects the beam by first calculating the required
section modulus, the allowable deflection and the allowable shear from the
input design criteria. These values are then compared against the beam's
section modulus and calculated shear and deflection and the selections are
made. All this and more is accomplished in literally seconds !!!

The Engineer/Architect is the person who will be making the ultimate
choice and it is the Engineer's/Architect's responsiblity to be certain that
the beams or columns selected are correct for the design criteria.

This program was developed as an aid to the design Engineer/Architect.

If you decide to use this program a $20. contribution should be sent

Robert A. Cea
2038 Nereid Avenue
Bronx, NY 10466.

You are encouraged to copy this program and give it out. No profit
is to be made from the sale of this program - as that right is reserved by
the Land & Cea Software Co.

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