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Tutorial on statistics from Australia. Covers ANOVA , CORRELATION,etc.
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Tutorial on statistics from Australia. Covers ANOVA , CORRELATION,etc.
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CORREL04.EXE 46896 26601 deflated
CORREL05.EXE 86240 40393 deflated
CORREL06.EXE 56832 31201 deflated
CORREL07.EXE 61232 31820 deflated
CORREL08.EXE 82576 39320 deflated
CORREL09.EXE 56272 30657 deflated
CORREL10.EXE 87584 41801 deflated
CORREL11.EXE 48672 27042 deflated
MENU.EXE 6928 4352 deflated
OTHERS 0 0 stored
ANOVA01.EXE 69936 35002 deflated
ANOVA02.EXE 71808 36170 deflated
CLT.EXE 77680 36281 deflated
HYPOTEST.EXE 110992 50151 deflated
MENU.EXE 6704 4301 deflated
SIGMA01.EXE 63712 32970 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

The included programs are an aid to teaching Correlation and other
statistics. They were written by John Hattie to aid in the teaching of his
course at the University of Western Australia.

These programs are freely distributable as long as this note is included
unmodified with the rest of the archive.

You may NOT charge any money for the distribution of these programs without
the consent of the author. You must not make a profit out of the
distribution of this software.

You may not modify the software in any way.

This software is not supported. Any problems that you encounter are your
problems and not the fault or problems of the author. There will not be
upgrades or bug fixes for this software.

The author of this software is John hattie ([email protected])

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