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Develop area, centroid, and moments for any polygon.
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Develop area, centroid, and moments for any polygon.
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Contents of the README file

Gentle User,

MOMENT will compute the area, centroid, moments, etc. for any odd shape
that you can describe with a series of points. To run MOMENT, you need
to create an ASCII data file with the points (X,Y) of your polygonal
region (up to 100 points max). Then enter

MOMEMT myfile

I have supplied a few examples that you can try as indicated below

MOMENT triangle
MOMENT square
MOMEMT circle

I have also enclosed the FORTRAN source code so you can see how it is
done. I hope you enjoy using MOMENT.

Dudley J. Benton
TVA Engineering Lab
P.O. Drawer E
Norris, TN 37828

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