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Teaches People How To Use A Ruler.
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Teaches People How To Use A Ruler.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

First of all, thank you for downloading this file!
Now to the real stuff:

This program was written with the purpose of teaching people how to read a
ruler properly and easily. To run the program simply type ruler at the
prompt. I hope that you enjoy and learn from the program.

If you like and use this unregistered version, please send me $10.00 to
recieve your own registered version. It is against the law to use it and not
register it. However, I do not believe in distibuting "cripple" ware and
therefore, this unregistered version does everything that the registered one
will do. Please, with your registration, send any comments and/or questions
that you have about the software.

There are two programs, also written by me, just like this one that teach
people how to read a vernier caliper and the micrometer. If you would like to
recieve copies of these, just send me $10.00 each and I will be happy to send
you a registered version.

Please support independant software authors and the shareware concept. Use,
enjoy, learn, and buy the software if you like it.

My name and address is:
Bill Amidei
18430 Lamplighter Lane
Brookfield, Wisoconsin
Send all registration money here with questions/comments.

Other programs written by Bill Amidei:
Micrometer teacher ($10.00)
Vernier Caliper teacher ($10.00)
Ruler teacher ($10.00)
Menu program-->high security(passwords, etc) ($10.00)
CD and Cassette database (NO COST)

Soon to come...
War(co-authored with Jim Amidei)
War is a 6 player strategy game written using VGA
graphics. REALLY COOL!!!

Thanks again.

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