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Educational game-teaches money-very good.
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Educational game-teaches money-very good.
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Coins In The Box (CIBOX)

Copywright (c) 1986 by MELLEX Computer Software

Version 1.1 , March 1987

"Coins in the Box" was developed by a mathematics specialist for
use in elementary schools, grades 3 thru 6. This program
presents game-like activities which promote creative thinking in
a problem-solving context.

Many of the best problem solving situations used in elementary
education relate to everyday activities familiar to the students.
Problems should be "real" as often as possible and be
interesting enough that the child wants to solve the problem.
Children particularly need the experience of relating a
real-life and practical occurrence to a mathematical
representation of that occurrence. "Coins in the Box" presents
fun problems dealing with a very real problem... Money!

Players use analytical and deductive reasoning as they solve
problems involving coins and money.

Selection of:

* "Guess the Coins"
* "Move the Coins"
* "Computer Picks the Coins"

from the master menu requires players to compute totals for
a given set of coins or the inverse task of selecting coins
to equal a given amount. These preliminary games prepare the
student for the more difficult problem tasks encountered in
playing "Coin Machine",the last entry on the master menu.

The "Coin Machine" is presented in arcade game type layout
where the student applies previously learned skills of coin
values and combinations in a competitive setting. Strategies
for winning evolve as the player draws upon the knowledge
gained from playing the preliminary games.

The varity of formats, on-screen prompts, animation, color
graphics and sound are further designed to stimulate student
interest. We feel that this software should be considered for
use in all elementary schools which have access to IBM PCs with
color monitors.

This software is being tested nationwide through the
bulletin board network for personal, home use only. We hope
you use and enjoy the software and forward any comments,
critiques or suggestions for improvement.

You may register your copy and receive free future enhancements
and all new educational software announcements for testing by
sending $10.00 to MELLEX at the following address:

MELLEX Computer Software
c/o Bob Mellott
14934 Wellwood Rd.
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Coins In The Box is available commercially for $39.95.
We would be pleased to appoint and authorize interested
persons as MELLEX agents for the sale and distribution
of Coins In The Box. Contact us for pricing of multiple
copy licensing arrangements for any elementary school or
school district in your area.

Write or contact Bob Mellott at (301) 948-0710 for details.

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