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Family tree generator.
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Family tree generator.
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EZ-Tree is a genealogy program to track and report on family trees.
The program records information in variable length records and fields
with the following maximum field sizes:

First Name . . . . . . . . . . . 16 characters
Middle Name . . . . . . . . . . 16 characters
Last Name . . . . . . . . . . . 16 characters
Maiden Name . . . . . . . . . . 16 characters

Sex (M or F) . . . . . . . . . . 1 character
Birth Date & Information . . . . 32 characters
Death Date & Information . . . . 32 characters
Personal Comments . . . . . . . 144 characters

Marriage Date & Information . . 32 characters
Divorce Date & Information . . . 32 characters
Marriage & Divorce Notes . . . . 144 characters

You can keep track of up to 16 marriages per person and up to 32
children per marriage. There is no logical limit to the number of
generations you can have for each family tree. There are provisions
currently in the program to handle 90 different family trees with 150
people and marriages per family tree. Both of these last two numbers
will be increased in the future.


There is only one file (EZT.COM) you need to run EZ-Tree. To start
the program simply key in EZT and press the ENTER key. The program
will create other files that it uses to store information in. They
CONFIG.EZT used to store program configuration info.
FAMILY.EZT used to store an index to the family trees.
TREE1.EZT - TREE90.EZT stores all the family tree data.


To choose an entry from the main menu use the up and down arrow keys
to highlight the one you want to use, then press the ENTER key; or
just press the first letter of the entry. The first entry you may
want to choose is the Modify configuration entry. This lets you
choose a different disk drive and directory to store the Family and
Tree files if you need to do that. This would actually allow you to
use more than 90 family trees by putting 90 families in each
directory you create for that purpose. Also with this entry you can
change your screen colors and the screen save time out feature that
will blank out the screen after a certain amount of time.

The next entry you will choose is either Create a new family tree or
Retrieve an existing one. To create a new one, choose the Create
option, then key in a description of the family tree your creating.

You can use up to 60 characters. Next you would choose Work on the
current family tree to start entering the detailed information. If
you already had some family trees created and chose the Retrieve a
family tree entry, you would be presented with a list of available
family trees. To choose one use the up or down arrow keys to
highlight the one you want and press the ENTER key. Then you would
choose Work on current family tree.

The remaining main menu entries allow you to save the family tree on
disk any time while your working on it or to delete the current
family tree from the index and from your disk.


You start by keying in information about the first person you want to
add to the family tree. Pressing ENTER takes you to the next field
until all fields are used. Then the person's name is displayed in a
box in the upper left hand corner of the screen and a function key
menu is displayed below it. Press the F1 (help) key to see the
details of what each key on the keyboard will do. Press any key to
return. You can now add parents to the person you keyed in or add a
spouse. The top two boxes are always used to display a husband and
wife if there is a marriage. Children are added and displayed below
the couple. The ESCAPE key can be used at any time to cancel or back
out of any procedure.


Presently there are three reports that can be produced by using the
F9 (list) key. More will be added later. You can get detailed
information about the person currently highlighted by the cursor, a
report on all people in the current family tree, and a list of all
descendents of the person currently highlighted by the cursor. The
detailed report and the report on all people have reference numbers
listed in front of each person. This lets you locate information on
a person by that reference number because the report is produced in
reference number sequence. The descendents report puts an asterisk
in front of people who are related by marriage, but are not actually
in the blood line. A listing can be directed to your printer or to
the screen and it can be cancelled any time by pressing the ESCAPE


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