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Nutrition Doctor. Automated tool for optimizing your nutrition/health.

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Nutrition Doctor S/W Pkg... Major
breakthrough in 'Self-Health'! Automated
tool for optimizing your nutrition/health.
Helps you: Lose Weight, Look Younger,
Boost Mental/Physical Performance, Extend
Useful Life-span, Strengthen Immune
System and Reduce Cancer Risk. Very user
friendly - no expertise req'd. Contains
data for 7,000+ foods. No other Nutrition
Pkg comes close wrt ease-of-use/capabil-
ities/usefulness. Feel free to u/l to BBSs.

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Nutrition Doctor. Automated tool for optimizing your nutrition/health.
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Contents of the DURK.TXT file

Summary Notes From Durk Pearson
- fasting releases growth hormones -> stimulates immune system p86
- In humans, lipofuscin may accumulate in neurons up to 70% of
cellular volume before killing them. The pigment accumulates at
the apex of the nerve cell, blocking the flow of vital nutrients
to the long processes extending from the apex. Eventually, the
fine nerve cell fibers die, followed by the death of the nerve
cell itself. Without the fine interconecting fibers, nerve cells
cannot communicate with each other. Mental functions deteriorate.
- lipofuscins : cause degeneration of nerve cells and other tissues;
Deaner, Lucidril, and GH-3 are drugs known to be effective in re-
moving these aging pigments p-123. Durk has observed 300mg/day of
Deaner remove all age pigments from a 60 yr old man. Hydergine
(made by Sandoz) slows rate of lipofuscin accumulation in brain by
a factor of 4. (p124)
- The brain makes acetylcholine from choline. Acetylcholine is a
neurotransmitter which is important in the parts of the brain
affective primitive emotions and alertness. (p126). In one test
3 gm/day of choline improved memory p164. In another 80 gm/day
of lecithin produced similar results. Deaner (by Riker) increases
acetylcholine and has been used in treatment of senility.
3 gm/day of choline is a reasonable adult dose. B-5 is req'd to
convert choline to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, at least
a few hundred milligrams to a gram of B-5 should also be taken per
day p.274.
- Norepinephrine (NE) is another neurotransmitter -> affects mood,
can cause brain to release growth hormone (essential to proper
immune function). Brain uses phenylalanine & tyorsine, amino acids
to make NE.
- Phenylalanine : amino acid. Effective dose 100-500mg/day for 2 weeks
p127. see Warning on p 136 & p 127.
- Dopamine : another important neurotransmitter (p127). Lipofuscins
form especially rapidly in the dopamine-dependent brain areas.
Parkinsonism (tremors) is caused by damage to these dopamine
dependent brain areas. L-Dopa (amino acid) used by brain to make
dopamine. L-Dopa is an excellent antioxidant.
- Hydergine : p 127. used to reverse senility. 12mg/day for 2 weeks
had significant effects. Provides lift like caffeine w/o jittery
nerves. Stimulates brain to grow neurites. Durk takes 20 mg/day.
May be the most powerful antioxidant tested p162.

- immune stimulant nutrients : C, E, A, selenium, B1, cysteine, zinc,
and arginine, or ornithine (amino acids) p162. A, C, E and selenium
strongly inhibit carcinogenesis.
- Anti-Cross linkers : BHT, BHA, cysteine, zinc, selenium, E, C, B1,
and A p163.
- HDL/LDL p 779. see table
if LDL/HDL = 1 then Heart Disease Risk = 1/2 average
if LDL/HDL = 3.55 then Heart Disease Risk = average
if LDL/HDL = 6.25 then Heart Disease Risk = 2*average
if LDL/HDL = 7.99 then Heart Disease Risk = 3*average
The linear equation for the above : y = .04*x*x + .45.

- Hair pigment is destroyed by phagocytes p81
- Vitamin A alone is able to double the size of the thymus gland p82
- vitamin C increases the activity of certain white blood cells making
them more vigorous in seeking out and destroying undesirable invaders
and stimulates other cells to make more interferon. p83
- Arthritis is believed to be a disease stemming from an attack of our
own T-cells on our joint membranes and fluids. In arthritis, the
chemically reactive free radicals damage the joint membranes and
lubricants, resulting in pain and limited mobility. Nutrients which
improve immune function can often provide dramatic relief of arthritis
symptoms both by improving the ability of the T-cells to tell us from
enemites and also by reacting with the free radicals diectly to stop
the chain reaction of damage. p83
- Proteins are complex molecules, made up of amino acids which perform
a wide variety of functions in the human body, from chemical reaction-
controlling enzymes, to structural molecules like collagen, to
necessary components in human memory. Collagen is made of protein
and is the major structural molecule of the body (comprising 30%
of total body protein). p 95
- Cross-linked DNA is less easily degraded by heat - it becomes more
stable. However, this increased stability in DNA molecules may in-
terfere with decoding the genetic information and transcribing it to
RNA, leading to errors or even failure of the cell to reproduce.
- Free Radical Therapy p110
1. Reduce calories
2. minimize dietary copper, polyunsaturated fats
3. add to diet one or more free radical quenchers : Vit E, C, A,
B-1, B-5, B-6, zinc, selenium, BHT, cysteine.
- A typical US citizen gets an average of about 2mg/day of BHT p110.
- Lipofuscin aging pigment, which accumulates in nerve cells (neurons)
in the brain and in skin, appears to contain peroxidized fats and
cross-linked breakdown products, as well as proteinaceous material.
The accumulation of age pigments probably causes brain damage and
Hydergeine can reduce the rate of age pigment accumulation in neurons
by a factor of 4. p112
- Sleep disorders (especially among older folks) is common due to a
deficiency of serotonin. Tryptophan, an amino acid, is the natural
substance used by the brain to make serotonin.
- Underfeeding and lowering body temperature reduce free radical pro-
duction rate. p142
- Basic vitamins and minerals for smokers p.245
- take at least 3 times the amt of Vit C than Cysteine p 245
- diabetes p246
- Basic vitamins and minerals for drinkers p280
- Weight Loss : p284
Excess weight causes higher risk of
* cardiovascular disease
* high blood pressure
* cancer
* lower life expectancy
Growth Hormones (GH) start to fall off at 30 p286 - exercise no
longer causes its release. GH causes body to burn fat and build
Amino acids L-Arginine & L-Ornithine stimulate weight loss by trigger
ing the relase of growth hormone. p288
Phenylalanine reduces appetite p287 and causes brain to produce more NE.
Normal consumption of Phen. is ~2.8gm/day. Reasonable dose is about
100-1000mg/day. Vit C & B-6 are required for Phen. to be converted
to NE p288. People with high blood pressure -> caution. Phen. controls
eating but affects blood pressure. To max benefit -> take Phen on an
empty stomach.
L-Dopa .25 to .5 gm and/or L-Arginine 5-10gm and/or L-Ornithine 2.5-5gm
and/or tryptophan 1-2gm taken on an empty stomach at bedtime cause
release of GH. p289
Hypothalamus gland is thought responsible for controlling appetite. p290
Fiber : moves food through your digestive tract quickly, resulting in the
absorption of fewer calories as well as mechanically making you feel full.
Also, fiber absorbs bile acids (which carry cholesterol and other fats)
p291, but it also absorbs vitamins and minerals.
Vit B-5 decreases transit time of food through digestive tract, thus
reducing calories absorbed. 1-3 gm/day can speed up by factor of 3.
High carbohydrate meals result in an increased passage of tryptophan
into the brain, where it is converted to serontonin, the neuro-
High protein meals increase the requirement for B-6.
Sodium Restriction.
- Lecithin : emulsifies fat (amway), reduces serum lipids & increases
choline production p 365, Durk
- Vit C, niacin (B-3), lecithin are nutrients able to reduce serum lipids
Reducers of Serum Cholesterol : (p 483)
- niacin, vitamin C, B-6, Vit E, BHT, Choline
- C and B-6 have regressed atherosclerotic plaques in rabbits (320)
- T-Cell immune failure allows the development of atherosclerotic
plaques (a type of tumor) by failing to destroy them. (319)
Inositol :
- sugar found in muscles which does not stimulate the release of insulin
when eaten. It is a B vitamin. p476
- Inositol deficiency may cause baldness -> can reduce hair loss
has protective effect on hair follicles (p 216)
- In ~10% of time -> causes graying hair to darken
- cell membrane stabilizer
- hydroxyl free radical scavenger -> may be of value for ameliorating
arthritis & crushing injuries
- req'd for growth of muscle cells
- increases the binding of B-3 to natural anti-anxiety receptors
- Safe (medium potency) hydroxyl radical scavenger (p 298)
- Moderate Formula Dosage : 1-3 gm (p 469)
Arthritis :
- Copper gluconate has SOD properties (p 298)
- Vit B-6 (p 299)
Good Reference : Biochemical Individuality by Roger Williams (430)
Stress : p25, 31, 72, 165, 172, 181-4, 319, 347, 430, 436, 479, 795
- Vit B-5 in the form of Pantothenic acid or calcium pantothenate, can
greatly increase resistance to stress. Has also been found to increase
life span. (31). B-5 is also essential in the manufacture of fats and
and oils which are an important part of skin. (165)
- Anemia or diabetes may also cause low energy. (165)
- L-Dopa may increase energy and motivation (165)
- Phenylalanine, an amino acid the brain uses to make NE, can relieve
or prevent depressions caused by NE depletion. Typcal doses are
100-1000 mg/day. See Caution p 172. It is useful in restoring energy
and vitality after stressful activities. It can provide a lift. Stress
and overwork deplete NE, resulting in mental fatigue and loss of
concentration, Phenylalanine helps your brain to replace the lost NE.
Plenty of C and B-6 are required for the conversion of it and tyrosine
to NE. See part III Chapter 3 for details. (172)
- Tyrosine (amino acid) is cemically one step closer to NE than is
Phenylalanine (see warning). (172)
- When supplies of certain chemicals made by our brains become depleted
depression can result. Depression has a major deleterious effect on
general health and on the probability of surviving stress. (181).
Feelings of helplessness are caused by depletion of NE in the brain.
Phenylalanine or tyrosine, essential nutrient amino acids used by the
brain to make NE should be very effective in relieving depressions
from a variety of causes. (see caution p182). Emotional depression
causes depression of the immune system. MAO is an enzyme in the
brain which degrades the monamine neurotransmitters dopamine, NE and
serotonin. This enzyme increases in activity with age. Procaine or
GH3 have proved of significant benefit by inhibiting MAO. (184)
- Under conditions of stress and/or illness, your requirements for many
nutrients will be higher, including vitamins C, E, A, B-5 (436)

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