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Add color to DOS3.3 CLS Command.Neat!.
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Add color to DOS3.3 CLS Command.Neat!.
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Contents of the COLOR33.TXT file

* * * * * COLOR33 * * * * *

This is a patch to DOS 3.30 COMMAND.COM to produce color screens with CLS.
The patch was listed in PC Magazine, Vol.8 No.6 (3/28/89), p. 311.

To patch the COMMAND.COM:

1) Copy the file COLOR33.SCR to a BOOTABLE (DOS 3.3) diskette.

2) Copy DEBUG.COM to the same diskette.

3) Switch the default drive to that diskette (ie. Enter A: )

4) At the A> prompt, enter DEBUG < COLOR33.SCR

5) DEBUG will read the script file and patch COMMAND.COM automatically.

NOTE: Only patch a COPY of COMMAND.COM, not your original disk.

This patched COMMAND.COM will give a YELLOW on BLUE screen when CLS is run.
ANSI.SYS allows colored screens, but takes 2K of RAM. Use this to save RAM.

To get different colors, you must first modify COLOR33.SCR, using any ANSI
text editor. Use the following table to obtain the correct hexadecimal codes
for the desired colors:

====== ============== ==========
Black 0 8
Blue 1 9
Green 2 A
Cyan 3 B
Red 4 C
Magenta 5 D
Yellow 6 E
White 7 F

Substitute the codes into COLOR33.SCR in two places: one sets the screen
colors, the other sets the border. [NOTE: The border won't work if you have
EGA, so you can eliminate lines 4 - 8 (ie. 5 lines including the blank one)
completely from COLOR33.SCR.] The screen color must contain two digits, the
border color one digit. For example, to get dim red on a white background,
you'd use 74, as follows:

a) Change line 3 (now E 2BAD 1E) to E 2BAD 74
b) Change line 6 (now MOV BL,01) to MOV BL,07

Once you've modified your COMMAND.COM, remove the original from your system
and store it away. Boot up with the modified one to get colored DOS.

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