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HOMEWORK HELPER is a collection of handy programs to help children learn and practice basic skills.
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HOMEWORK HELPER is a collection of handy programs to help children learn and practice basic skills.
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Contents of the README file


HOMEWORK HELPER is a collection of handy programs to help
children learn and practice basic skills. It includes
simple ABC and counting programs for pre-schoolers, a spelling
practice program that lets them practice their current spelling
words, and math programs to practice basic skills (including
times tables) and to check fractions and algebraic equations.

If you have a color computer you can change the colors of the
display by pressing the Function Keys during the initial screen
for each program.

To get out of a routine or a program, press the ESC (escape) key.

After copying the programs to your hard disk or setting your
default disk to the drive containing the HOMEWORK HELPER disk,
just type RUNME to exercise the program. the RUNME.BAT file
contains an INTRO program that introduces HOMEWORK HELPER, lets
you play with the color changes, and gives you an opportunity to
print a purchase order to send in to register your copy of
HOMEWORK HELPER or order the source code.

The HELPER program is automatically run after you finish with
introduction. HELPER is the main menu program for HOMEWORK
HELPER. Once you have HOMEWORK HELPER installed on your system
you need only type HELPER to get it going without having to
wade through the shareware notices each time.

When you are ready to register HOMEWORK HELPER or order the
source code, just type INTRO and page through to the order

The fee to register your shareware copy of HOMEWORK HELPER is
only $10.00. The BASIC source code is available if you want to
customize it to your own preferences. The cost for source code
is only $25.00 (plus $3.00 postage and handling). California
residents add 6.25% sales tax. In either case we will include
you on our mailing list for enhancements and new products.

As you can see, we're not out to get rich off these fees. We
would just like to recover enough of our development costs to
continue developing useful programs.

As always, we welcome your comments -- negative or positive --
and encourage you to submit suggestions for enhancements,
improvements, additional features, and new products.

Thank you for trying HOMEWORK HELPER. We hope you will find it

1089 Richardson Avenue
Simi Valley, California 93065

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