Dec 242017
DSI's Grade Managing System demo (for teachers K-6).
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DSI’s Grade Managing System demo (for teachers K-6).
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GMS.MAN 15273 4859 deflated
GMSDATA.ZIP 5712 3492 deflated
GMSYSTEM.ZIP 60822 59222 deflated
READ.ME 549 317 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Directions for installing GMS

1. Unzip the system files only. Place them on a floppy.

2. Follow the manual (GMS.MAN) for install procedure. After you get to
the Main Meun of GMS, exit immediately (9. Exit to DOS)

3. Change to root directory of data disk, (if you are using a single floppy
system, delete all the files here except GMSDATA.ZIP and GMS.MAN) and
unzip GMSDATA.ZIP here.

4. Change back to \GMS dirctory on your system drive (where you installed
GMS to), and type GMS.

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