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Practice exams for FCC Ham radio license.
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Practice exams for FCC Ham radio license.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

I hope this program is helpful. It is intended to assist
the ham or prospective ham review for the FCC
examination. Most of the questions on the FCC exam are
faithfully reproduced here, the only exception are those
dealing with schematics. Should you find errors in the
answer please send me a note on compuserve, genie, or
via packet radio.

All the questions are from something Bill Hertzel, N8HUQ
(74116,3557) uploaded. I have written the program quiz
which uses the questions and answers to quiz you until
all questions are correctly answered. The ARRL text
books are really required to fully learn the material. I
have corrected a couple of mistakes found while studying
for my license, there may be more!

If you find this program to be invaluable a donation
would be in order $5.00. If you wish to distribute the
program to your friends please feel free to do so. If
you do use or distribute the program please do drop me a
QSL card so I can judge if it's worth updating from time
to time.

QUIZ was written entirely by me, in Microsoft C. All
rights are reserved. Source code is available for a
$25.00 fee.

For more information on becoming an Amateur Radio
Operator contact the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
at 225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111.

Eugene Jones, 601 North Ash, Little Rock AR 72205
compuserve 72067,411
genie B.E.JONES

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