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Japanese language tutorial.
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Japanese language tutorial.
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Contents of the JAPAN.DOC file

To begin JAPANESE FOR BUSINESS AND TRAVEL, just type in the word JAPAN.
If at any point, you are stuck, or don't know what to do next, just press
. This is an important point, so don't forget it.

JAPANESE FOR BUSINESS AND TRAVEL is a introduction to Japanese. It is the
first product in the LANG-WARE(TM) series.

This tutorial is designed to perform as a teacher, when no teacher is
available. It keeps track of your errors and emphasizes those areas.
It should only be used by one individual at a time, so as to not confuse the
built-in teacher. You can always get back to the main-menu by typing the
letter q.

This tutorial is composed of questions about vocabulary, grammar, and culture.
The questions are of the fill-in type, multiple choice, and matching. The
course assumes no prior knowledge of Japanese. Be advised that the material
is challenging, but anything worth knowing has it's price. Don't get
discouraged. It has been written that Japanese is one of the ten most
difficult languages on earth to learn. ....When you finish the tutorial, I'm
sure that you'll disagree.
Good ruck


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