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Flight Planning Program for the busy pilot. Simple to use.
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Flight Planning Program for the busy pilot. Simple to use.
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Contents of the FLITPLN2.DOC file

Version 2.0 -1984- DOS 2.0

PC-FLY presently includes a "FLITEPLN" program which is written to be
practical and useful for the busy pilot. It requires only that essential
information which all pilots use when planning a flight. Data which can
be readily obtained from a chart is not included in the program.

User enters: 1) estimated groundspeed
2) fuel/hour
3) departure airport and checkpoints
4) leg distance between checkpoints

PC-FLY "FLITEPLN" then calculates DISTANCE: total & to-go, TIME: leg
cumulative and total in hr. & min., FUEL: per leg, cumulative, and total
for flight. It also prints hard copy as needed.

PC-FLY "FLITEPLN" saves flight routes in files for future use AND can
be reused with different groundspeed and fuel rates added as needed.

PC-FLY "FLITEPLN" is made available through the "YOU-TELL-ME" concept.

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