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Track BloodSugar + Insulin.
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Track BloodSugar + Insulin.
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Contents of the DIABETIC.DOC file

Blood Glucose Test Results
by Don Robertson, a diabetic for over 43 years

This program, DIABETIC.ASC, is written in GWBasic and saved as an
ASCII file. Its written in plain vanilla Basic and should load
into about any Basic and run with few if any modifications.
Always enter the correct date at bootup, the program makes use of
the current date. The program starts by asking for a Filename.
I suggest you start a new file for each month and use a Filename
similar to MAY87 or JUN87. This way you can keep the results of
your blood glucose testing in a month by month report of your
diabetic control. The program will accept as many entries as you
conduct BG tests. It will show the date of the test, the amount
of Blood Glucose in mg/dl numbers, the time of the test, the
units of insulin taken, the type of insulin (Regular, NPH, Lente
or any other type) and the time of the insulin injection. On
both the `List on the Screen' and the `Print to the Printer' menu
choices, the final line will show the number of tests entered for
the month and the average Blood Glucose number for those tests.
This average will indicate the type of control the diabetic has
been maintaining for that particular month.

After you select a Filename, the menu appears. When you are
beginning a new month's test results, use the #1 choice on the
menu to `Create' that month's test figures. If you are making
additional entries to a file that you have already created,
choose #2 on the menu to `Add' to the figures. Type in your
entry after each inquiry. You can enter a if you have
no response to an entry question. In other words, if you do not
take any additional insulin following a BG test, just press
for Amount of Insulin, Type of Insulin, and Time of
Injection. On your printouts, the Amount of Insulin will show a
zero and the other two will show nothing.

`List' your month's records at any time, but be sure to `Print'
out the final record at the end of the month. Your diabetes
doctor can analyse these results to determine possible
adjustments in your treatment program.

Another suggestion, if you have conducted more tests for a
month's file than the `List' menu choice will show on one screen,
the records will scroll off the top of the screen. You can
depress the Control and NumLock keys simultaneously in order to
stop the scroll. Another press of the Crtl and NumLock keys will
resume the scrolling to the end of that month's file.

Please, make copies of this diskette and pass them around to
other diabetics who might like to have this program. If you find
the program to be of use to you, I would appreciate a
contribution of $10. Please send your money and your comments to
Don Robertson, 1210 Saulsbury St., Lakewood, CO 80215. Or call
me toll free during the workday at Penny Saver Medical Supply,
Denver, CO, 1-800-525-7688, and we'll talk about diabetes in
general and this program in particular. Good health to you all!

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