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Genealogy Aid. Find County for towns/cities in states starting with U to W.
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Genealogy Aid. Find County for towns/cities in states starting with U to W.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Copyright 1992, All Rights Reserved
By Richard A. Pence

How to Use These Files

BR.EXE is PC-BROWSE (tm) a shareware program from Quicksoft, famous for
PC-WRITE. Please see the information at the end of this file.

To load BR.EXE:

Place this line in your Autoexec.bat file or enter from prompt:

BR.EXE /c (for color monitors)
BR.EXE /e (to load high; takes only 4K of lower RAM)
BR.EXE /c /e (for both color and hi mem)

To use the PC City/County Finder files:

The PC City/County Finder files must be in the current directory
or you must indicate the directory path before specifing the
two-character PO designation after pressing F6 below,

Press the hot-key combination: Shift-Control-F1.

Press F6 and then type the two-character PO designation for
the state you are interested in, press ENTER. The desired
state file will load and the beginning of it will appear on
the upper portion of your screen.

Press F9, type in the city you are interested in (not necessary
if the curser is placed on the city name in your original file)
and press ENTER (to finish entering the state abbreviation).

Press ENTER or Grey+ key to begin the search. BROWSE will find
the first appearance of the name; press ENTER or GREY+ as many
times as needed to find the desired place.

ESC will clear PC-BROWSE off the screen. When next you invoke
it, it will come up with the same screen as when you
cleared it.

PC-BROWSE will find and display the CITY, COUNTY, LATITUDE and
LONGITUDE. The state files are simple text files. One caution: If
you are looking up a city that is also the name of a county,
Browse will find the first instance of the name (Los Angeles, for
example) so you'll have to wade through a number of "hits" on the
county name before you get the city. You can get the next
occurrence by pressing ENTER or the Grey-plus key. To get the
previous occurrence, press the Grey-minus key. (The Grey + and -
keys are on the numeric pad.)

Mistakes, bugs reports or suggestions to Richard Pence, please,
at the National Genealogical Society BBS, FidoNet 1:109/302,
phone 703-828-2612, mailing address 3211 Adams Court, Fairfax, VA.

Use PKUNZIP to unarchive the following files:

FINDA-F .ZIP 322718 03-Oct-92 Alabama - Florida City/County Files
FINDG-K .ZIP 357162 03-Oct-92 Georgia - Kentucky City/County Files
FINDM .ZIP 297553 03-Oct-92 Maine - Montana City/County Files
FINDN .ZIP 278901 03-Oct-92 Nebraska - North Dakota City/County Files
FINDO-P .ZIP 260456 03-Oct-92 Ohio - Pennsylvania City/County Files
FINDR-T .ZIP 225979 03-Oct-92 Rhode Island - Texas City/County Files
*FINDU-W .ZIP 235296 03-Oct-92 Utah - Wyoming City/County Files

*Also contains the Following files:

BR .EXE 61360 11-Oct-89 The main Browse program; only one you must have
BR .HLP 37556 11-Oct-89 Help file
BREF .BRS 77170 11-Oct-89 On-Line Tutorial; used with BR.HLP
BTUT .BRS 49140 11-Oct-89 On-Line Reference; used with BR.HLP

PC-BROWSE is the registered trademark of Quicksoft, Inc., 219 First Ave N. #224,
Seattle, WA 98109. If you use BROWSE you are expected to register it, using the
following schedule:
$49: Full registration, with current PC-Browse diskette, complete manual,
User Certificate, one year of technical phone support, and newsletter.
$24: Complete PC-Browse manual and User Certificate only.
$10: PC-Browse User Certificate (right to use PC-Browse).

For more information, call Quicksoft: 800/888-8088, 206/282-0452.

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