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PB is an groundstation program for receiving messages and message directories from satellites running the PACSAT Protocol Suite. Part 1 of 2.
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PB is an groundstation program for receiving messages and message directories from satellites running the PACSAT Protocol Suite. Part 1 of 2.
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Contents of the README file

21 / 12 / 91

Version 911221r

Of course, a couple of bugs were quickly identified after watching a
morning's activity over europe. They have been fixed in the new
release 911221r. With this version you can ignore previous warnings
about PFHDIR.HOL getting deleted. You also get the new bonus
configuration setting "exitafter" for use in automated unattended

If you ever ran version 911220s, read the slistfix file and run the
procedure. Otherwise ignore it.

There is also a now a documentation file with some information in it.

I suspect that this really will be the last update before I leave, as
that is now only 18 hours away.

20 / 12 / 91

Version 911220s

This is the new release of PB. I believe that it works O.K., though it
has only been tested at UoS. Many modifications have gone in over the
last 48 hours, so let's see how it goes.

This first uploaded version does not have any documentation. Doc will
follow as soon as I have written some. If you are uncertain about
what to do, keep using your old PB until some documentation or
expert advice comes along.

My suggestions?

(1) Leave your old PB directory wherever it is, or archive it, including all
important files.

(2) Copy the new PB.EXE, PB.CFG and PBHELP.HHH files into some new directory.

(3) Edit the example PB.CFG file so that it fits your station setup. Pay
attention to port, mycall, pbpath, and speed. Of course if you are running
a KISS ROM in your TNC, put the line "kisstnc 1" into the config file,
like you did with the old PB.

(4) Run PB. See if the TNC still goes into KISS mode and the lights flash.
Don't worry about the message saying that there was no directory file;
you haven't got one yet. PB now takes a single command line argument
giving the name of the configuration file. The default is PB.CFG in the
currently logged directory.

(5) Wait for a pass. Let the satellite come up and DON'T DO ANYTING YET.
When PB hears the first PB: packet from the satellite, it will start
automatically downloading a new directory for you. You will see the
directory entries coming down in the upper left hand window (the

Any messages to your call or alias will be automatically marked for
automatic downloading (amazing!).

(6) After the directory is complete, then auto downloading of files
will begin.

(7) If you absolutely must DO something, then type V to look at the
directory list.

This version of PB is highly automated. In general, it will download
your mail and grab a lot of other mail without your intervention.
Please read the help screens associated with the main window and the
directory view window.

More info tomorrow.

20/12/91 19:32

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