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Family History Hypertext. Hypertext help for geneology research.
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Family History Hypertext. Hypertext help for geneology research.
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Contents of the FHH.DOC file


by Steve Hayes

This program is to help people who want to research their family his-
tory, but don't know where to begin. I hope that it will be useful to
people who have sometimes thought that they would like to know more
about their ancestors, but have not known how to go about finding out.
So it is intended to be a kind of tutorial help system on how to go
about finding your ancestors. Obviously one cannot include everything in
such a program, and so there are references to books and other sources
of information.

As time goes by, some of the information here will change. Some of the
records one needs are moved to new places. Archives that have formerly
been closed may be opened. Some records that were available may be
destroyed. So some pages indicate that more information will be added in
later versions. I will try to keep the program up to date.

This program is what is known as "freeware". You don't have to pay to
use it, and you may copy it and give it away as much as you like. If you
do use it and like it, I hope you will use the "Registration" option on
the main menu. That doesn't mean you have to pay. You just need to send
the registration form (or a postcard, if you prefer) to let me know if
you use the program and find it useful. If you would like me to send you
a later version when it becomes available - THEN you can send money! The
amounts will appear on the registration form, and that will be to cover
the cost of a disk and postage. If you call computer bulletin boards
frequently, you might prefer to wait until it reaches a BBS near you. But
if you don't have access to bulletin boards, you can ask and I will post
you a copy WHEN CHANGES ARE MADE. When you print the registration form,
it will show the version number that you have. If no changes have been
made since that version, it will be a waste of time and money for me to
send you a new disk right away. I'll keep your form, and when I make
changes I'll send you a disk then. It might be a month or two, or it
might be several months or a year.

Please let me know what you think of the program. Is the user interface
OK? Or is it confusing? Is the information it gives helpful, or don't
you understand it? Is there anything you would like to know that is NOT
in the program? Of course, as you will see, I am hoping to add a lot
more information, but I might not have thought of the particular thing
YOU would like to know.

Oh yes - how to use it. Put the program (FHH.EXE) and the data files
(FHH.DAT & INFO.DAT) on a floppy disk, or in the same directory of a
hard disk, and type FHH. From there it should be easy. If it isn't,
please tell me.

Please send comments and criticisms to:

Steve Hayes, PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 South Africa
Or by Netmail to me at Fidonet 5:7101/22.5
Or, in Internet, to [email protected]
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Or you can phone the Unisa Editorial Department BBS and download
the latest version: +27-12-429-2882


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