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New American Standard computer Bible reference demo.
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New American Standard computer Bible reference demo.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BIBLE.EXE 75264 31715 deflated
BOOKS.BIB 1662 623 deflated
CHPVSS.BIB 1309 354 deflated
COPYRGHT.BIB 785 332 deflated
HELP.BIB 11089 3816 deflated
INFO.BIB 5900 2375 deflated
NAS.BIB 15872 12349 deflated
NAS1.BIB 16128 9277 deflated
README 761 403 deflated
README.BAT 20 20 stored
RECORDS.BIB 124 123 deflated
REFTABLE.BIB 79515 5770 deflated
WORDS.BIB 136576 52643 deflated

Download File NASBIBLE.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.BAT file

type readme.

Contents of the README file

type readme.
NAS Computer Bible Demo V2.1

To run the demo from you floppy disk type A:
Then type BIBLE.

To run the demo from your hard disk type C:
then type CD\ then type MD NASDEMO then type CD NASDEMO then type COPY A:*.*
then type BIBLE

Your CONFIG.SYS File MUST contain the lines FILES = 20 and BUFFERS = 20.
If it does not then add them to your existing CONFIG.SYS or create a CONFIG.SYS
in your root directory. Then reset the computer.

To learn about the many wonderful things the NAS Computer Bible can do to make
your Bible study more efficient, easy, and fun press the F1 key once you have
followed one of the procedures above.

Thank You and enjoy the NAS Computer Bible Demo v2.1

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