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Analysis v4.0 provides digital signal analysis capabilities for ascii data files.
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Analysis v4.0 provides digital signal analysis capabilities for ascii data files.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


ANALYSIS v4.0 Release Notes 3/31/93

The file ANALYSIS.ZIP should include the following:

ANALYSIS.EXE - The main program
ANALYSIS.DOC - Documentation for ANALYSIS
VENDOR.DOC - Information to vendors
REGISTER.DOC - Registration form
TEST.DAT - Test data to use with ANALYSIS

The following is a brief description of ANALYSIS.EXE.

If you need to locate patterns in complicated data sets, you
may be interested in a program called ANALYSIS. ANALYSIS is
a time series analysis package which can be used to perform
Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT), wavelet analysis, coherence
analysis, Wigner-Ville analysis, digital filtering of data
sets, autocorrelations, crosscorrelations, moments and
distribution analysis, and produces both 2 and 3-dimensional
graphics including rotations. The graphic routines in
ANALYSIS are capable of producing publication quality
graphics and include an option for exporting graphic
displays into PostScript files. ANALYSIS can be used with
virtually any kind of data providing the file is in single
column format (ASCII). It is very simple to use, with on-
screen help and detailed descriptions of every function

Key Words:

/FFT, wavelets, coherence, filtering, graphics, moments,

If you have comments regarding ANALYSIS please send them to:

Gene V. Wallenstein
5990 Pine Cone Court #406d1
Lake Worth, FL. 33463 USA

Internet - [email protected]
Telephone - (407) 750-3527
CompuServe - 75110,77


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