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TSR program to control X-10 modules.
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TSR program to control X-10 modules.
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Contents of the REGISTER.TXT file

XT Registration

XT is just one of a set of programs designed for the CP-290 Computer
Interface. As the author of these utilities, I have decided to share
these programs with other users. These programs are COMPLETE shareware
products, they have not been "crippled" in any way. There are two
versions of these programs: registered, and non-registered.

Non-registered versions display an unobtrusive message each time you
use the program in an effort to remind you to register this program.
Registration will provide you with the latest updates, and an
opportunity to voice your suggestions for new product features.

The current registration is $20.00. This fee entitles you to
(2) updates of this program as new enhnacements are added.

Complete the following information, and mail it along with a check or
money order for $20.00 to:

Bruce Christensen
6594 Hudson Ave.
Mentor, OH. 44060-4545

Payment for foreign orders must be made by money orders payable
in U.S. Dollars. Canadian checks will be accepted, but must
include an additional $8 to cover bank processing fees. (There is
no additional charge for Canadian money orders) No other foreign
checks will be accepted.


Mail to: Bruce Christensen Fee: $20 (US orders)
6594 Hudson Ave.
Mentor, OH. 44060-4545

NAME: ___________________________________ DATE: _____________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________


CITY, STATE, ZIP: _________________________ _____ _____________

PHONE (optional): (______) ______ - ________ (daytime)

(______) ______ - ________ (evening)

XT Version Number: ______________________________________________

COMPUTER TYPE/MODEL: ____________________________________________

[] CGA [] EGA [] VGA [] HERC [] _________

FLOPPY DRIVE: [] 5 1/4" [] 360kb [] 720kb [] 1.2mb
[] 3 1/2" [] 720kb [] 1.44mb
[] __________________

OPERATING SYSTEM & VERSION: ______________________________________

WHERE DID YOU OBTAIN YOUR COPY OF XT _____________________________

IF BBS, NUMBER: (______) ______ - ________


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