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SA is a program for performing Fourier and time series analysis.
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SA is a program for performing Fourier and time series analysis.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

- SA -



SA is a program for performing Fourier and time series analysis.
SA is file based in that data files may be retrieved and saved
for manipulation by other programs. A limited function
generating and plotting capability are also included. Context
sensitive help is available by pressing [F1].


An 80X86 based system with a 80X87 numeric coprocessor is
required. SA uses dynamic memory allocation for newly created
data, so the larger the computer's memory the more variables
which may be present simultaneously. A warning is issued if the
selected operation will require more memory than available. Most
graphics are supported and selected by run-time hardware


1. Invoke the program via entering SA87. This will execute a
batch file to load the graphics device driver and then run the
main program.

2. At the opening screen, press [F1] for a quick introduction.

3. Press [ENTER].

4. The menu cursor will be on "Data". Select "Data" by pressing
[ENTER] or the letter "D".

5. The menu cursor will now be on "Retrieve". Select "Retrieve"
by pressing [ENTER] or the letter "R".

6. At the prompt for variable name enter an arbitrary name such
as "x".

7. At the prompt for file name. Enter "DEMO". The data file
"DEMO.DAT" will now be loaded.

8. Press [ESC] or "Q" to get back to the main menu.

9. Press the letter "G" to select "Graph".

10. At the prompt for variable #, enter "1".

11. The graph of the function "x" should now be displayed.

12. Press any key to return to the main menu.

IV. This program was originally developed for general interest,
but has proven to be a valuable tool. I have grown tired of
doing any more work on it now. If there is any interest in
expanding the program's capability, or any bug reports, please
leave a message for Tom Hardy at the Dallas RBBS-PC (214) 931-

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