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Earn Japanese in Hypertext.
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Earn Japanese in Hypertext.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

These files were downloaded from the compu-serve
Foriegn Language Education Forum.The file Shakai.Txt,
which is designed to teach japanese social expressions
within the context of a visit or business encounter,
should be used with and loaded at your DOS
prompt as follows: HYPE SHAKAI.TXT The blank after
HYPE is needed).
For more information contact:David Ashworth
CSERVE user ID # 76327,1470 or:
92-418 Leiole Street,Ewa Beach,HI 96707
Phone 808-672-3147
The online lesson Answorth composed are written in a
HYPERTEXT program which are loudly touted but fall far
short of the "Hype".

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