Dec 242017
Periodic Table of the Elements in VGA.
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Periodic Table of the Elements in VGA.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PERIODIC.DOC 620 407 deflated
PERIODIC.EXE 63488 39100 deflated

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Contents of the PERIODIC.DOC file

This file was found on a Seagate Hard Drive recently installed in a new
computer. There are no docs, no acknowledgement, or no copyright!

IT LOOKS like it is in SVGA 640X480X256 color mode. So, I make no guarantees as
to suitablity or runnability on any system. You take your chances!!!

After loading the file, the arrow keys move around....nope the mouse doesn't
work. Hitting ENTER brings up some info on the area chosen. ENTER gets rid of
it. To QUIT, just hit Q. I tried most other key combos and got no results.
It is a very interesting little program and very informative, if you need this

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