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Multiplication teaching aid for kids.
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Multiplication teaching aid for kids.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Multiplication is one of the Math Basics series which features
a three stage learning process:
1. Watch the computer do a problem
2. Try it yourself
3. Practice (scored)

The numbers in the problems are randomly generated insuring a
wide variety of problems. Worksheet generators are also on
the disk.

To run this program (once you've unzipped the file), type
START at the DOS prompt.

This is Shareware. Use it free for 30 days. Register your copy
for $15.00 if you want to continue to use it. A teacher's manual
is available for $5.00.

Other available titles are Addition, Subtraction, Division,
Fractions 1, Decimals I, Decimals II, and Print Pak I.

Mail your registration and check to

Ms. Micki Fitzpatrick
23 Nob View Circle
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205
(501) 225-2796
FAX (501) 227-4670



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