Communication (modem) tools and utilities

COMM Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
!LCLNUM1.ZIP17312Jun 14 1994Finds numbers local to you from BBS lists like Focke's or Blase's.
!LOCAL11.ZIP16309Sep 19 1994LOCALNUM 1.1 - Finds phone numbers local to your exchange from BBS lists such as Focke's and Blaise's. Better configuration support. Single number testing facility.
0151TER1.ZIP598714Dec 4 1994TERMINATE 1.51 4-DEC-94 Datacomms 1 of 2 On-line help & flexibility experts require. Fax, CD Audio Player, complete FIDO Point & QWK system, Cost Manager, IEMSI, FileManager:FREQ tag, Voicecalls.
0151TER2.ZIP525755Dec 4 1994TERMINATE 1.51 4-DEC-94 Datacomms 2 of 2 OS/2 timeslices & INSTALL.CMD Scan ALL your VGA modes. Complete FAX, TSR. Use either a Fax or Data Host with an adaptive answer modem. SmartNote.
16550.ZIP5649Apr 13 1988Activate the internal FIFO buffer on the 16550AN UART. Includes TP5+ source code.
16550A.ZIP4808Apr 7 1988This program will turn on the 16550A UART's FIFO buffer.
16550U.ZIP28079Mar 11 1993Check and set 16550 UARTS for high speed modems.
19200.ZIP757Oct 28 1986Similiar to DOS MODE command, but allows COM1 to be set to 19200 baud.
1994VOTE.ZIP4566Jan 16 1994Instructions and form for voting for your favorite BBS in the BoardWatch Magazine's Reader Choice BBS Contest. Prizes for the voters, too.
2-BAUD.ZIP1281Jan 13 1993Use two baud rates using CIM to access CompuServe.
2400MNP.ZIP1452Jan 17 1990Short help file for setup of PP MNP modems with Telix 3.x.
6PORTS.ZIP2576May 19 1991Text file on wiring serial card for more ports.
800H31.ZIP9753Aug 3 1993800 BBS Listing - Good.
96LISTB3.ZIP83748Feb 1 1993National listing of BBS's with 9600 baud or better.
ABOOT200.ZIP17798Apr 27 1991Boots computer after "X" period of time if keyboard or serial ports are not used. Great to avoid modem lock ups.
ACCIS1.ZIP185861Sep 9 1992A CompuServe Information Manager for Windows. Part 1 of 3.
ACCIS2.ZIP259253Aug 6 1992A CompuServe Information Manager for Windows. Part 2 of 3.
ACCIS3.ZIP198077Sep 9 1992A CompuServe Information Manager for Windows. Part 3 of 3.
ACCUTIME.ZIP45433Sep 1 1987Program dials U.S. Navy Atomic Clock and sets your system Date & Time.
ACE151.ZIP284932May 17 1993AceComm and Utilities - communications package designed for high speed modems.
ACER2000.ZIP32425Jul 5 1988Dialing Directory converter for Telix, Procomm, Qmodem, etc.
ACOPY422.ZIP14662Oct 18 1992File transfer with ISDN.
ADDEXT50.ZIP50682Dec 17 1990Version 5.0 of a nice external protocol shell. Easily add up to 8 external protocols to Telix, Procomm, Qmodem, etc.
ADDPORT.ZIP8786Mar 2 1989Add COM3 and/or COM4 if your BIOS does not support it. C source included.
AL961291.ZIP24339Dec 1 1991Acculink world wide modem calling - low as $3 hour accross USA.
ALAD172.ZIP331258Mar 5 1994NEW VERSION 1.72. GEnie PC Aladdin (tm) is a software package for IBM PC's and compatibles that can automate the normal functions of accessing & capturing information from GEnie.
ALM101.ZIP95969Jan 11 1992For use with Aladdin, the front end program used on GEnie, ALM is the Aladdin Library Manager.
ALRMPG11.ZIP112130Nov 9 1993Links your computer & a pager - GREAT program for those with beepers.
AM120.ZIP57457Feb 15 1991Qmodem 4.2 scripts for dialing PCBoard systems and accessing mail through the various mail doors: Qmail, MarkMail, DJMail, Megamail, etc.
ANS36E.ZIP260367Jul 1 19931 of 3 to make your computer act as an answering machine works with ZyXel modems with the voice mail utility.
ANS36F.ZIP260579Jul 7 19932 of 3 to turn your computer into an answering machine, must have voice mail utility with modem.
ANS36G.ZIP260746Jul 8 19933 of 3 to turn your computer into an answering machine, must have voice mail ability with your modem. These three file came from ZyXel's BBS in Ca.
AP121.ZIP104475Nov 24 1991Autopuma script for Telix. Support automatic downloads using PUMA/MPT, GSZ/DSZ Zmodem, HS/Link, and BiModem. Superb.
APILOT17.ZIP75953Jan 8 1990AutoPilot V1.7. A front end file transfer protocol program.
AREA300.ZIP48483Nov 23 1990Quick Basic program and source to find and locate area code by phone number or state.
AS932.ZIP13753Mar 13 1993Astronomy/Space Science BBS listings, March 1993 version.
ASCI2FON.ZIP33029Feb 12 1990Converts ASCII format BBS listings to Telix 3.X dialing directories. Handy and quick though somewhat simplistic in its abilities.
ASCTDD12.ZIP31832Mar 23 1993Newest version of popular TTY/TDD communications program. You can use your modem as ASCII to communicate with a hearing impaired individual.
ASPHOST.ZIP54454Aug 7 1992Procomm Plus Host script (brand new as of Aug 7, 1992). Lots of new features. Use instead of interal HOST function. Self extracting file downloaded from DataStorm's BBS.
ASPHST.ZIP62997Mar 5 1993Procom Plus Scripted Host Version 1.02b. Use to replace internal Host Mode. Many Added Features. ASPECT Source Included.
ASPLGR.ZIP46770May 6 1991ProComm Plus ASP file compiler for LARGE (over 32K) .ASP files. Required to work with ASPHOST.
ASPSCRPT.ZIP1114Feb 23 1992Procomm Plus Aspect Script Language file for logging on to this BBS.
ATALK105.ZIP61066Jun 18 1993Script Program Handles Log On, BBS Activities.
ATHELP.ZIP20486Jan 10 1990Simple program that will quickly display all Hayes AT commands.
ATMOD.ZIP1288Jul 29 1991A small communication program w/ ASM source included.
ATO69A.ZIP139830Sep 7 1992AutoSIG Version 6.9a -- FREEware Compuserve Navigation Program. Written by Vernon D. Buerg, Don W. Watkins and others. No documentation. Includes a History file with information about improvements over Version 6.8c.
ATOBRO30.ZIP47203Sep 9 1992AutoSIG's BROwse Version 3.0 -- FREEware AutoSIG's Compuserve Forum Library BROwsing Utility. Written by Vernon D. Buerg, Don W. Watkins and others. Documentation included.
ATODOC.ZIP73753Feb 4 1992Documentation for AutoSig program for CompuServe access.
ATOSED14.ZIP37134Jul 9 1992ATOSEDIT selectively picks messages out of an AUTOSIG incoming or saved message file. ATOSEDIT is useful for reducing the size of saved message files, or for extracting single or groups of messages for specific purposes.
ATOSUB21.ZIP32284Jul 17 1992SUBJECTS 2.1 lists the contents of AUTOSIG incoming or saved message files, and show sections, subjects, senders, and userids in tabular format. The purpose of this is to get a quick birds-eye view (ie an index) of a fil
ATSEND18.ZIP23821Nov 27 1992Send modems commands from the DOS prompt. Very helpful in batch files.
AUTO-R11.ZIP6214Apr 16 1990Run Telix 3.12 script at a preset time during the day.
AUTOCM10.ZIP30405Aug 7 1990AutoCOM ver 1.0 - Use in conjunction with {COMMO} 4.32. Allows unattended BBS sessions; upload, download, collect mail, etc.
AUTOD3.ZIP3506Jan 9 1991Autodial, a Crosstalk for Windows script. Logins to BBS's automatically.
AUTODL33.ZIP13410Dec 15 1994Allows automatic DLs in Telix v3.xx - Supports most protocols, including Zmodem and HsLink - Telix .SLC file.
AUTOLOG.ZIP7177Jan 5 1990AUTOLOG is a Telix utility program that builds SALT scripts for automatic logging onto bulletin board and other on-line systems.
AUTOPA20.ZIP54367Aug 10 1990AUTOPASS 2.00 / Add-on for Telix. Will send appropriate password depending on which system you are presently on-line with.
AUTOPRCM.ZIP51574Dec 27 1986Program that will easily create Procomm download scripts.
AXS100.ZIP168494Jul 31 1991PCBoard/Telix OffLine Mail System - Automates downloading of mail packets and registered version allows reading/replying offline as well as file operations.
BACKDO.ZIP53699Mar 28 1990TSR comm program that runs in the background with X&YMODEM.
BACKDOOR.ZIP50105May 3 1989TSR Communications Program. Performs file transfers in the background.
BAUD.ZIP4925Jul 5 1987Report CD status & BAUD of any COM port. Screen Report & Errorlevels set.
BBBL0295.ZIP41743Feb 7 1995Blase's Baltimore BBS List.
BBBLDR21.ZIP58910Oct 11 1993Blase's Baltimore BBS List Door v2.1 - written to display online the Baltimore BBS List. Will support most any BBS setup. This is a new rlease - please test it out and give us some feedback. Freeware by: H. Michaelski.
BBDC0195.ZIP72477Dec 31 1994Focke's list of DC area BBS's. New format.
BBPOWERI.ZIP128279Feb 16 1990Bytebrothers Powernode Version "I" - Now supports PUMA and YMODEM-G protocols. You will need DSZ.COM to operate this excellent program. It just keeps getting better and better.
BBS105.ZIP104428Apr 5 1993Great little terminal program for dialing BBS includes zmodem protocol, along with some other greats.
BBS110.ZIP82292Aug 28 1993BBS 1.10 from MicroFox Company. ASP STAR ASAD BBS is an easy to use communications program for calling BBSs and uploading & downloading files. Protocols included are ASCII, Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, Xmom/1K, Xmodem/
BBSBASE.ZIP45965Feb 8 1988Simple database to store information about your favorite BBS's.
BBSPRC30.ZIP200102Feb 16 1995Formats, Sorts,Prints, and Exports Mike Focke's BBS Listing. Choose from 16 fields to create up to 3 sort keys to sort the list the way you want, and then output to ASCII, ANSI color, PRINTER direct or export to BBS dir.
BBSW20.ZIP25575May 22 1993Communication package that lets you access local WeatherMation systems. Downloads local and national weather.
BCOM10.ZIP96233Feb 5 1994BananaCom - Small, simple comm program. Has Zmodem built in. Easy to use, fast.
BCOMM.ZIP14808Jul 16 1988BackComm. Communications program TSR. Can do file transfers in background. Useful to do work while downloading or uploading.
BEEPME30.ZIP25371Mar 24 1991BEEP-ME! works with your answering machine and pager to alert you of incoming calls while you are away from the phone.
BEW2LST.ZIP3778Jan 27 1992This file is for Qmodem users who want to batch upload with HSLINK. From Samuel H. Smith, sysop of The Tool Shop and author of HSLINK.
BG303A.ZIP277194Mar 3 1994Background X/Y/Zmodem File transfers on 8088 or better CPU's. Can work standalone or as external protocol to your comm program. Part 1 of 2.
BG303B.ZIP133499Mar 3 1994Background X/Y/Zmodem File transfers on 8088 or better CPU's. Can work standalone or as external protocol to your comm program. Part 2 of 2.
BIFIX.ZIP12558Jul 24 1990Fix for Bi-Modem 1.22. Corrects errors in color monitor routines.
BILL_SCR.ZIP1671Jul 31 1991AUTOSIG Script file for capturing the 4 billing reports from CompuServe.
BIMATE20.ZIP58369Mar 29 1990Easily tag files for transfer using Bimodem.
BIMOD125.ZIP180318Jan 14 1992The latest version BiModem. A nice protocol which allows you to U/L and D/L simultaneously as well as chat at the same time.
BIMOSH31.ZIP13180Jun 3 1989Very good shell for Bimodem file transfer protocol.
BINK0101.ZIP9972Mar 17 1989BinkleyTerm News Volume 1 Issue 1.
BIOSFIX.ZIP7005May 24 1989Fix to allow Hayes Modem on IBM PS2 30/286.
BLNK_207.ZIP42204May 2 1989A BiModem shell program for your telecommunications program.
BNU170.ZIP42137Oct 26 1989BNU is a FOSSIL compatible Communications driver, suitable for use with many BBS's and Mailer programs.
BOSWP121.ZIP25711May 19 1991A TSR to swap Boyan Communications program in and out of memory.
BOYAN52A.ZIP194555Jan 29 1994BOYAN Communications 5.2, file 1 of 2. Maintenance release of a slick comm package.
BOYAN52B.ZIP141850Jan 28 1994BOYAN Communications version 5.2 file 2 of 2. Docs.
BOYANU52.ZIP16490Jan 29 1994BOYANU52.ZIP contains the files that changed materially between versions 5.1 and 5.2.
BOYDIR20.ZIP34041Nov 27 1989Phone Directory Editor for BOYAN v4.xx.
BOYHOST.ZIP15037Dec 2 1989Boyan Host script, BBS style. Additional passwords, file directory with descriptions, and enhanced message base. Nice, but hard to setup.
BOYMKS5E.ZIP41977Dec 21 1991Boyan scripts for advanced users. This also has boymodem.bsc which is a modem setup for Boyan, supports 75 different modems and checks MNP settings.
BOYMODEM.ZIP6792Dec 16 1991Boyan modem setup. This is a Boyan script that sets your modem. Supports 75 different modems and also will check your MNP setup.
BRKBOX2.ZIP4422Mar 13 1989Com Port(s) lines in Screen. (COM1 & COM2).
BWTOP100.ZIP11546Aug 16 1993Winners in the BoardWatch 100 Readers' Choice BBS Contest for 1993. Also includes information about ONE BBS CON, to be held Aug 25-29, 93 in Denver.
CA29-1.ZIP197652Dec 7 1992COM-AND, a communications program for the PC. Includes advanced script pgmming files, macros, transcript, file transfers, etc. Part 1 of 4.
CA29-2.ZIP188685Dec 7 1992COM-AND, a communications program for the PC. Part 2 of 4.
CA29-3.ZIP259803Dec 7 1992COM-AND, a communications program for the PC. Part 3 of 4.
CA29-4.ZIP92761Dec 7 1992COM-AND, a communications program for the PC. Part 4 of 4.
CALBBS02.ZIP20870Nov 27 1993Southern California BBS list for December 1993.
CALLID.ZIP56030May 7 1991Caller ID record identify program. need special hardware.
CALLRT14.ZIP30021May 5 1993Allow you to route incoming calls to fax or computer.
CALLVW10.ZIP24678Jun 11 1991Program to show caller ID from Caller ID compatible modems.
CAMP10.ZIP17276Jul 4 1990A program to allow your computer to monitor two-way RS-232 data transfers between a host and a terminal, or between any two RS-232 ports.
CAPTURE.ZIP14101Nov 20 1991Simple program that will capture data from all 4 serial ports. Includes TP source code.
CATBOX.ZIP138911Mar 25 1993Utility from CIS to edit/manage files created by the OzCIS program.
CATSCN31.ZIP143179Dec 10 1991Cat Scan will manage your Compuserve library files to automate updates and searches. It will also produce download scripts for TapCIS. Version 3.1 supports the new CIS library format.
CCHESS12.ZIP62534Jul 25 1991CCHESS Conference Chess accessory program for the COM-AND comm package.
CCOLOR13.ZIP62176Jul 25 1991CCOLOR Conference color program for use with the COM-AND comm package.
CC_FIX.ZIP28771Jan 15 1991Custom modem definition for Carbon Copy DOS (exe & docs, from CC BBS).
CD01JULY.ZIP21201Jul 3 1991July 1991 issue of Carrier Detect magazine.
CHKAOL3.ZIP22338Mar 12 1994Utility to track the time you spend on online services such as America Online.
CID.ZIP66808Feb 9 1994Windows Caller ID program. Can be a DDE server.
CILINK3D.ZIP315681Nov 8 1993Cedar Island Link Multitasking Telecom Program DV and Win aware.
CIMLOOK.ZIP20448Nov 11 1992CIMCAB is a free utility for examining CompuServe Information Manager (CIM) version 2.06a filing cabinet indexes, allowing discovery of DOS directory and filenames for CIM message and thread files.
CIS10.ZIP137090Jan 25 1992PopUp Utility w/ CompuServe Access #'s for Laptop Travellers.
CISDLL.ZIP73962Sep 29 1994Procomm Plus for Windows v.2.0 CISDLL update (put in PROWIN\ASPECT\CISMGR subdirectory).
CLKCOM10.ZIP197097Dec 1 1991Nice little DOS communications program. Makes extensive use of the mouse.
CLPBBS02.ZIP18784May 11 1993Xbase/Clipper-oriented BBS list.
CLRPORT.ZIP3728Sep 12 1988CLRPORT resets a comm port to non-initialized status. Existing info on baud rate, parity, etc. is retained, but all control registers are cleared to off-line status (all interupts disabled, the internal buffer disabled, e
CMC501.ZIP26174Oct 6 1991COMMO Master Control v5.01.
CMODEM44.ZIP54482Sep 24 1990Newer and better version of Cmodem (4.4). Now can be installed as a TSR. Claims it is as good as DSZ, but still needs work.
CMOTION1.ZIP675166Jun 3 1993Windows fax/voice/communication program. Part 1 of 3.
CMOTION2.ZIP695980Jun 3 1993Windows fax/voice/communication program. Part 2 of 3.
CMOTION3.ZIP536699Jun 3 1993Windows fax/voice/communication program. Part 3 of 3.
COM2COM.ZIP63754May 10 1991Com2Com is a remote communications package featuring full screen transfers, file transfers and remote/host printer control.
COMCHK12.ZIP12550Nov 17 1990Commchk is used to analyze information on a serial line by intercepting the information and allowing you to view the captured information in either a HEX format or in an ASCII format.
COMHELP.ZIP63620Oct 13 1986RS-232 diagnostics & hardware info - very detailed, low-level.
COMM3.ZIP11241Mar 4 1986Use IBM's serial port as COM3.
COMMCH.ZIP23537Nov 27 1990Commchk is used to analyze information on a serial line by intercepting the information and allowing you to view the captured information in either a HEX format or in an ASCII format.
COMMCHK.ZIP7144Feb 20 1989Reports the status of the various RS-232 lines of a particular serial port. Reports if port is invalid or not supported by BIOS.
COMMO55.ZIP170529Jul 24 1993{COMMO} is a very powerful, high-performance, communications program. Maintenance release; improved OS/2 performance, Zmodem handling, and faster macro execu tion.
COMMOCVT.ZIP6783Sep 24 1989Convert Telix, Qmodem and Procomm dialing directories to COMMO communication program's .DIR format.
COMMOU5F.ZIP19120Sep 29 1991Another Mac setup file for COMMO.
COMSET.ZIP2646Jun 11 1988Will install Com 3 and 4 into your DOS's BIOS area so that DOS will recognize them as valid ports.
COMSET34.ZIP6770Aug 8 1990When using Crosstalk for Windows with communications ports 3 and 4, you'll need to use this SETCOM34.EXE utility to set up your system before you run Windows.
COMST12.ZIP23988Dec 17 1993COMSET version 12 - sets/tests serial ports and modems.
COP09A.ZIP278086Jun 16 1991COP v.09 Communications package from Italy. Part 1 of 2.
COP09B.ZIP179138Jun 3 1991COP v0.9 Communications program from Italy. Part 2 of 2.
COUNTRY.ZIP19853May 12 1992Telephone dialing code for various countries.
COURTBBS.ZIP3728Oct 30 1993List of bbses run by federal and state courts for electronic desemination of decisions.
CSS11.ZIP31737Apr 7 1991CSS - The Simple Language PreProcessor for Telix. Version 1.1. For people intimidated by Telix's SALT script language. The Simple language includes commands like WHENEVER and WAITFOR.
CU-200.ZIP333442Jul 3 1993Communique' v2.00 - A new comm program with support for several terminal types including ANSI and AVATAR.
DBLINK10.ZIP49025Aug 24 1989D'Bridge LINK is a simple command-line utility that allows you to send and receive files using a remote PC connected via modem.
DC90.ZIP12673Sep 13 1990DC Telephone exchange program, updated for 1990. This version also lists the area code and other information. ASM source included.
DCAMDM.ZIP6204Dec 7 1993Crosstalk for Windows modem update file.
DCOP10.ZIP27957Mar 30 1989Two shareware programs which let you do automatic background dialing, as well as background U/L and D/Loading with Procomm Plus.
DDADD.ZIP15709Nov 13 1988Converts PROCOMM+ phone directories to ASCII and back to PROCOMM+. Includes C source code.
DEMON25.ZIP36512Jul 4 1990Demon HST will configure your US Robotics V32, HST or Dual Standard 14.4 modem for maximum efficiency.
DEMOTDD.ZIP140209Dec 23 1990Most powerful telecommunication software/hardware for the deaf.
DIAL116.ZIP9934Jan 12 1993Veal's DIAL.COM (Ver 1.16). Phone dialer.
DIALER.ZIP16002Mar 1 1992Dial your phone #'s with your computer, voice or data.
DIALT103.ZIP4272Feb 12 1991"Dial That" TSR to dial the number you capture from screen.
DIRCOP35.ZIP40436Jul 8 1990DIRCOPY is a program used to transfer dialing directories between different communication programs.
DOSGAT16.ZIP142225Dec 9 1988Perform remote computer operations via RS-232 port.
DOSGT114.ZIP180876Jun 5 1994Allows DOS machine to be controlled via COM Port (RS232). Works with other PC's, C64, etc.
DOSMODEM.ZIP4130Jan 20 1986Send modem commands from the DOS command line or in a batch file.
DRLISTJ.ZIP12511Sep 7 1989Vern Buerg's Lister in ANSI, will work across modems.
DROP-DTR.ZIP8681Jun 6 1990Simple TSR program that will drop DTR on any specified comm port.
DSZ-BATS.ZIP2542Oct 27 1987Batch files for Zmodem protocol.
DSZ-PAZ.ZIP16597Oct 16 1988Multi-Protocol Comm Interface.
DSZ-ZAP.ZIP16011Sep 2 1987Provides a simple interface for DSZ with Procomm.
DSZ0202X.ZIP38964Feb 3 1994Cross-compiled version of DSZ--faster and has larger buffer.
DSZ0920.ZIP91534Sep 20 1994DSZ - dated 9/20/94 - Protocol engine from Omen Tech.
DSZBG113.ZIP39440Nov 3 1992Additional documentation for Forsberg's DSZ and GSZ programs, 11/3/92.
DSZBOOT.ZIP32069May 25 1989Use DSZ.COM effortlessly with PCPLUSTD 1.1.
DSZOP3.ZIP9035Jun 16 1988Applications notes for use of Zmodem to split long files in download time limit situations - useful.
DSZWIN.ZIP4874Dec 6 1990Use DSZ with Windows Terminal program for X/Y/Zmodem protocols.
DTP1TD.ZIP3455Feb 25 1988Official patches for Procomm Plus - test drive version.
DTP319.ZIP24200Mar 19 1991Procomm Plus V2.0 patches from DataStorm 3/19/91.
EASYPAGE.ZIP95477Apr 15 1994EasyPager V1.20 - powerful, user-friendly pgm for dialing numeric pagers (beepers) under Windows. Features background paging, delayed paging; can queue multiple pages. Full context-sensitive on-line help.
ECOMM225.ZIP280156Dec 20 1992Comm program with editor/calculator/Xmodem/Ymodem and mouse.
ED45.ZIP66760Feb 4 1993Patriquin's new utility to use your modem to make voice calls.
ENGR1292.ZIP32498Dec 6 1992A listing of engineering related BBSs - Compiled by sysop of Computer Plumber BBS.
ENVOY100.ZIP91813Mar 15 1990Interesting text editor / terminal / telecomm program. Also works on networks and allows transfer of text files. Not exactly Telix or Procomm but worth a look.
ESP2D.ZIP81493Dec 10 1993Hayes ESP Communications Accelerator DSetup Diskette 2.0D.
ETERM19.ZIP50634Oct 27 1986Very simple, but small Smart-Terminal program.
EXCHLIST.ZIP13429Jan 20 1988Phone exchanges for PC Pursuit.
EXECHOST.ZIP54358Jul 6 1990Executive Host for Telix 3.12. An enhanced Host mode.
EXHOST17.ZIP169256Sep 4 1991Executive Host - Premium Host/BBS for Telix.
EXTERN2.ZIP77659Jan 9 1988More QMODEM 4.0 external protocols from John Friel's support BBS.
EZPV11.ZIP45208Aug 2 1993External Protocol Engine for X,Y,S and Zmodem. Will accept command parameters without restrictions, can be used in place of DSZ.
F2TMV2.ZIP42213Oct 14 1990Make Telemate directory from Focke's BBS list.
FA22.ZIP54825Sep 14 1989Flash Attack is the first of a new series of multi-user "Flash" games. These games work by way of a downloadable program that each player runs in his or her own PC, while connected to a multi-user bulletin board running Th
FASTFONE.ZIP86281Jan 12 1992Fast Fone 1.0 is an auto phone dialer designed to work quickly with a mouse or keyboard. Uses an ASCII text file for dialing directory. Finds the phone number in each line. User configurable.
FAX40.ZIP231422Jun 11 1992A fax recieving program for the PC. Very good, however all text is in German.
FAX41.ZIP4726Jun 13 1992English translation of Fax40 documentation.
FAXS11.ZIP33137Apr 21 1993Command Line Faxer. Send faxes on most Class 1 and/or Rockwell Chipset.
FAXUTIL.ZIP90554Jan 18 1990These are a set up command line utilities for the Intel Connection CoProcessor fax board. Must have a Connection CoProcessor fax board.
FEDBBS.ZIP4221Feb 17 1993Listing of federally run BBS's.
FIDOT892.ZIP80158Aug 21 1992FidoTerm is an easy to use, but powerful and customizable telecommunications program, oriented towards the performance technical user. It contains easy to use commands.
FIFO.ZIP3194Mar 18 1991PCMag utility to identify and open 16550A UART.
FILSL12.ZIP22223Jun 1 1990File Sleuth File Locator for BBS File Lists.
FIXPCP11.ZIP1305Apr 5 1988Remove BEG Screens, PCPLUSTD V 1.1.
FLT.ZIP7510Sep 30 1992FON-file Lookup for TELIX. This is a program that quickly searches your TELIX dialing directory and spits out selected phone numbers.
FOCKE211.ZIP31693May 31 1991Focke's DCBBSxxxx to Procomm Plus directory conversion utility.
FOLIS20.ZIP30535Jan 6 1990From DOS prompt, use your modem speaker as a telephone speaker-phone device. Menu driven. Works.
FON-HOME.ZIP34484Nov 25 1991Remotely turn on/off computer over the phone lines.
FONDIAL.ZIP19526Mar 2 1993This is a command line dialer for your modems.
FONDIR59.ZIP59112Jan 18 1992FONDIR will convert a text list of bbs phone numbers, names and other information into a file which can be used by your comm program.
FONECL23.ZIP60488Sep 14 1989Page your beeper if your answering machine is activated by incoming call.
FONELIST.ZIP3160Sep 25 1990List of various company's tech support and BBS phone numbers.
FORUMS.ZIP8771Jul 8 1992Microsoft forums available on CompuServe: Complete list.
FORVLPRD.ZIP826Mar 5 1993Text file to help Forval modem owners access Prodigy.
FOXCUT20.ZIP105230Jan 14 1992Reduce Focke BBS list to numbers you can reach from your exchange.
FREE0693.ZIP3259May 26 1993Libertarian BBS list (June 1993).
FREETALK.ZIP104759Mar 6 1990Public Domain (FREE!) communications program with Zmodem, auto-redial, dial from phone list, etc.
FRX11.ZIP222138Apr 3 1992Transfer log processor for ROBOCOMM v4.x.
FTAG20A.ZIP26037Apr 12 1990Tag files to be downloaded while scrolling through BBS directory listings.
FUTUR109.ZIP57655Jul 23 1990TDD (Telecommunication device for the deaf) software. V1.09.
FWZMODEM.ZIP30752Aug 1 1992Flackware ZMODEM protocol driver, an alternative to GSZ.
FX16550D.ZIP4010Nov 29 1993Fix 16550 UART/AMI BIOS problem. Only affects some machines.
FX550107.ZIP9011Mar 14 1994FIX16550 device driver v01.07.00. AUTOMATIC NON-RESIDENT device driver to fix a problem with AMI BIOSes and 16550 UARTS (used in hi-speed modems and serial boards).
FXT100.ZIP268664Oct 9 1993Graphics terminal emulator - svga minimum.
GBBS9308.ZIP38646Aug 8 1993Dick Pence's consolidated list of Genealogy Bulletin Boards.
GC101B.ZIP249614Jun 5 1994GoCis version 101. A Windows front end to Compuserve. Part 1 of 4.
GC101C.ZIP270364Dec 29 1993GoCis version 101. A Windows front end to Compuserve. Part 2 of 4.
GC101D.ZIP135787Aug 12 1993GoCis version 101. A Windows front end to Compuserve. Part 3 of 4.
GC101E.ZIP103476Jun 5 1994GoCis version 101. A Windows front end to Compuserve. Part 4 of 4.
GEDL200.ZIP9555Jul 9 1989Telix Script to auto-DL up to 9 Files from GEnie.
GET3270.ZIP7998Aug 8 1989GET3270 copies the screen of a 3270 session to the standard output device. Using redirection the screen contents can be copied to a file, printer or other device.
GE_CIS.ZIP4638Jul 9 1989GEnie & CIS Scripts for use with Telix.
GHOST100.ZIP68367Dec 24 1992Ghost BBS. Written in Procomm for Windows Aspect script. Better than the Host script.
GIF.ZIP48220Jul 24 1987CompuServe's graphic interchange format. Information on the GIF format, programs, and samples.
GIFLK111.ZIP255973Jun 21 1993GIFLink v1.11 - View transmitted GIFimages in stunning SuperVGA graphics. Support X/Y/Zmodem/CIS QuickB through direct modem, FOSSIL or INT 14H. Can skip receiving images. Support 13 SuperVGA and VESA adapters up to 1024x7
GOCIS.ZIP786579Dec 31 1993MS Windows 3.1 Shareware program that automates Compuserve mail retrieval. It has a terminal mode. Requires VBRUN300.DLL.
GOVBBS.ZIP4653Jul 1 1991Update of government BBS numbers.
GSZ0717.ZIP112741Jul 17 1994Omen Technology's Graphic X/Y/Zmodem protocol driver.
GSZ_PCP.ZIP31025Sep 10 1993Interfaces GSZ to Procomm Plus.
GT1600-1.ZIP140501Dec 15 1990GT PowerComm - file 1 of 8 - Documentation.
GT1600-2.ZIP171129Dec 19 1990GT PowerComm v16.00 - file 2 of 8 - Main Program.
GT1600-3.ZIP69698Dec 15 1990GT PowerComm v16.00 - file 3 of 8 - External protocol drivers.
GT1600-4.ZIP109574Dec 19 1990GT PowerComm v16.00 - file 4 of 8 - GTO ver (terminal only).
GT1600-5.ZIP73810Dec 15 1990GT PowerComm v16.00 - file 5 of 8 - Host Doc and examples.
GT1600A.ZIP169661Dec 26 1990GT PowerComm v16.00 - file 6 of 8 - AT/286 ver. w/host mode.
GT16MISC.ZIP109896Dec 16 1990GT PowerComm v16.00 - file 7 of 8 - Miscellaneous utilities.
GTERM13.ZIP81824Apr 19 1991Graphcom graphics BBS terminal program. Only works with systems that support Graphcom.
GTO1600A.ZIP108562Dec 26 1990GT PowerComm v16.00 - file 8 of 8 - AT/286 GTO version.
GTSCR100.ZIP63981Dec 3 1987Script generator for GT Powercomm V 1403.
HANDS11.ZIP2277Apr 10 1990Control the serial port hardware handshake lines.
HAYESTDD.ZIP12079Jun 6 1991Use a Hayes modem to connect PC to TDD devices for the deaf. Preliminary version.
HCAP0492.ZIP24899Mar 29 1992BBS list of Handicap-oriented boards.
HIDEXFER.ZIP907Jul 16 1992Hide the upload/download window in Procomm Plus for Windows.
HOST.ZIP29446Jun 18 1992Update (Vers 1.0a) to host mode for Procom Plus for Windows. Direct from Datastorm BBS.
HOST501.ZIP253239May 8 1992Host Version 5.0. A host program for Telix 3.12, very complete, almost as good as a full blown BBS. A must have for Telix users.
HOSTBBS2.ZIP26600Nov 24 1991Boyan HOST script BBS style. Supports HS-Link, Scan(ZipLab) private messages 4 user levels, Doorway and much more.
HOSTFIX.ZIP3897Jan 9 1987Procomm host-mode fix/IBM brand modem.
HOTBBS3.ZIP4909May 28 1988Version 3 of hottest bulletin boards in the country.
HOTK-Z60.ZIP40973Mar 31 1989External protocol shell, version 6.0; one of the best.
HP100B1.ZIP106067Mar 1 1991Host Plus Version 1.0. A host program for Telix 3.15, very complete, almost as good as a full blown BBS.
HS-BOYAN.ZIP1764Oct 27 1991Boyan Setup for using HS-Link.
HS-INST.ZIP23294Nov 5 1991Installation procedures for HS/Link protocol for various comm programs and BBS software.
HS-INST2.ZIP31455Nov 14 1991Installation instructions for HSLINK on various BBS's and COMM programs.
HS-INSTE.ZIP57144Jan 7 1992Great Program to aid installation of HS/ Link with most Telecomm Excellent.
HS121.ZIP139300May 6 1993HS/Link external protocol driver 1.20. HS/Link is a new high speed, full streaming, bi-directional batch file transfer protocol with advanced full streaming error correction and dynamic code substition.
HS121B6.ZIP144073Jul 19 1993HS/Link external protocol driver 1.21 Beta 6. HS/Link is a new high speed, full streaming, bi-directional batch file transfer protocol with advanced full streaming error correction and dynamic code substition.
HSD115B0.ZIP49479Jul 29 1994This is a special version of HS/Link designed for use with ProComm Plus for Windows in the Windows environment.
HSINST3.ZIP115885Aug 25 1993Newest Instructions on how to install HS/Link to your favorite Comm Program or BBS. Hot from the Tool Box BBS.
HSLSHELL.ZIP101410Aug 24 1992Utility to use with HS-Link, tag files to build the upload list - If you use HS-Link you need this.
HSLT102B.ZIP75895Mar 5 1993HSLTAG v1.02Beta: HSLINK file tagging companion.
HSMENU11.ZIP9265Jan 13 1992HS Menu version 1.1. An HS/Link Transfer List Utility written as a Telix Script
HST144.ZIP1989Jul 28 1989Shows how to config a USR HST 9600 for use with Telix.
HSTSET.ZIP3279Aug 14 1988Determine the optimum settings for Courier HST 9600 modem.
HUP.ZIP2295Jun 19 1988Hang Up modem on COMn: from DOS command line. Very handy.
HYDRAKIT.ZIP228006Feb 4 1993Hydrakit - New! Bi-directional protocol with chat. Includes complete source code which is free and complete documentation.
HYPER11F.ZIP49026Apr 3 1991HyperACCESS/5 protocol for BBS's and users. Used as an external protocol (like DSZ) it implements the commercial HyperACCESS/5 protocol found in the still commercial package. The protocol has now been placed on BBS's by
IBMAUX.ZIP4111Apr 25 1986Device driver for CTTY command. Lets you see and type with user in DOS.
ICOM095A.ZIP219984Feb 9 1992Intellicom v0.95 - File 1 of 2 - The intelligent comm program. This is an UPGRADE of Intellicomm and only the files that changed from v0.94 were included in this release.
ICOM095B.ZIP117012Feb 9 1992Intellicom v0.95 - file 2 of 2 - the intelligent comm program.
ICP.ZIP2749Jun 26 1988Install COM3 or COM4 and tell DOS that it's available.
IL.ZIP19514Aug 9 1987Background Communications program. Download in background.
INFO_110.ZIP5982Jul 27 1989Telix script to toggle sound, alarm and capture buffer.
INFPOP26.ZIP282730Jan 26 1993InfoPop (release 2.6) TSR (non-resident version inc'd too) guide to the internet. Includes utility to create your own pop-up hypertext help systems. Freeware from GMUtant Software.
INIT-200.ZIP35010Mar 25 1993Database of over 200 modem init strings. Great for folks who answer lots of questions on the subject.
INTRFCE.ZIP51867Apr 18 1987Modem Interface V1.1 Comm Diag Tool.
IP052692.ZIP135402May 26 1992Infopop v2.0 help data base updated to 05/26/92.
IS16550.ZIP3570Jun 16 1989Identifies if system contains a 16550AN UART. With ASM source.
IZM100.ZIP126570Nov 25 1994IceZmodem 1.0. With Chat, DOS Shell, Editor, etc.
JAXHOST7.ZIP75011Oct 24 1992JaxHost 7.0, an office-to-home comm package.
JHU.ZIP861Jan 20 1993Info on how to access the JHU Library Card Catalog. Useful for research.
JMD4TLX.ZIP32526Mar 20 1989Telix SALT scripts that easily integrate Jmodem and Telix.
JMODM311.ZIP104311Feb 2 1992V3.11 of JMODEM Protocol written in 'C' with source-code.
K9X830.ZIP265560Jan 19 1989K9 Communications program. Interesting, and includes several protocols.
KERM312.ZIP241355Sep 30 1992MS-Kermit 3.12 Communications & File transfer from Columbia University.
KERMUTIL.ZIP56598Feb 18 1990Various script files, and utilities for MS-Kermit 3.0 (and 2.24).
KERPC300.ZIP108286Jan 19 1990MS-Kermit version 3.00. This is the last beta version before release by Columbia University.
LAN-DOC.ZIP112717Sep 27 1990LAN-LINK is a Personal Digital Communications Terminal Program for a Packet Radio TNC. Part 1 of 2.
LAN-LNK.ZIP125170Sep 28 1990LAN-Link Version 1.58. Part 2 of 2.
LEPROB.ZIP1568Nov 21 1986A file on problems with Leading Edge Modems.
LIB232.ZIP251357Oct 14 1990The Liberator v2.32 Telix/PCBoard automation system.
LISTRD05.ZIP44448Nov 9 1990ListRead creates a local BBS list from a national one (such as Darwin's). This version adds support for SUBST'd drives and increases speed. Can also create a Telix compatible .FON file.
LITES.ZIP8127Feb 6 1989Monitors COM port and displays status at upper right of screen.
LLPMFAQ.ZIP6511Mar 8 1993LAPLINK PRO - Most Frequently Asked Questions (February 24, 1992).
LNANNAP.ZIP11504Sep 19 1994LOCALNUM 1.1 configuration file for all of Annapolis/Severna Park, etc. calling areas. A must-have for BBS users in that area. Need !LOCAL11.ZIP.
LOCAL.ZIP7040Oct 10 1988Find out what telephone prefixes are local to your own. For use in the Baltimore area only.
LOCFONE.ZIP6089Sep 8 1992LOCFONE is a small, fast utility program to help users in Maryland, Washington (DC), Delaware, and metropolitan northern Virginia to find the general location of a phone number.
LOGGIT40.ZIP37669Oct 12 1990LOGGIT is a screen oriented, menu driven program designed to provide an analysis of the Telix Usage Log.
LOGIN4D.ZIP8613Dec 21 1989Telix script file to logon to many types of BBSs. Includes script to put name of BBS on the status line.
LOGPROC.ZIP21155Feb 10 1989Packet Radio BBS Log processing program with source code.
LSTCNV10.ZIP193437Jul 18 1991Convert ASCII database lists to Telix or Telemate format dialing directories. Interesting, windows-like user interface.
LSTRD109.ZIP19785Oct 1 1992Version 1.09. listread. Scans all your bbs lists and will only display the ones that are local to you. Added back SmartMode capability in this version. Added multiple file searching and wildcards.
LYNC30.ZIP66443Mar 9 1992Lync version 3.0. Small terminal program with Zmodem.
LYNX300.ZIP33849Aug 28 1989Lynx Version 3.00 - Now It's Shareware!!.
LYNX302.ZIP32860Sep 16 1989Bug fix version of Lynx protocol,NOW it works with Qmodem 4.0!.
MAILKEY.ZIP37708Dec 31 1991A utility to be used with GEnie. This is used to read old GEmail.
MAT.ZIP27877Mar 1 1989Compare BBS catalogs. Creates extensive catalog files.
MAXBBS.ZIP99985Jan 19 1992Host program for Telix. Very good and full featured.
MCOM215.ZIP17276May 8 1991Megacom 2.15 terminal program. Very simple.
MCTERMV2.ZIP4596Jan 11 1988New and improved, and free, too.
MDIC200.ZIP53420Sep 2 1993Modem Dictionary - defines most words related to modems.
MDMCFG15.ZIP17595Jul 3 1991Update to Telix 3.15 MDMCFG program.
MDMLIGHT.ZIP4498Nov 30 2014Displays modem lights on screen. Nice for systems with internal modems. ASM source code is included.
MED1193.ZIP11905Nov 2 1993Black Bag Medical BBS listing, November 93.
MESSCOM.ZIP6564Aug 24 1989MESSCOM will allow you to monitor your serial line for messages in the background under DOS. You will also be able to send messages through the serial line and await a response.
MESSMAN.ZIP111977Aug 14 1989The Message Manager is a text editor with many enhancements that allows you to answer BBS messages off-line.
METRO.ZIP12519Feb 12 1990Listing of where the phone exchanges in the DC metro area are. Also shows which ones have Caller ID.
MIDI0793.ZIP23469Jun 12 1993Nationwide MIDI BBS list.
MINIHELP.ZIP2693Jan 1 1980Memory Resident help for some Procomm key commands.
ML2400.ZIP5626Dec 15 1988USR Internal 2400 Baud Modem description and information.
MLINK16.ZIP28419Aug 29 1987Latest version of MLINK external transfer protocol.
MNPCON.ZIP8411Apr 21 1989Concepts of the MNP protocol, explains all levels of MNP indepth.
MODEMS1.ZIP16249Aug 31 1994Modem Data file for Procomm Plus DOS. Modem.DAT. File date 08/31/94.
MODKIT.ZIP32022Sep 17 1989Tools that let you easily create ASPect files for Procomm Plus. These files then will auto-magically logon to BBS's for you.
MODM0518.ZIP11872May 18 1993Latest MODEMS.DAT from the Datastorm BBS.
MPT110.ZIP63706Aug 7 1990New version of Puma. All that it includes is a simple name change due to copyright infringements with Puma.
MRUN200.ZIP104619Feb 4 1993Mail Run for Procomm for Windows. Adds great mail management and BBS management utility to Procomm.
MSK31301.ZIP48617Sep 14 1993New .PCH, .BWR, .PIF, and .INI files for MS-DOS Kermit 3.13, reflecting updates through 9/14/93.
MSKER-EM.ZIP28571Jan 22 1990MS-Kermit v3.0 terminal emulation & graphics info.
MSKER314.ZIP686920Feb 20 1995MS-DOS Kermit 3.14, featuring enhanced script language and more terminal emulations. This is the 1/18/95 release, which replaces the buggy, recalled 1/12/95 release. Direct from
MSKERDOC.ZIP113467Jan 18 1988PC Kermit 2.30 - Documentation.
MTC.ZIP57920Sep 5 1991Majik Terminal Communications system - version 1.0.
MXLITE17.ZIP90973Jun 16 1993MX-Light Version 1.7 from Mx Communications. Easy to use communications program. Protocols included are ASCII, Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, Xmodem/1K, Xmodem/G, Ymodem/G. Full Screen Editor, Internal ANSI, Avatar and V
MYCMM224.ZIP156123Aug 6 1994MyComm v2.24 is a powerful, yet small comm program. Supports Zmodem, Ymodem-G, Xmodem, Xmodem-1K, and ASCII file transfers. There is room for up to 6 external protocols. Supports TTY, ANSI, VT-52, and VT-100 terminal emula
NAPSPEC.ZIP46776Apr 4 1993Specs for transmitting graphics over data lines.
NAVOBS.ZIP290853Jan 15 1994This is a Windows based utility that allows you to set your system clock to the Atomic Clock located at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.
NAVYTIME.ZIP21725Jun 27 1987Set time to US Naval Obs with Turbo C source.
NEWFOR.ZIP17801Apr 26 1988TSR help for new CompuServe forum command structure.
NIFTY50C.ZIP5489May 19 1990Nifty 50 and Hot 100 BBS lists for 1990. This BBS ranks #1 in Maryland and #92 in the USA!.
NISTIME.ZIP175474Oct 24 1992Calls the National Institute of Standards and Time in Colorado and sets your computer's time to the *right* time.
NISTSET2.ZIP4927Feb 22 1992Call NIST and set your clock to within a zillion-billionth of a second. COM1/2 only.
NMODM215.ZIP73914Nov 4 1991Version 2.15 (11-04-91) of NMODEM File Transfer Protocol.
NO144.ZIP1966Feb 17 1994Why there is NO 14.4 baud setting in COMM programs.
NU232OFF.ZIP2075Dec 22 1987Prevents interference between COM ports (see comments in .ASM file).
ODY150SH.ZIP293247Jan 18 1992Odyssey v1.50: New and unique communications package. Allows you to start a download or upload, then drop to dos and do the tasks you need to. Includes pascal like scripting language. Built in MNP levels 2-5 to make non-MN
OH!23.ZIP28803Jun 23 1992Takes modem on/off hook, good Sysop utility.
OLINK31.ZIP20504Nov 15 1986A simple program that will allow you to perform Sealink transfers.
OMNIEDIT.ZIP46273Nov 8 1985Unique Software - Combination Editor/Telecommunications Package.
ON-CALL.ZIP59939Jul 14 1991ON-CALL os a fully functional Call Recognition and Paging System. Your computer monitors your phone line, if you get a call on your answering machine, your PC will wait for a bit and then call your beeper. It will also c
OZC20C.ZIP74781Jul 26 1987A pretty good communications package for the PC and Compatibles.
OZCIS1.ZIP289079Apr 18 1992OZCIS (1 of 4). Excellent navigator program for CompuServe. This is the 04/18/92 release. If you use compuserve, you need to check this one out.
OZCIS2.ZIP173887Apr 19 1992OZCIS (Part 2 of 4). This is the overlays. 04/18/92 release.
OZCIS3.ZIP129968Apr 18 1992OZCIS (3 of 4). This is addon utility programs. Recommend you also get this part too.
OZCIS4.ZIP138354Mar 10 1992OZCIS (4 of 4). This is the documentation for OZCIS.
OZCISNFO.ZIP6763May 7 1992More detailed information about OzCIS the Compuserve CIS Auto Navagator.
OZQB91K.ZIP115712Oct 11 1988Compuserve B+ external protocol driver. Includes a WS-like editor. v9.1.
OZQUOTES.ZIP1071Jun 22 1992Script to download stock quotes from compuserve.
PAGE.ZIP4217Apr 28 1992Protocol to use for sending ALPHANUMERICAL messages to pagers. Use with Procomm Plus as a script file.
PAGEIT18.ZIP16955Sep 18 1993Send Messages direct to Alpha Numeric Pagers and save the cost of dispatch fees. Works with any PC and Modem.
PAGEMATE.ZIP40266Jun 16 1991Allows your modem to call your pager.
PAGER.ZIP2693Oct 15 1989Automatic paging when an incoming call is left on your answering machine. Telix script file. (Requires Telix).
PANTHER2.ZIP345056Jul 1 1993Communications program with many features and absolutely free.
PAT11A.ZIP3090Jul 7 1988Patches for Procomm Plus 1.1a (not test drive).
PATCH201.ZIP29085Aug 22 1991Procomm Plus 2.01 patches. From 8/8/91.
PC-TALK.ZIP103950May 5 1988PC-TALK III pd good comm package.
PC-VCO22.ZIP126901Jul 13 1988Comm program. Transmits your speech and an ICON while chatting.
PC-VT101.ZIP180208Jan 23 1991Provides VT102, VT100, and VT52 emulation. Also supports Kermit and Xmodem for uploading and downloading.
PC2PATCH.ZIP1059Mar 18 1991Take out the Pause in the title screen of PCPLUS 2.0.
PCB_ALL3.ZIP3773Sep 24 1988Auto log-on: Telix/PCBoard.
PCCLK303.ZIP83593Oct 5 1993PCCLOCK v3.03 - Sets your PC's date and time by modem to NIST or USNO atomic clock.
PCD.ZIP49896Sep 29 1987Answers modem, and passes the calling speed to any other programs. This is helful for those writing BBS programs.
PCDRED10.ZIP37908Jan 7 1992Procomm Plus Directory Editor - Ver 1.0. Allows complete access to all fields of a Procomm Plus directory entry (last date called, total calls, etc). Downloaded from Datastorm's BBS.
PCHK10.ZIP10982Jul 3 1989PCPursuit Access Code finder - filter.
PCHOOKER.ZIP102901Oct 6 1988Utility to transfer files via null modem.
PCHOST.ZIP3675Feb 15 1988Tips on using Host mode of PCPLUSTD.
PCMODEM.ZIP60839Jan 18 1987A simple Comm program, and BBS program.
PCMOUS.ZIP7634Feb 24 1988Use a mouse with Procomm Plus. Works very nicely.
PCORNER.ZIP736Jan 1 1980Procomm Plus 2.0 ASPECT file to log you onto this BBS.
PCP11BUP.ZIP24454Aug 1 1989Various additional patches for Procomm Plus 1.1B.
PCP2EDIT.ZIP27048Sep 17 1991Editor for Procomm 2.X dialing directories. Very flexible.
PCP2FIFO.ZIP13476Feb 20 1991Unofficial patch for Procomm Plus 2.0 Turns 16550 Uart's FIFO off, or back on. Some systems with 16550 Uarts may hang without this patch.
PCPEDIT.ZIP25952Sep 17 1991The Dialing Directory Editor for PROCOMM PLUS 2.x.
PCPHMAM.ZIP5496Aug 16 1991Procomm+ files to use with Host Mode.
PCPLMOUS.ZIP7634Feb 24 1988Use a mouse with Procomm.
PCPLOC3C.ZIP23960Mar 31 1988ProComm+ login scripts/DC area BBS's/good doc.
PCPLOG.ZIP53895Jun 2 1990Graphically display your Procomm's log activity.
PCPLSFON.ZIP10528Aug 7 1988Convert Focke BBS list to dialing format for Procomm Plus direct.
PCPLUSRT.ZIP31184Feb 11 1988Sort Procomm+ Dialing directory.
PCPLUSUP.ZIP70339Feb 18 1988ProComm + Supplement Programs.
PCPMODEM.ZIP5746Jul 29 1991Modem data file for version 2.0 of Procomm Plus.
PCPMOUSE.ZIP1920Feb 17 1988Use mouse with ProComm+; pretty good.
PCPREORG.ZIP27683Mar 24 1989Reorganize Procomm Plus directories easily and safely.
PCPSHS2.ZIP37843Mar 9 1987PC pursuit circular dialing scripts for GT powercomm v.12 They Work!.
PCPSORT1.ZIP15552Feb 22 1988Sort your ProComm Plus DIR files by NAME/DATE/SCRIPT/PHONE - great!.
PCPSRTNO.ZIP34352Apr 15 1988Sort PROCOMM+ dialing dir.
PCPTD988.ZIP185134Sep 22 1988Procomm Plus Test Drive with 9/88 revision from Datastorm 9/22/88 file d.
PCPVER2.ZIP5126Mar 23 1991Common questions and answers concerning installation of Procomm+ version 2.0. Also includes an update for the 2.0 manual.
PCPXCH3.ZIP30507Jan 28 1992PC Pursuit Exchange listing - 1/25/92.
PCP_BSC.ZIP938Feb 17 1987PC-Pursuit for Boyan.
PCQUOTE.ZIP7269Sep 18 1994Procomm Plus for Windows 2.0 ASPECT script to automate quoting messages on the Programmer's Corner BBS.
PCTALK.ZIP121549Mar 3 1985The original, now pretty obsolete.
PCVCOFLB.ZIP54559Feb 3 1988ICONs for PC-VCO comm program. Talk between computers.
PCZ2DSZ.ZIP8794Feb 9 1991Converts PCZ log files to DSZ format. Written to interface PCZ with PCBoard BBSes.
PCZMOUSE.ZIP3388Mar 30 1991Logitech (MS Compatible) mouse menu for running PCZ in the menu mode. Written for (and included in) WTERM but easily adapted to other comm programs.
PDM.ZIP8265Aug 19 1991Procomm 2.0 dialing directory manager.
PFEPL104.ZIP84508Aug 7 1989This is a Processor Editor for Procomm Plus's dialing directory.
PFPLUS10.ZIP73146Feb 25 1988Full screen editor for Procomm Plus's Dialing Directory.
PGR14FDS.ZIP36446Dec 31 1993Page Plus Version 1.40. Paging program that allows you to page some one right from your PC. Features include help window and fast paging. Very quick and easy to use.
PHONE-EX.ZIP11512May 8 1990Data files that contain information about the DC area phone exchanges. It will tell you what state the exchange is in.
PHONE.ZIP18801Jun 20 1988Dial from DOS; user creates phone.dir.
PHONELOG.ZIP35102Feb 28 1988Summary of connect time thru Procomm Plus.
PHONPER2.ZIP8316Nov 20 1993A neat little program that will take a phone number on the command line and make a file with all possible letter-mnemonic combinations of that number.
PHONRING.ZIP6796Mar 16 1991Monitor phone ring with a computer. Buzzes speaker.
PICKUP14.ZIP25804Dec 4 1993Utility menu for Telix.
PLUSMENU.ZIP8168May 3 1988A Logitech Mouse driver\menu for Procomm Plus and DSZ.
PM9600SA.ZIP36423Dec 4 1990Setup information for Practical Perpherials 9600 Modem.
PMSTOCK.ZIP115808Jan 15 1993Download stock prices from Prodigy.
PNS52.ZIP25840Jan 5 1992CommoPNS v5.2 - Creates a FILE.LST for batch uploads. Great for use with Zmodem or HS/Link.
POPNET10.ZIP5141Jan 18 1993TSR to store IP addresses and keep then handy.
POSTI29F.ZIP40083Jan 1 1993A Utility for converting small programs, code and compressed files to basic code for posting as messages. - Great Idea.
PPW1.ZIP48090Jun 25 1992Patches for Procomm Plus for Windows.
PR12HP40.ZIP189456Feb 18 1990Various utilities for use with the Prodigy system.
PRCM-DSZ.ZIP3521Feb 13 1988How to use DSZ (ZModem) with Procomm Plus.
PRCMBAR.ZIP3515May 18 1987Menu Bar for Procomm Plus.
PRCMDATE.ZIP8105Feb 16 1987TIME Stamp for Procomm Directories.
PRCMSCRP.ZIP18484Dec 20 1992ProComm Plus script files for automating certain functions on GEnie.
PRCMUTIL.ZIP26237Feb 21 1986Assorted PROCOMM utilities. A must for all Procomm uses..incl. sort!.
PREFX_CA.ZIP23956Nov 22 1992Displays city name for phone prefix (S. Calif). Covers 213, 310, 619, 714, 805, 818 & 909. Also includes: AREA.EXE - show state for area code. Low cost Shareware.
PRO-ROBO.ZIP8570Feb 15 1994These Robocomm scripts will automate your Log ons to Programmers Corner and save you lots of time. They will log on, scan for new files, download QWK packets, upload REPlies, download files and log off. Robo now works here
PRODJUMP.ZIP22351Feb 21 1990List of PRODIGY JUMPwords. Plus a PC MAG utility to capture *P* message prints to disk instead of wasting reams of paper.
PRODMENU.ZIP654Sep 30 1989Prodigy Menu for Microsoft Mouse.
PROFON10.ZIP62595Nov 16 1987ProComm 2.42 Phone Directory Editor (Move entries around, sort, etc).
PROHOSTX.ZIP2848Jun 13 1986A very good description on use of ProComm's host mode.
PROHSTV1.ZIP132474Mar 6 1994ProHost freeware enhanced host mode script for Procomm for Windows.
PROM0303.ZIP73635Mar 3 1990ProMenu is an advanced file transfer protocol shell.
PROM302.ZIP138212Feb 28 1992An enhancement package for subscibers of the Prodigy Service.
PROMOUSE.ZIP2614Feb 25 1988Mouse menus for Procomm Plus (MS & PC/Imsi).
PROS12.ZIP180123Nov 10 1990Download stock quotes on-line from Prodigy.
PROT100.ZIP43809Aug 16 1993Protocol Enhancer version 1.00. Add many external protocols to your communications program.
PROTIME.ZIP43715Jun 12 1987An Automatic daily on/off program for ProComm.
PROTOCOL.ZIP953Dec 29 1988Protocol speed comparison by Ken Goosens.
PROZ.ZIP3526Feb 13 1988A detailed explaination of how to get DSZ to work with Procomm.
PUMATLX.ZIP770Jan 21 1990This file allows Puma to be run with Telix 3.x.
PUNTER.ZIP15969Feb 3 1989An IBM version of a popular Commodore protocol. Helpful for exchanging files with a Commodore 64/128.
PW210.ZIP1235873Jan 1 1980Procomm+ for Windows upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1 fixes bugs in 2.0.
PW2MDM.ZIP135948Oct 9 1994Procomm/win 2.0 modem update file from datastorm 8/94.
Q43TO431.ZIP275468Sep 9 1991Update Qmodem 4.3 to 4.31.
QANA-202.ZIP150558Aug 18 1989Analyze QMODEM log files. Helpful for LD call tracking.
QB1.ZIP77748Dec 21 1991This is the GEnie front end program for NTN's.
QB1SVW.ZIP132333Jan 10 1992Super Video Windows version of the front end program for NTN's QB1 game.
QCOM297.ZIP165738Feb 16 1993QCOM v2.97. A compact communications program.
QFE42.ZIP89875Sep 1 1990Qmodem Fon Editor version 4.2. Allows editing of your Qmodem SST dialing directories.
QM42MNU.ZIP15923Dec 22 1990An enhanced mouse menu for Qmodem 4.2.
QM431#1.ZIP145015Sep 9 1991Qmodem 4.31. Latest version of Qmodem, part 1 of 4.
QM431#2.ZIP212604Sep 9 1991Qmodem 4.31. Latest version of Qmodem, part 2 of 4.
QM431#3.ZIP169129Sep 9 1991Qmodem 4.31. Latest version of Qmodem, part 3 of 4.
QM431#4.ZIP246839Aug 20 1991Qmodem 4.31. Latest version of Qmodem, part 4 of 4.
QM452TD1.ZIP333805Apr 8 1992Qmodem 4.5 Test Drive - New version from Mustang Software 1/2.
QM452TD2.ZIP362733Apr 8 1992Qmodem 4.5 Test Drive - New version from Mustang Software 2/2.
QM5PTCH.ZIP256295Mar 5 1992Patch from Mustang Software to turn commercial Qmodem 5.00 into version 5.01. This will NOT work on any shareware version.
QMM302.ZIP61550Jan 24 1990Automate Qmail and other PcBoard functions with Telix 3.1+.
QMOD0493.ZIP8238Apr 1 1993Latest qmodem modem database .MDF.
QMODEM.ZIP602Aug 8 1990If you're having trouble using QMODEM with Windows 3.0 this is John Friel's own PIF file.
QMOUSE.ZIP11563Aug 17 1992Adds mouse to your Qmodem program.
QMPATCH.ZIP6556Mar 26 1991Qmodem patch (4.2) to stop scrolling of title on startup.
QMPRO150.ZIP970253Jun 15 1993Patch to upgrade Qmodem Pro 1.xx to Qmodem pro 1.5.
QMPRO151.ZIP444887Sep 15 1993Newest update for the commercial version of QMPRO. You have to upgrade to version 1.50 first. More RIP capabilities. This file will upgrade to Ver 1.51 for QMPRO and OLX.
QMPRO152.ZIP351177Jan 11 1994Qmodem Professional patch from 1.5x to 1.52. Rip Script fixes and other assorted minor bug fixes.
QMPRO494.ZIP9713Apr 17 1994Qmodem Pro modem init file.
QMW101.ZIP213926Mar 1 1994Patch for QmodemPro for Windows 1.0.
QSNIP.ZIP11916Oct 28 1990Allows online quoting for Qmodem 4.2x (and others with scrollback buffer).
QUOTE30.ZIP46744May 4 1989Simple Telix script that lets you capture part of a message that you want to use as a "Quote".
QUUX100.ZIP14113Nov 1 1992QUUX is a UUencode / UUdecode package for MS-DOS computers. UUencoding allows you to send binary files over electronic mail and other systems that handle text-only data.
QUX01_91.ZIP11195Jan 15 1991Great utility for encoding/decoding UU&XX files. (binary<-->ascii for mail).
RAWPRT.ZIP4083Dec 21 1992Printing characters straight to the printer port in Procomm PLUS for Windows
RBCOM341.ZIP117599Jan 10 1993Lean and mean DESQview aware comm program with VT100, VT52 emulation, scripts, macros, file transfers in 65K with DSZ more with PCZ and PUMA.
RC42-42B.ZIP144706Jul 23 1992Update Robocomm 4.2 to 4.2b.
RECON220.ZIP223242Jun 21 1993RECON Version 2.20 - Compuserve Message File Manager - .
RECOND20.ZIP109448Jun 21 1993RECON Version 2.00 - Documentation for RECON V 2.00 - Compuserve Message File Manager.
RECONU22.ZIP31875Jun 21 1993RECON Version 2.20 - Updated Documentation for RECON V 2.20.
REMCTL52.ZIP33240Nov 18 1991Share voice and data lines by monitoring the number of rings. Excellent.
RESET.ZIP61625Mar 22 1989Very simple program that will reset modem (ATZ), take phone off or on-hook from DOS. Works only with COM1.
RING110.ZIP2400Dec 24 1992Reboot pc if modem does not pick up after three rings.
RINGBACK.ZIP25270Jun 19 1989Allows you to share a modem with your voice line, by providing ringback.
RITM254.ZIP270688May 28 1993Righttime, keeps cmos & DOS clock extremely accurate, works with TSET721.ZIP.
ROBO42-A.ZIP272432Jul 23 1992ROBOCOMM -- Version 4.1 -- (File 1 of 2) The *ultimate* tool for unattended BBS communications. Works with PCBoard AND Wildcat BBS Systems. Includes a full script language for others. Build comprehensive databases of ava
ROBO42-B.ZIP300117Jul 23 1992Robocomm 4.2b. Part 2 of 2.
ROBO42-U.ZIP349553Jul 1 1992Update Robocomm 4.1 to 4.2, requires Robocomm 4.1.
RS.ZIP10690Jun 30 1986Displays RS-232 status, great comm port Diag.
RS232TST.ZIP47781Nov 22 1988Tests both your comm ports, requires a null modem cable. Very Good.
RS232V23.ZIP3855Dec 23 1986Puts modem lights in upper right corner for internals - all monitors.
RSHLL215.ZIP54871Jul 29 1991RSShell v2.15 External protocol shell/driver for comm programs.
SC40.ZIP131097Sep 15 1992Another nice program to syncronize your PC Time/Date With NIST or Naval Observatory.
SCRMBL!2.ZIP33200Dec 18 1990Will generate passwords for BBS based on BBS phone number.
SDP212.ZIP625199Jun 28 1994Streamline Designs protocol driver. Has all variations of XYZ modem, supports UART, int14, fossil, Digiboard. Very complete package.
SECTNS.ZIP70157Dec 7 1992This is a complete listing of compuserve for all forums, including the section names.
SERDATA.ZIP37171Mar 10 1989Capture and analyze serial data and communications. Good.
SFC32.ZIP66265Jan 23 1992Serial File Copy, a PC-2-PC file copy program, using serial ports.
SHGIF55E.ZIP147870Mar 25 1992View GIF files while you are still downloading, works with most popular graphic display cards.
SLICK63F.ZIP199983Aug 7 1993Slick SUPER Modem Terminal, Many powerful features but very EASY to use. Great for both novice or advanced user. Supports all protocols. Since 1985 and still growing.
SLIK11.ZIP8724Mar 28 1991An updated MODE that can handle any baud rate. Useful to set laser printers that can handle 19.2k.
SLRN_201.ZIP40110Nov 19 1993SLearn v2.01 -- Telix SALT language learn utility, 'learns' a script as you type it in.
SNOOPY36.ZIP3359May 23 1994Freeware utilility to read FILE_ID.DIZ description.
SP144MAN.ZIP87896Apr 19 1993USRobotics Sportster 14,400 modem manual.
SSFAX5.ZIP38548Feb 6 1994Simple Simon Faxer 5.0 sends faxes of ascii files over a Class 1 or Class 2 faxmodem from the DOS command line.
SUBBS303.ZIP3842Mar 12 1991List of BBSs in the USSR.
SUPRTBBS.ZIP10066Jul 7 1992Listing of Hardware and Software Manufacturer's Technical Support BBS Numbers.
SW09.ZIP77602Apr 16 1991Front end program for GEnie's STELLAR WARRIOR Multi-player space game.
SZMO200R.ZIP171515Aug 29 1992DSZ compatible Zmodem protocol which will allow you to access DOS commands, play games, or chat while transfering files.
T-FIG.ZIP47353Nov 9 1990Very nice tutorial program for Telix. Great for the beginner.
T3TOOLS.ZIP51260Nov 28 1988Excellent set of utilities for TELIX 3.xx.
TAG200.ZIP86007May 11 1993TagFile - the ultimate in batch upload file management.
TAGGER37.ZIP31465Jun 17 1990Tagger (v3.7) allows the tagging of files online and offline with PCBoard.
TAPCS542.ZIP347003Nov 28 1993TAPCS542.ZIP - TAPCIS(R) Version 5.42 - The Access Program for CompuServe. Navigate CompuServe quickly and cheaply. Includes Shareware Version with documentation. $79.00 registration.
TAPDO541.ZIP131966Sep 11 1992TAPDOC documentation archive for TAPCIS v. 5.41.
TAPMRK14.ZIP67255Aug 15 1990Tap Mark program for TapCIS support. Used to mark Compuserve message headers offline for downloading. Remebers threads between sessions.
TAPORD12.ZIP69523Sep 1 1990Support program for TapCIS access to Compuserve. Sorts and ages messages and adds navigation flags.
TAPPET.ZIP81341Dec 31 1990Auxiliary program for TapCis. Offline marking of Compu$erve message headers for downloading. This is an improvement over the older TapMark program with many nice new features. Shareware.
TAPZNT.ZIP4953Mar 13 1992Tapcis scripts for access to ZiffNet.
TASYV419.ZIP31314Sep 11 1990BETA version 4.19 of TASY File Transfer Protocol for high speed modems.
TECH-BBS.ZIP1770Mar 27 1990List of Technical Support BBS Numbers for Hardware and Software Vendors.
TELCONV.ZIP33311Apr 8 1988Convert Focke BBS list to Telix.fon.
TELED215.ZIP151869Aug 25 1992Teledisk v2.15. Transfer any disk into a file and restore the file to a disk.
TELIXANA.ZIP9699Feb 3 1990Telix usage file analyzer - a great little program.
TELIXU.ZIP4281Nov 10 1990Utility for Telix. Scans Telix USE file and generates a list of all files transfered, and their source.
TER43.ZIP296602Dec 31 1992Potentially the "BEST" terminal program around. Still in BETA and has some bugs, however it has some great features. I am excited to see another release of this product. From Denmark by Berndsen.
TERMCAP.ZIP9667Mar 19 1988DOS version of Unix Termcap.
TESTCOM.ZIP64384Jun 10 1991Tests Intel's 9600EX modem. From Intel BBS. Excellent.
TESTDL.ZIP67645Jun 4 1992Infamous Hayes TIES test from their BBS.
TFE221.ZIP74061Apr 29 1991The latest edition of the Telix Fon Editor - This one adds some great features including a FON file coversion option.
TFW100-1.ZIP1197082Sep 14 1994Telix for Windows 1.00 Disk 1 of 2. 30 day trial version.
TFW100-2.ZIP1389903Sep 14 1994Telix for Windows 1.00 Disk 2 of 2. 30 day trial version.
TFW101BR.ZIP737252Dec 7 1994Upgrade any registered version of Telix for Windows to v1.01b.
TFW101RP.ZIP376487Oct 22 1994Patch for registered version of Telix for Windows. Patches any previous version of TFW to v1.01a.
TFW101SP.ZIP242659Oct 13 1994Telix for Windows 1.00 patch to 1.01.
THOST31.ZIP31399May 9 1989Improved Host Mode for Telix v3.12.
TIMESY.ZIP54045Feb 7 1992Updates system time and date with NIST or USNO time, (TimeSync v2.1).
TIMST721.ZIP165146Jun 13 1993Professional Naval Observatory time setting utility. Will call the Naval Observatory, and set your computer's clock so that it is the same as their atomic clock.
TINYHOST.ZIP48577Jun 24 1991TinyHost 1.3 is a small host program. Permits logging onto your computer remotely without having to install a full-fledged BBS program.
TLX3-WIN.ZIP3748Mar 23 1992From Telix BBS a file explaining how to run Telix with Windows 3.1. You'll need a 16550 UART.
TLX300FX.ZIP1081Jul 17 1988Remove Opening Screen from Telix 3.00.
TLX311M5.ZIP17404Jun 1 1988MicroSoft Mouse System for Telix v3.11.
TLX311MS.ZIP10703Feb 13 1987Complete mouse shell for use with Telix 3.0.
TLX311NG.ZIP131974Feb 28 1989Comprehensive Norton Guide for Telix's Salt language, and RS-232 info.
TLX31MNU.ZIP9352Oct 28 1988Mouse menu for Logitech Mouse, for Telix 3.11.
TLX320MS.ZIP1906Nov 29 1992A Logitech mouse menu for the soon to be release version of Telix 3.20.
TLX321-U.ZIP360602Jan 18 1994Telix 3.21 Patch Update for Registed Telix 3.12 and 3.15.
TLX322-1.ZIP172878Jan 31 1994File 1 of 4. Upgrade to TELIX. Version 3.22.
TLX322-2.ZIP65782Jan 31 1994File 2 of 4. Upgrade to TELIX. Version 3.22.
TLX322-3.ZIP203559Jan 31 1994File 3 of 4. Upgrade to TELIX. Version 3.22.
TLX322-4.ZIP181384Jan 31 1994File 4 of 4. Upgrade to TELIX. Version 3.22.
TLX322-R.ZIP556463Feb 8 1994Upgrade Telix 3.21 to 3.22 for registered users.
TLX3MENU.ZIP28882Jul 25 1988Pull-Down Menus for Telix.
TLX3SORT.ZIP17359Jul 13 1988Telix30 phone directory sort utility.
TLXBHT2.ZIP8549Jan 29 1989Telix extended host salt script that uses the Bimodem protocol.
TLXEMAIL.ZIP3297Oct 18 1992Telix script file for email use.
TLXFILES.ZIP2644Apr 18 19933 Script files, DIAL, EXIT, & FILES for Telix 3.x.
TLXICON.ZIP1089Jan 7 1993Handy little Telix icon for Windows.
TLXMNU31.ZIP2443Oct 28 1988Logitech mouse program for Telix 3.1 - Should be compatable with Microso.
TLXMOUSE.ZIP5842Jul 29 1989LogiTech Mouse System for Telix v3.11.
TLXMS312.ZIP4553Jan 3 1990Use a Microsoft mouse with Telix version 3.12.
TLXPCP15.ZIP19958Jan 6 1989Use PC-PURSUIT w/ Telix. Now has log to track on-line time.
TLXPCP20.ZIP20662Apr 25 1989Use Telix with PC-Pursuit (w/ timer for the useage cap).
TLXSET02.ZIP7749Jan 17 1989Information on optimizing Telix 3.11. Text file and script examples.
TLXSET03.ZIP12561Jan 14 1990The proper way to set up Telix, especially if you have a MNP modem.
TLXSTART.ZIP1697Jan 23 1993Bypass opening Telix screen legally with script (compiled).
TLXTW108.ZIP20320May 31 1992Telix scripts for use in auto-playing the BBS game Trade Wars.
TLXWXMOD.ZIP19877Aug 6 1988A better Wxmodem transfer protocol, looks for carrier.
TLXZMENU.ZIP18857Apr 26 1990TLXZMENU provides mouse support for the TELIX terminal program.
TLZXMENU.ZIP18858Apr 26 1990This is a fully integrated mouse menu for Telix 3.12.
TM-FON.ZIP11257May 10 1989Focke's BBS listing convert to Telemate phone directory.
TM411-4A.ZIP249760Jun 23 1993Fix for supposedly virus infected OAK VESA drivers.
TM412-1.ZIP189709Jul 20 1993Telemate Communications Program Update 1 of 4.
TM412-2.ZIP198412Jul 20 1993Telemate Communications Program Update 2 of 4.
TM412-3.ZIP197521Jul 20 1993Telemate Communications Program Update 3 of 4.
TM412-4.ZIP250873Jul 20 1993Telemate Communications Program Update 4 of 4.
TMAIL100.ZIP21592Jan 29 1990An automated file transfer script for TELIX. A mini mail networking system. Allows you to create a private network.
TMHOST22.ZIP32435Apr 18 1993Enhanced Host script for Telemate users.
TMOD610.ZIP43165Apr 26 1991Tmodem file transfer protocol. Version 6.10.
TMSCRIPT.ZIP3540Oct 31 1990Telemate scripts for various BBS's; Wildcat, PcBoard, and RBBS.
TM_301.ZIP31041Oct 16 1992Sorts telix phone directories. Flexible.
TOLL12.ZIP52825Dec 4 1990Log long distance phone charges as you incur them. Simple calling format that can be run after you login to a BBS.
TOTALCTL.ZIP111684Jun 28 1991Total control modem program. Allows you to share one incoming phone line for voice, fax, and modem use.
TPC.ZIP863Sep 1 1993Can be used to automate log on sequence to The Programmer's Corner using Procomm Plus, Version 2.01.
TPCCMD.ZIP28075Aug 20 1991A very easy program to write a Procomm .CMD file to automatically logon to TPC. No programming skills necessary. You don't have to read nothing or do nothing. Just run this program and give it the necessary information
TR3-14.ZIP136011Dec 2 1991Remote control a PC through modem lines, similiar to Carbon Copy.
TR4-26.ZIP194053Jun 1 1993TeleReplica Fast Remote Control PC software (like PCAnywhere w/o graphics).
TRMAST16.ZIP88252Aug 12 1990Nice shell that will allow you to easily run DSZ, Puma, Lynx, Cmodem, and SuperK file transfer protocols. No need to learn syntax.
TSET.ZIP6380Nov 1 1988Small program that set clock to Naval Atomic Clock. Telix SALT script.
TSET721.ZIP165373Jun 13 1993TimeSet, call Naval Observatory atomic clock & syncs PC clock, works w/ RITM254.ZIP.
TT.ZIP5891Nov 8 1986Tells you how long it will take to transfer a file using Xmodem.
TT105.ZIP40896Mar 9 1988Tiny-Term communication program that supports multitasking. Very small, yet has been big program features.
TUM100.ZIP16617Oct 13 1990Telix Upload Manager, uses SALT, but no source included.
TXDEL103.ZIP6883Nov 21 1992Delphi scripts for Telix -- three scripts.
TXLUM-D.ZIP10415May 1 1990Telix Upload Manager is a script to enhanced the Upload function provided by Telix.
TXMDM207.ZIP13129Jun 30 1992Modem config file for Telix 3.xx.
TXT2FON1.ZIP21330Sep 3 1994Inserts new BBS name/phone numbers into QModem .fon files, from text files. Source is included.
TXZM230.ZIP42163Mar 22 1994Texas ZModem file transfer program. External file protocol for communications programs without ZModem built-in. Similar to DSZ, bu smaller because only ZModem is included.
U-ADDRES.ZIP9647Mar 19 1992How to find someone's E-mail address.
UARTOOLS.ZIP2790Sep 23 1990Three control programs for the NS16550 UART.
UNISLT13.ZIP7624Apr 14 1989Auto logon Telix SALT files for many BBS formats.
US2PCP11.ZIP14748Feb 24 1988Extract Darwin USBBS list to Procomm Plus directory - allows selectivity.
USBBS129.ZIP141979Jan 29 1995USBBS National BBS Listing for February, 1995. Listing of IBM-based BBS systems. The listing contains 4,126 entries with 245 new or modified entries this month.
USN0793B.ZIP5304Jul 16 1993List of BSS's related to the Navy.
USNOTIME.ZIP2395Jun 6 1987Get ACCURATE time and date settings from US Naval Observatory.
USRSDL.ZIP246670Dec 2 199412/02/94 FLASH ROM code for USRobotics 28800 Courier modems. Domestic models. Downloaded direct from USR BBS.
VA202.ZIP44491Mar 1 1989Viewarc door for GT Powercomm's host mode.
VARS.ZIP2155Aug 1 1992This is a full 6-page description file of all of the variables that can be used with the Boyan 5.0 comm program.
VBETA12.ZIP68023Oct 20 1992Visual Zmodem engine. Looks pretty good.
VENTEL.ZIP1135Sep 2 1989Text file describing exactly how to set up a Ventel 2400-MNP modem.
VERSA11.ZIP62013May 23 1987Update of VERSA for PC-PURSUIT/Procomm.
VGA720X.ZIP28666Nov 27 1992New screen fonts for Prodigy; requires VGA monitor; excellent.
VISMOD30.ZIP151595Aug 15 1992Modem setup for Windows. Point and shoot to select parameters for your modem and build an init string.
VIZTERM.ZIP54064Jul 11 1990VIZterm is an easy to use serial communications program that is fast and lean.
VT100KEY.ZIP765Mar 28 1987Emulate DEC's VT-100 terminal.
VT220.ZIP45316Jan 1 1980A VT220 emulator, will not perform file transfer.
VTKERMIT.ZIP65677Feb 13 1986Comprehensive VT 100 emulator with Kermit protocol transfer.
VTRANS.ZIP90493Apr 22 1988VT220 emulator with file transfer (1 of 3).
VTRM220A.ZIP90255Sep 2 1988VT220 emulator with file transfer (2 of 3).
VTRM220B.ZIP143879May 23 1988VT220 emulator with file transfer (3 of 3).
WAKA100.ZIP5822Jul 4 1987Kills program with loss of carrier, very good.
WATCHDOG.ZIP7505Mar 6 1988Monitor serial ports for loss of carrier, reboots if carrier dropped.
WDMP0210.ZIP52054Oct 23 1988Collates dir listings (DOS, BBS, etc).
WEAMAP.ZIP1461Jul 16 1993Script for WinCIS that automatically downloads weather maps (GIF format).
WHATLN25.ZIP40175Apr 29 1991Uses The Phone Company's new Identi*Ring service so that you can run an answering machine, fax machine, and modem all on one line.
WIGWAM.ZIP623984Mar 5 1993WIGWAM - compuserve navigator for Windows from UK. Shareware.
WINATO14.ZIP138160Mar 11 1992MS Windows 3 Application Shell for AUTOSIG, V 1.4. AUTOSIG is required.
WINTIME.ZIP69390Nov 2 1992This utility will call the Atomic clock in Boulder, CO. and set your computers internal clock to it. Very nicely done.
WIZARD.ZIP49826Mar 18 1989Communications program that also provides for a PC-to-PC link.
WMODEM1.ZIP36645Aug 31 1994New WMODEMS.DAT file for Procomm Plus for Windows. Contains many additional configurations for a multitude of modems.
WT-QUOTE.ZIP16215Nov 6 1990A message quoting TSR that works with WTerm. Very nice.
WTERM110.ZIP91033May 5 1992Small free comm program -- now with built-in mouse support.
WXMODEM.ZIP19525Nov 9 1986Improved WXMODEM.COM for QM SST use (ignore date differences).
WXTERM.ZIP19502Oct 16 1986Termainal with WxModem support.
X00150.ZIP104424May 22 1993"FOSSIL" X00.SYS. Gwinn's Communications Controller v1.50. Use with any communications applications which work with a "FOSSIL".
XCHANGE.ZIP168251Jun 19 1987Automatic File Xfer - Unattended.
XF.ZIP34666Oct 3 1989File transfer time estimator. Includes full BASIC source that will calculate the time to transfer a given group of files.
XFER150.ZIP34223Aug 15 1986File transfer utility for JAXHOST3.
XFER42.ZIP62788Aug 3 1991XFER v4.2 DSZ/GSZ shell with file point 'n shoot.
XFER47.ZIP82028Mar 7 1991Very nice file transfer protocol manager for Procom, Telix etc.
XFI0288.ZIP33175Feb 1 1988External Protocol Menu Driver V 2/88.
XFR-QM16.ZIP18285Sep 16 1991Qmodem batch files for up and download with external protocols.
XFR56.ZIP96876Aug 9 1991Transfer v5.6 protocol shell with PC<->PC transfers.
XLATE32.ZIP20814Mar 8 1988Translate comm dirs/bbslist, export same.
XX3401B.ZIP59087Jan 27 1992This program will perform "XX Encoding" on a binary file, for transmission as standard ASCII text. TP source included.
XX_CODE.ZIP25800Dec 24 1991The source code for the XX scheme to code and decode binary files as distributed and used on BITNET.
YAMDEMO1.ZIP143674May 25 1989Pro-Yam 05/25 demo, full function, no doc use the Zcomm doc.
YAMHELP.ZIP93194Apr 28 1988Help files for Yamdemo.
YESTERM.ZIP73359Nov 18 1992Minal Package required to access YALEBBSes which use the new YES protocol for incredibly fast screens even at 2400 baud. Standalone package with its own dialing directory containing some YALEBBSes that you can try.
YMODEM.ZIP15025Oct 10 1985"How to develop a transfer protocol", great refrence aid.
ZBIT.ZIP4653Jan 27 1990Bitcom scripts and added ANSI.EMU key definitions to provide windowed prompts for DSZ uploads and downloads. No more manually shelling to DOS.
ZBOOT21.ZIP23977Nov 2 1992Simple interface to DSZ modem to change file buffer size,etc.
ZCDC1808.ZIP225920Nov 27 1993Zcomm comm program, v 18.08, docs.
ZCEX1808.ZIP191732Dec 8 1993Zcomm comm program, v 18.08, executables.
ZCHP1808.ZIP88486Nov 29 1993Zcomm comm program, v 18.08, help files.
ZCOMMBAR.ZIP28735Dec 22 1987Bar menu for Zcomm comm progam.
ZDOC0416.ZIP24151Apr 18 1991Clear, easy to understand ZMODEM Documentation.
ZFAX223.ZIP106206Mar 15 1993Zyxel's latest fax software update from Zyxel's bbs.
ZIFF.ZIP52643Oct 9 1991ZIFF is a Procomm V2.X aspect file that provides a full menu driven interface to the Ziffnet and Compuserve Information systems. Alot of work went into this one. Nice script file for learning the aspect language or using Z
ZKEY200D.ZIP76859Feb 13 1990Latest version of ZKEY file transfer utility. Shell out to DSZ or PCZ so that you can download using XModem, Ymodem, or Zmodem.
ZMAX.ZIP63996Aug 2 1990Another new file protocol engine. This protocol is similiar to Zmodem, although not as robust. Includes C source code.
ZMAX100B.ZIP60996Aug 26 1990Zmax v1.00b external file transfer protocol.
ZMSCRIP.ZIP106279Oct 15 1991Scripts designed to get you up and running utilizing the power of Professional YAM or ZCOMM.
ZNOTES10.ZIP33691Jun 26 1991Helps keep Track of downloaded .zip files.
ZOCBK102.ZIP19821Jan 6 1994ZOC Phonebook conversions from Telix, Telemate, FIDO and ANSI to the ZOC OS/2 Communications Program Format. Also supports matching for deleting existing entries, etc. Freeware.
ZOOMPR.ZIP6445Oct 6 1991Zoom 14400 setup for Procomm 2.x.
ZRION101.ZIP42500Jun 16 1990ZyRion v.1.01 external windowed file transfer protocol.
ZSCRIPTS.ZIP6784Jan 26 1989Scripts and other gadgets to use Zmodem protocol with Mirror II.
ZSX2-310.ZIP35087Jan 24 1994Multiple file transfer protocols in one program for BBS systems (OS/2).
ZSXD-310.ZIP67346Jan 24 1994Multiple file transfer protocols in one program for BBS systems (DOS).
ZVM119.ZIP66878Apr 24 1993Play sound blaster files through ZyXel's latest fax/modems voice mail.
ZYXELFAQ.ZIP12089Aug 1 1993FAQ on ZyXEL modems, from manufacturer.
ZZMAIL2.ZIP5939May 21 1989Scripts that will automate your Qmail runs using Qmodem 4.0 and DSZ.