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BETA version 4.19 of TASY File Transfer Protocol for high speed modems.
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BETA version 4.19 of TASY File Transfer Protocol for high speed modems.
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Contents of the TASY.DOC file

Tasy Version 4.01 BETA


A streaming file transfer protocal for use with high speed MNP modems.
This protocal's speed is also highly dependent upon the capabilities of
the machines it is run on.

It will support connections at up to 115k
Support Com1 and Com2
Fully interupt driven
All critical code in assembler
Exact file size transfered and written
Supports both single file and batch trasnfers
Checks for enough disk space available to save the complete file no more
almost done then find out no space.
Will not overwrite existing files.
logfile use SET TLOG=some file name
Batch file uploads can pass filenames on command line or use a file with
a list of files to be transfered.

How to use:

If you just type TASY with no parameters it will give you a quick help
screen on the correct parameters it needs.


Parameters common to both single file and batch trasnfers.
Port currently only support 1 for Com1 or 2 for Com2

Slow if you have a slow drive or machine you will need to use
the parameter S to tell TASY to lower RTS when saving current
block to disk. This should cure any data overun errors on slow

Action R for read S to send

On Single file transfers you have the option on reading to give
TASY no parameter here in which case TASY will read the file
name from the sender and write the file on the current drive and
directory. If you only pass a directory TASY will read the
filename from the sender and write it to the directory you
specify. When you pass the filename also TASY will output the
transfered file to the name you passed.
When sending you give it the full path and filename of the file
you want transfered.

On batch transfers when reading you can only pass a directory or
nothing as TASY will read the filenames from the sender and
output the files to the directory passed. On Sending you can
either pass the filenames seperated by spaces, A file with a list
of files to be transfered or use any commbination of wildcards and

To read

TASY 1 R D:\TEST.DAT -- Read from com1 and output the file D:\TEST.DAT
TASY 2 R D:\ARCHIVES\ -- Read from com2 and out the file or files to
D:\archives\ directory
TASY 1S R -- Read with the SLOW paramater and write the
file or files to the current directory.
To send
TASY 1 S D:\test.dat -- Send the file D:\TEST.DAT out com1
TASY 1 S d:\test.ZIP E:\list.arc j:\GIF\*.gif
Send the files specified out com1
TASY 1 S [email protected]:\filelist.dat
Send the file in the list filelist.dat
TASY 2 S j:\tc\c\*.c -- Send all the files from J:\TC\C\ that end
with .c

Any problems or suggestions please leave a message on the board you
received this protocal from.
As with everything else I take no responsibility for any damage or
failure to work or for invailid transfers.

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