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This is a command line dialer for your modems.
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This is a command line dialer for your modems.
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Contents of the DIAL.DOC file

*Dial.exe - by Dave Rensin**

Rolodexes can be a very handy thing. But if you're like I am
you don't want to have to reach over to the phone and actually dial
the number. Now you don't have to. This little command line dialer
will allow you to dial a number simply by typing DIAL string>. This program reads a config file, sets your com port,
dialing prefix, and dialing suffix, and dials your number.

First things first. The config file must be named the same as
the .exe. In other words if you rename this program to CALL.EXE
then the config file MUST be called CALL.FON. The second thing is
that the first line of the config file must read
PORT|PREFIX|SUFFIX. (i.e. 0|9|12345 sets the com port to 1, the
dialing prefix to 9 and the dialing suffix to 12345.)
The only other thing to know is that the entries in your config
file MUST NOT have a space in the phone number.

For example.......
John Smith 555-1212 (Valid)
John Smith 555 1212 (INVALID)

Other than that this program runs itself. The only thing I ask
is that if you like this program, and find it useful please send $5
Dave Rensin
15221 Centergate Dr.
Silver Spring, MD. 20905.

Thanks, and have a good time.

Dave Rensin
[email protected]

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