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Boyan Setup for using HS-Link.
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Boyan Setup for using HS-Link.
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Please refer to the BOYAN manual for detailed information on
installation of external protocols. The following installation
steps should work for most folks:

Copy HSLINK.EXE into your BOYAN directory. If you have changed the
"path for extrnal protocols" option (ALT-C/D/H) then place
HSLINK.EXE into the configured directory instead.

Next you need to install the HS/LINK protocol into the BOYAN
protocol menu.

Load up BOYAN and press ALT-C to get into the CONFIGURATION menu. Then

Press "4" to define a new protocol (use any available protocol
number if #4 is already in use).

When prompted for "Protocol Name" enter "HS/Link" and press ENTER.
When prompted for "Menu Letter" enter "H" and press ENTER.
When prompted for "External File" enter "HSLINK.EXE" and press
When asked "Prompt for DL-names" enter "NO" and press ENTER.
When prompted for "HS/Link Upload" enter "\DC-[%P:HSLINK -P%MD %TF]"
When prompted for "HS/Link Download" enter "\DC-[%P:HSLINK -P%MD ]"

Then press ESCAPE twice to get out of configuration mode.

You can edit the "HS/Link Upload" and "HS/Link Download" entries to
include options on the HSLINK command line, but most folks won't
need to change anything. If you want to experiment, there are a
number of optional parameters you can read about in HSLINK.DOC and

To download with HS/LINK, first you tell the BBS you're talking to
what files you want to download, and that you want to download in
the HS/LINK protocol. On the Tool Shop you can do this with the
following command:
D H filename filename S
for example,

Once you've got the BBS into downloading mode, Press PGDN and
select HS/Link from the menu. If asked for "PATH:" press ENTER

If you want to also upload to the BBS while downloading, you simply
press the PGUP key, select HS/LINK from the menu, and list the
upload filenames you want to have transmitted.

I hope these instructions help, but remember, I can't take
responsibility for anydamages resulting from these instructions. If you
get stuck, it always helps to read the DOC files that come with BOYAN
and with HSLINK. If all else fails, call up the tool shop and ask for
help on the main board. Either I will help you, or somebody else will
know the answer and give you a hand.

Good luck!

Samuel H. Smith
Sysop of The Tool Shop
Phone number Modem type Access
-------------- --------------------- -------------------
(818) 891-3772 US Robotics HST 9600 Contributors only
(818) 891-1344 Hayes-V series 9600 Contributors only
(818) 891-6780 US Robotics 2400 Free to all

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