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Use Telix with PC-Pursuit (w/ timer for the useage cap).
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Use Telix with PC-Pursuit (w/ timer for the useage cap).
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Contents of the TLXPCP20.DOC file


TLXPCP20.XXX -- TeLiX PC Pursuit dialer v2.0
Copyright (C) April 1989 by Charles Lee


Please note that the file extension .XXX refers to the file compression
scheme of your choice. With the rate that BBS's have been changing file
compression methodologies lately, it is hard to predict which scheme will
have been used by the time that you have downloaded this.

This is the first of two files that you need to install this dedicated
PC Pursuit dialer. The second file is ADIAL20.XXX. ADIAL20.XXX contains
the modules of .exe files for A Dialer v2.0 that are integrated with Telix
by the SALT files listed below.

The contents of this archive are:

TLXPCP20.DOC <-- You're reading this now.

OPTS1200.SLT This invokes the dialer
for 1200 baud indial use.

OPTS2400.SLT This invokes the dialer
for 2400 baud indial use.

PCPPASS.SLT The password sending

CARRIER.EXE Used to force Telix to look
at the CD after A Dialer is

CONVERT.EXE Used to convert your old
Telix PC Pursuit phone
directories to the new


If any of these files are missing or if any additional files
are present, then someone has tampered with this archive.
Please contact the sysop of the BBS where you downloaded this from.

Shareware: Both TLXPCP20 and ADIAL20 are shareware. Registration is
$5.00 (cheap). At that price, you have in your hands what
has to be the best software value in history.

See ADIAL20.DOC for registration information.


o Seamless operation with Telix v3.11. You will think that Telix
has suddenly gained PC Pursuit capability.

o BBS oriented operation. Previous dialers are all city oriented.
You had to remember which cities your favorite BBS's were in,
select those cities, wait to get into those cities AND THEN finally
select your BBS's AND THEN wait to connect to the BBS. Sounds
silly, doesn't it? Well, TLXPCP20 and ADIAL20 have changed all that.
Now, all you do is select the BBS. This software takes care of the

o Your connect time to the city is tracked by this software. This
is a cumulative monthly timer that will keep you from going over
PC Pursuit's usage cap.

o A usage log of your connect times is maintained.

o The dialer's characteristics are user programable. Want to
disconnect from the city when a BUSY! is detected? Or are you
dialing a hard-to-get-into city and want to stay connected no matter
what? Choose the appropriate option. Want to try to connect to both
1200 and 2400 baud outdials? Or do you just want to stay at 1200 or
2400 baud? Just select that option.

o Easy to use user interface. Just move the select bar, and hit a
command key.

o Selections are made before dialing into PC Pursuit. No more rushing
to beat Telenet's rapid indial timeouts.

o The colors are user configurable.

o The software detects what sort of video display is being used.
If it is monochrome, colors are mapped accordingly.

o New cities are easy to add to the menu. Just add the city to the
text file and the software takes care of the rest.

o Desqview aware.

o Passwords and linked scripts are supported.


1. Install A Dialer v2.0 as described in its document file.

2. Copy the .SLT files into the directory where you keep your Telix

3. Modify line #9 of each of the .SLT files to contain the path to
the directory where you put ADIAL20.

This line looks like this:

str path[80]="\telix\adialer\";

If the path to ADIAL20 is \main\telecom\adialer, change the line
to look like:

str path[80]="\main\telecom\adialer\";

Note that the string in quotes must end with the backslash "\".

4. Compile the .SLT files using Telix's CS compiler. The resulting
files will have the .SLC extension.

5. Assign OPTS1200.SLC and/or OPTS2400.SLC to a key. For
convenience, choose a key near your arrow keys. On my computer, I
used the "+" key.

From Telix's terminal mode, the key sequence to do this for
OPTS1200.SLC is:

Alt k,,e,the key to assign,@opts1200.slc,

6. Assign PCPPASS.SLC to a key. This is the key to press when you
want to send a PC Pursuitable BBS password.

7. Copy CARRIER.EXE to the directory that you put A Dialer v2.0.

8. Convert your old PC Pursuit .FON files to the new directory

a. First, it is a good idea to backup your PC Pursuit .FON
files. While CONVERT.EXE has been extensively tested, no piece
of software should be considered to be bug free.

b. Copy CONVERT.EXE into the directory where your PC Pursuit
.FON files are kept. At the DOS prompt, type CONVERT .
CONVERT.EXE will then begin converting and consolidating

your .FON directories into the format expected by A Dialer.
It will create files named BBS.dat, BBS1.dat, BBS2.dat ...
-- until all of your .FON directories have been converted.
Each of the newly created phone directories will contain a
maximum of 595 entries. Copy these files into the directory
that you put A Dialer v2.0.

c. Once you have copied the .dat files to the A Dialer v2.0
directory, you'll be able to use the directory editor to
sort, move, add, delete, and etc.


1. You can use this software by either pressing the key to which
you assigned OPTS1200.SLC or OPTS2400.SLC. This is the preferred
method. Or you can hit alt g, then type either OPTS1200 or OPTS2400
and . This will invoke A Dialer v2.0. OPTS1200 will dial
into a 1200 baud indial. OPTS2400 will dial into a 2400 baud indial.

2. Pressing the key that you assigned PCPPASS.SLC will send the
password associated with a BBS when you make connection.

3. Detailed usage of A Dialer v2.0 can be found in its document

A note about passwords:

Passwords assigned to the BBS entries are passed to Telix by writing
them to disk. PCPPASS.SLC reads the password file "password.bbs"
from the disk and sends it out the modem. If you use linked scripts
that send passwords, it will be necessary for you to modify them
by replacing the lines that send the password with a call to
PCPPASS.SLC and then recompiling the script.


A note about A Dialer v2.0

A Dialer v2.0 is an external program that runs seperately from Telix.
While A Dialer is running, Telix has no control or knowledge of its
surroundings. Consequently, until A Dialer restores control to
Telix, Telix's status line shows that it is offline despite the fact
that A Dialer is indeed online and talking to PC Pursuit. This is
the only known abberation of using A Dialer with Telix.


Telix is copyrighted by Exis Inc.
PC Pursuit is a service of Telenet, a US Sprint Company.
Desqview is a trademark of Quarterdeck Office Systems.

I am not associated with either of these companies. They and
they alone are responsible for the performance of their products
and services.

I make no warranties either expressed or implied as to the
suitability of TLXPCP20 or A Dialer v2.0 for any applications.

This package is the result of my efforts to make my hobby a little
bit easier on myself. This software works great for me. Unfortunately,
I can't guarantee anything for your machine. The only application they
might be able to fill for you is to take up space on your hard drive.
I have done my best to debug them, but no software package should ever
be considered to be 100% bug free.

Feel free to distribute TLXPCP20 and ADIAL20 whenever and where ever
you like. Just upload them in complete, unmodified form and we will
all sleep better at night.

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