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Very nice tutorial program for Telix. Great for the beginner.
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Very nice tutorial program for Telix. Great for the beginner.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

TELIX is a great communications package. Hats off to Colin Sampaleanu
and company at EXIS, Inc. for the really wonderful job they've
done...and are doing. Throughout T-FIG and its documentation you'll
find multiple references to TELIX and EXIS, Inc. TELIX is a
copyrighted (c) program.

While TELIX is truly a great communications program, like anything
new, it may be hard for the new user to properly set up. Although it
comes with most of the configuration settings the way you need them to
be, changing these can sometimes be confusing.

I've spent some time reading the TELIX users echo available on some
OPUS/FIDO bulletin boards and noticed that most new users have the
same problems. Unfalteringly, the same questions get repeated over and
over again. The typical response from more seasoned users is to, "Read
the full manual." That's well and good, but if you're new to
telecommunications, the jargon may seem like gibberish to you. This
leaves you in the lousy position of having read the darn thing but,
still not understanding what to do. T-FIG solves that problem.

Also, I can't even begin to count the times that I needed a tidbit of
info from the manual, exited TELIX, loaded the thing into an editor,
List, Browse, etc., found what I needed, change back to the TELIX
directory, and finally, reran TELIX. Now, for those with lots of
memory, this problem doesn't exist...but, it did for me. T-FIG gets
around that by providing a quick reference to the TELIX documentation.
Just take a look at the TIPS section.

T-FIG is designed with the beginner in mind. It allows the new user
of TELIX to have easy access to the configuration information needed
to make TELIX more easily used. It's not necessary to remember any
commands to use's completely automatic.

In many cases the information you need for the most widely used
applications is explained in T-FIG. Section 5: TIPS and HINTS
contains stuff that causes most new users problems. If you have a
particular problem, it's most likely here. If not, read the RTFM
(Read The Full Manual)!

You should have these files as the full T-FIG set:

1. TF.SLC This file is the main program that uses all the
other files.

2. TFC.MNU The Configuration Menu file.
TFCF.SCN Filename configuration file.
TFCG.SCN General configuration file.
TFCM.SCN Modem configuration file.
TFCT.SCN Terminal configuration file.

3. TFT.MNU TIPS Menu file.
TFTC.SCN Configuration TIPS.

4. TFI.SCN Index file (Only on registered disk).

5. T-FIG.DOC Read it. It explains's not very

6. T-FIG.REG I hope you use this's the
registration form.

7. README.1ST This file.

I really would appreciate you registering the program if it's of use
to you. Read the's not very long. Print out T-FIG.REG,
fill it in and mail it with your check or money order.

If you find any problem using T-FIG or have any suggestions, please
let us know. You can do that through U.S. mail to:

Eugene A. Zeak, Jr.
2342 Spring Oaks Circle
Sarasota, FL 34234
(813) 351-4953

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