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Procomm 2.0 dialing directory manager.
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Procomm 2.0 dialing directory manager.
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PDM -- Procomm Directory Manager

Procomm Plus itself offers all kinds of ways to sort your dialing
directories. My problem was that I didn't want my directories sorted
but instead wanted to shuffle the entries around in an arcane order
that made sense only to me -- local numbers on the first page, desk-
top oriented boards the next, graphics boards the next, etc. Short of
tediously erasing and reentering each selection, Procomm itself
couldn't do that.

PDM lets you move and delete entries to your heart's content. I think
you'll find the scheme intuitive. Just try it. Even if you really
mangle the process, you'll find the original directory saved with a
.BAK extension.

There is one difference from Procomm's own directory management. When
PDM encounters a blank entry, the default parameters for baud, parity,
data bits, stop bits, port, terminal, and protocol will be set
identical to those that were originally in the first slot of the
directory being processed.

PDM will work only with directories that are exactly 23050 bytes in
size -- that's what v2.0 of Procomm writes. It seems to me earlier
versions of Procomm differed.

PDM is a freebie -- it's a tool I wanted personally and decided to
share. If you enjoy using it, you don't owe me a penny, but a thank
you note would be appreciated.

Don Phillip Gibson
910 East 11th
Winfield, KS 67156

CompuServe [75725,1752]

PDM Copyright (c) 1991 by Don Phillip Gibson
Original release, August 19, 1991

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