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Small program that set clock to Naval Atomic Clock. Telix SALT script.
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Small program that set clock to Naval Atomic Clock. Telix SALT script.
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Contents of the TSET31.DOC file

TSET31.SLT and TIMECFG.SLT written by Charles Lee on Oct 28,
1988. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions
about these scripts, you can reach me on OPEC BBS (405) 789-
2078 or you can leave a message in the National Telix Echo.

This archive should contain five files: TSET31.DOC (this

TSET31 is a script file written for TELIX v3.1 and is used to
set your DOS clock to the precise time from the Naval
Observatory in Washington DC. TIMECFG is a script file that
creates a configuration file for TSET31.

I wrote this script to replace a much larger program that I
had been using. Who needs to keep a program larger than 100k
on the hard drive when a script less than 5k will do the job
just as well?

Using these routines is simple. Place TSET31.SLC and
TIMECFG.SLC into the directory that you keep your scripts in.
After bringing up TELIX, hit alt-g. When asked which script
you want to run, type TSET31 . TSET31 will check for
the presence of its configuration file. If it doesn't find
it, it will call TIMECFG to create it. When TIMECFG runs,
you will be given the opportunity to edit the dialing string
(you can insert any special dialing codes,if needed) and an
opportunity to change the time offset value from UTC (for
instance, there is a 6 hour difference between CST and UTC,
hence the default value of 6). After running, TIMECFG
returns you to TSET31. TSET31 will then call the Naval
Observatory, get the precise time, and set your DOS clock to
it. Then TSET31 will display the current time with a real
time clock on the screen. This will let you gather up all of
the clocks in your house so you can set them. When you are
done, just hit the space bar to exit.

Should it become necessary for some reason to edit either the
dialing string or the time offset value, you can run TIMECFG
directly to make these changes.

I wrote TSET31 primarily for my own use. It probably has at
least a couple of examples of not-so-good programing
practices in it, but it works fine for me.

Note that you may find it necessary to put another line in
the TSET31 script that will transfer the DOS time to the
memory of your built-in clock. Setting your DOS time does
not necessarily mean that the time also goes into your

hardware clock.

I will not be liable for any damages or claims related in any
way to the use of these scripts. I make no warranties and
specifically disclaim any implied warranties of this product.
Also, I make no claims of suitability of this product for any
purpose other than to take up space on your disk.

Telix v3.1 is an excellent product of Exis Inc. I am in no
way shape or form related to them. I wrote these scripts
solely as a hobby type effort and am releasing them to the
public domain on the off-chance that someone else may find
them useful.

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