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Allows online quoting for Qmodem 4.2x (and others with scrollback buffer).
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Allows online quoting for Qmodem 4.2x (and others with scrollback buffer).
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Contents of the QSNIP.DOC file

QSNIP is a TSR designed to allow users of Qmodem to have a quoting function,
which is the only major feature lacking within the program.

It ain't pretty, and it ain't `integrated', but it does work.

Invoke QSNIP by putting it in your communications batch file or your
autoexec.bat file. It doesn't take up a lot of memory, (3824 bytes ) so it is
not to demanding.

To Quote text from your screen or the scrollback buffer, simply use the scroll-
back function to get the text you want to quote onto the screen.

Type ALT-TAB (That is, hold down the ALT key and hit the TAB key
simultaneously) and a cursor will pop up on your screen.

Position the cursor to the start of the text that you want to save (via the
arrow keys) and hit RETURN. This will anchor the right corner of the text.

Using the arrow keys, move the cursor to the end of the text you want to quote
and hit S. (for SAVE). The window holding the text will change back to normal

Hit ESC to return to the text of the reply message you were working on (if you
used scrollback to get where you were), position the cursor where you want the
quote, and hit ALT-TAB, G (for GET). The program will then dump the text you
saved to the screen as if you typed it in. If, for some reason, it does not
type ALL of the text, simply hit RETURN.

You may also save the marked text to a file, or to the printer, but hitting F
for File or P for Printer at the end of marking.

This program puts a "> " before starting to write the line of text. You may
change this character by modifying the enclosed source code. BECAUSE it adds
the "> ", you should be careful when quoting lines of > 78 characters. These
will probably cause an ugly message on your local bbs, with the > and 78
characters on one line, and the other 2 characters on the next. Some of you
may wish to further play with this to make it `prettier', but it does what I
want, which is a down and dirty quoting ability.

This program is based on SNIPPER, which is a PC-MAGAZINE program. I have left
the copyright notice, etc. in the code, as I only added a few lines and
changed a few others from the original. As far as I am concerned, you can
play with it within the rules of the copyright. All kudos go to PC-MAGAZINE
for putting this stuff out where we can play with it and modify good code to
do the things we want to do. I DON'T want any $$$, but if you like it, try to
get a subscription to PC-Magazine if you don't already have one. I think we
should support the folks who put this stuff out for us to play with.

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