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The Dialing Directory Editor for PROCOMM PLUS 2.x.
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The Dialing Directory Editor for PROCOMM PLUS 2.x.
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The Dialing Directory Editor


Licensing and Distribution
This program and documentation is Copyright (C) 1991 Daniel Wilson.
All rights reserved. This software is a shareware program. The
user is hereby granted a limited 15 day evaluation period to use
and evaluate DirEdit without charge. If, upon the expiration of
the evaluation period, you wish to continue using DirEdit, it is
asked that you register your copy. The registration fee is only
$15 (a small price for quality software) and entitles you to a
program disk, extensive on-disk documentation, and the latest
version of the program.

This software may be distributed freely in its original archived
form only, but may not be sold without the express written
permission of Daniel Wilson. Extensive effort and programming time
have been devoted to ensure the software is bug-free and functions
as described below. However, the software is distributed as is -
there are no warranties included and Daniel Wilson shall not be
responsible for any conceivable damages that may arise from your
usage of DirEdit.

PROCOMM PLUS and Datastorm are registered trademarks of Datastorm
Technologies, Inc. As owners of these trademarks, Datastorm has
never publicly approved or disapproved of DirEdit.

DirEdit features an intuitive and "familiar" interface and as such,
no support should be required for the use of this program.
However, I will answer questions via U.S. mail and CompuServe.
Please note that program support is provided to REGISTERED USERS
ONLY! To register your copy of DirEdit, please print the file
DIREDIT.FRM provided in this archive.

I can be reached via CompuServe 70673,3021 and by U.S. mail at:

Daniel Wilson
P.O. Box 485
Columbia, MO 65205-0485
Files Included In This Archive

DIREDIT.DOC - this document file
DIREDIT.EXE - the executable program
DIREDIT.FRM - registration form


With the release of PROCOMM PLUS 2.0, Datastorm gave its popular
communications program additional power and features while
maintaining the friendly and easy to use design. The basis for the
program, the dialing directory, was given user sought-after options
such as sorting and note files, but lacked sophisticated editing
functions. Enter DIREDIT.

DIREDIT Program Features

DirEdit provides powerful sorting and editing features that the 2.0
Dialing Directory lacks. Using DirEdit, the user can customize his
dialing directories, limited only by his imagination! Custom
dialing directories can be easily created from other directories
and even ordinary Ascii text files!

Below is a brief description of some of the DirEdit's features:

- Delete Entry(s): More than the Dialing Directory Erase
function, allows the user to delete a single entry or a
group of tagged entries. Once deleted, the remaining
entries move into the departed entries, eliminating the
gaps that occur when using the 2.0 Erase function.

- Move Entry(s): How many times have you wanted to move a
dialing directory entry? Before, your only choices were
to manually re-type the entry information or perform a
Sort, which more than likely caused more harm than good.
DirEdit allows a single entry or a group of tagged
entries to be moved to a location specified by the user.
After using DirEdit you'll wonder how anyone ever got
along without this powerful option.

- Global Change: Have you ever wanted to change a particular
field throughout an entire dialing directory? There
weren't too many possible options, unless manually
changing 200 entries appealed to you. DirEdit allows you
to easily change the directory's default Baud Rate,
Parity, Duplex, Com Port, Transfer Protocol, Terminal
Emulation, Mode, and Call Totals!

- Extra display lines - with or without an EGA or VGA graphics
monitor. Editing is made much easier when twice as many
entries are displayed.

- Directory Sort - 2.0 provides additional sorting capabilities
which are fine, as long as you want entries sorted by
ascending order and immediately written to disk. DirEdit
allows directories to be sorted according to Phone Number,
Name, Baudrate, Total Number of Calls, and Last Call Made.
The user is free to specify ascending or decending order,
and whether or not to pay attention to case sensitivity.

- Save Directory - though saving a dialing directory is no big
deal, saving a partial directory or a group of tagged
entries in the PCPLUS format IS a big deal! When used in
conjunction with the Import feature which follows, you can
easily build custom dialing directories by saving groups of
entries and all without manually re-entering any data.

- Import PCPLUS Entry(s) - one of DirEdit's most powerful
features! After saving a group of important directory
entries, the Import Feature allows you to merge these entries
into an existing directory.

- Import Text Entry(s) - Most BBS's provide lists of other
regional or national BBS's but it's a pain to manually enter
this information into the dialing directory. Not any more!
DirEdit can take a text file such as THE LIST or USBBS and
convert that information into a PROCOMM PLUS dialing
directory! All you do is specify is a file type of Ascii and
where the name and phone number fields begin and end.
DirEdit does the rest! For added flexibility, you can also
specify a character that seperates the BBS name and its phone

- Undo - Sometimes the most simple concepts prove to be the most
useful - and most overlooked. Ever accidentally purged a
directory entry, only to find that there's no way to recover?
It's been written to disk and is gone forever. DirEdit
provides life after "death", allowing you to undo your entire
editing session. No more accidents! Simple.

Installing DirEdit as a HOOK to PROCOMM PLUS

DirEdit is one of the first shareware programs to take advantage of
PROCOMM PLUS' unique HOOK facility. This allows DirEdit to be run
from Terminal Mode or even from an Aspect script, allowing
seamless, integrated directory editing.

DirEdit can be HOOKed into PROCOMM PLUS via the Alt-M Meta Keys.
Installation is simple: While in the PCPLUS terminal mode, press
Alt-M to display Meta Keys. Move the highlight bar to a blank
entry and press R to revise. Press the spacebar until HOOK appears
in the TYPE column. Press , then type the program name
DIREDIT in the CONTENTS field and press . The completed
entry should look like this:


At this point press S to Save the Meta Key file followed by .
To run the program, simply press the Meta Key you revised (Alt-1 is
the example above).

Entry editing can be performed while inside of PROCOMM PLUS. In
order to have PCPLUS use your changes, you will have to enter the
dialing directory (Alt-D) and reload the directory that was edited
(via the X command). PCPLUS will then use your edited file!

*** If you run DirEdit as a HOOK ***

When creating a new dialing directory, use DirEdit's X command
rather than the X command from within PROCOMM PLUS. PROCOMM'S X
command creates a dialing directory which remains open and can not
be read by DirEdit when run as a HOOK or from the DOS shell.

Please try DirEdit. Using is the easiest way to see that managing
PROCOMM PLUS can be enjoyable. And easily worth $15.

Like most shareware authors, I need registrations to continue
producing programs like DirEdit. At $15, I'm not going to get rich
and consequently, you're not going to go broke by registering! Of
course, I will gladly accept more than $15!

When you register, you'll receive:

-the most recent version of the program personalized with
your registration information.

-extensive on-disk documentation, with in-depth descriptions
of all DirEdit commands and numerous creative examples,
along with .PIF, icon, and .DVP files for using DirEdit
under Windows and DesqView.

-a clear conscience and a good feeling!

-quality software at an affordable price.

At the DOS prompt, please type COPY DIREDIT.FRM PRN and press
Enter. Thank you and enjoy using DirEdit!

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