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DSZ - dated 9/20/94 - Protocol engine from Omen Tech.
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DSZ – dated 9/20/94 – Protocol engine from Omen Tech.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
2A-PIF.DVP 416 101 deflated
2S-PIF.DVP 416 108 deflated
2T-PIF.DVP 416 99 deflated
BBS_REG.TXT 2564 953 deflated
DS.BAT 76 76 stored
DSZ.10 904 560 deflated
DSZ.COM 53934 33118 deflated
DSZ.DOC 161259 49295 deflated
FIX.BAT 324 211 deflated
GEOFF.10 1128 622 deflated
MAILER 3000 1039 deflated
RZ.BAT 110 93 deflated
SZ.BAT 36 36 stored
ZDOWN.BAT 142 116 deflated
ZMODEMAD.BAT 123 101 deflated
ZMODEMD.BAT 116 94 deflated
ZMODEMDR.BAT 134 109 deflated
ZMODEMU.BAT 66 66 stored

Download File DSZ0920.ZIP Here

Contents of the BBS_REG.TXT file

DSZ BBS Registration Form (must be accompanied by a paid registration)

Mail to: Omen Technology INC, 17505-V NW Sauvie IS RD, Portland OR 97231

Name __

BBS Title/Nickname ___________________________________

Address __



Daytime Phone (_____) _____________________ Evenings (_____) _________________

BBS Phone (________) _____________________________________ Hours: ____________

Public Access/Registration Policy:

Area where ZCOMM files are stored:

I agree to feature the ZCOMM files (ZCOMMEXE.ARC, ZCOMMDOC.ARC,
ZCOMMHLP.ARC) for downloading, and to announce the availability and
features of ZCOMM in any bulletins, help displays, or other displays that
mention communications programs. It is my responsibility to maintain
reasonably current versions of the ZCOMM files on the BBS shown above.

I understand that DSZ is not and never has been Copy Protected. I fully
understand that "DSZ unprotect" files have no function except as a device
to enable Conspiracy in the the theft of Omen Technology's Intellectual

If I see any program or information intended to defraud Omen Technology by
compromising DSZ's registration procedures, I shall diligently attempt to
identify the author or uploader of such materials, report this information
to Omen Technology, and cause such materials to be removed. I fully
understand that DSZ is not copy protected in any way. I also understand
that distributing any "DSZ unprotect" material is a conspiracy that
financially damages DSZ's author.

* *
*Incomplete forms will not be processed. A physical signature is required. *
* *
* I have read and agree to the "Bulletin Board Registration" *
* in the DSZ.DOC file for each version of DSZ I use. *
* *
* *
*Signed ___________________________________________ DATE _________________ *
* *

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