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Collates dir listings (DOS, BBS, etc).
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Collates dir listings (DOS, BBS, etc).
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Contents of the BBSCAT.TXT file


For each BBS that I call reguarly I maintain a catalog of
available files. The files for each BBS have a filename of a prefix
letter and a 7 position id. The prefixes are:
M Master catalog as downloaded from the BBS
L The capture file from the last session.
D The reformated master with the 'NEW' merged in
G Files I want to download
F Parms when needed for RFMTDIRL program
U Files I want to upload

I also have 5 master files:
DOWLOAD which has the name of all files I've downloaded
GETFILES a master list of files I'm interested in
NEWFILES a master list from 'NEW' captures
ARCHIVEV.CAT has all the files I have and their floppy no.
ARCHIVED.CAT has the descriptions for the files.

All downloads go into a directory 'NEWPROGS'.

This following job is run for each board sometime after the
session. %1 is the BBS id.

'if there is a special format parm file then set the environ var
IF EXIST F%1 SET Rfmtdirl=@F%1
'reformat and sort the capture file
Rfmtdirl L%1 Filea /N
Qsort Filea /1:13
'mark the new file with the BBS name
Send -----%1$_>>Newfiles
'add the new from this BBS to the new list
COPY /b Newfiles+Filea Newfiles
'merge the new into the BBS current list
Collate D%1 Filea /O377337/P1:13 /Mm
COPY File3 D%1
DEL File*.
SET Rfmtdirl=

When I think I need it I recreate the get lists for each BBS.

' append to the master list
DIR Newprogs >>Download.upd
'if thats all then leave
IF x%1==xs GOTO Done
'reformat and sort the master
Rfmtdirl Download.upd Filen /Onezczsbd /S
Qsort Filen
'now match of against the get list to delete those I've gotten. Also
'select out equal sequences to cleanup the files. Files 5 and 6 are
' garbage collection.
Collator Filen Getfiles /P1:12 /O550366 /Dn2 /I=13
COPY File3 Getfiles
Collator Filen Download /P1:12 /O455440
COPY File4 Download
DEL Download.upd
DEL File*

'reformat and sort the new list
Rfmtdirl Newfiles Filen /N /l80
Qsort Filen
'match the new list against the downloads and get list so I don't have
'to look 'thru file descriptions I've already got
Collator Filen Download /P1:12 /O355445 /Dn2
Collator Getfiles File3 /O455645 /Dn2
COPY File4 Getfiles
'put the file list in archive name order
Qsort Filen
'combine with the descriptions so I can better tell if a new file
'is an update.
Collator Filen /P1:12 /O445550 /R34:68;13
DEL Filen
REN File4 Filen
'now match the new against mine looking for updates
ECHO - for wants enter for don'ts
Collator Filen File6 /P1:12 /O330450 /Dn2 /Mm
'I've marked the updates now extract them
Collator File5 '=' /P13 /O030000 /E
'now use an editor to look over the rest and place a character in
'column 13 if I want it
Pe File4
'now merge this last bunch of marked files with the previous making
'a tentative get list
Collator File3 File4 /I' '13 /O550560
Collator \Getfiles File5 /O440470
' take a final look
Pe File4
COPY File4 \Getfiles
'clear the files
DEL file*
'create a bat file to pass the get list against each BBS catalog
Rfmtdirl Subs tmp.bat /If /Of /B"+%COMSPEC% /C Bbsmth Getfiles D G + 6 /dn2+"

File Subs contains one line for each BBS:

The batch file Bbsmth is as follows:
Collator %1 %2%4 /P1:12 /O350460 %6
COPY File%5 %3%4

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