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Packet Radio BBS Log processing program with source code.
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Packet Radio BBS Log processing program with source code.
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Contents of the LOGPROC.DOC file

Assemble logs in a subdirectory.
Put the directory listing into a file, use "DIR > NOTES" in DOS.

This should result in something like

Volume in drive T is DISK1_VOL2
Directory of T:\STATS

. 2-07-89 9:28a
.. 2-07-89 9:28a
LOGPROC PAS 18881 2-08-89 2:56a
LOGPROC EXE 27968 2-08-89 2:56a
LOG-DEC 01 20608 1-01-88 3:04a
LOG-DEC 05 102784 1-01-88 3:18a
LOG-DEC 220 217088 1-01-88 3:09a
LOG-DEC HF 53504 1-01-88 3:02a
LOG-AUG 220 230144 9-01-88 3:53a
LOG-AUG 2M 155904 9-01-88 3:51a
LOG-AUG HF 138880 9-01-88 3:50a
LOG-AUG NTS 128 9-01-88 5:27a
LOG-OCT 01 62208 11-01-87 6:57a
LOG-OCT 05 64896 11-01-87 7:04a
LOG-OCT 220 177792 11-01-87 7:01a
LOG-OCT HF 38016 11-01-87 7:02a
LOG-NOV 01 56192 12-01-87 1:18a
LOG-NOV 05 91136 12-01-87 1:22a
LOG-NOV 220 154496 12-01-87 1:20a
LOG-NOV HF 55424 12-01-87 5:25a
LOG-NOV LOC 8320 12-01-87 2:09a
LOG-SEP 220 282368 10-01-88 1:09a
LOG-SEP 2M 162304 10-01-88 1:08a
LOG-SEP HF 158080 10-01-88 1:06a
LOG-SEP NTS 384 10-02-88 4:54a
LOG-OCT7 2M 142228 11-01-88 12:35a
LOG-NOV 232 617 11-30-88 1:28p
LOG-NOV 2M 130848 12-01-88 12:01a
LOGPROC DOC 143 2-08-89 12:03p
DIR 0 2-08-89 12:03p
LOG-APR 2M 177408 5-02-88 4:45p
32 File(s) 3072000 bytes free

Then edit it into a list of log names. I use Sidekick and call the
directory list file 'NOTES'


Then run the program LOGPROC

It will prompt you for the BBS Call.

It will then ask you to select the log type. WA7MBL changed formats
with version 5. If you are not sure which version you have, or have
both kinds, then select choice 2 and logproc will autoselect the log format.

If you selected option 2 or 5 it will ask you for the year. MBL 5 does
not store the year in the log. If you have a mix of MBL logs, it will
read the year from the 3 and 4 logs and use the value you entered for the
5 logs.

There is minimal error checking in the dialog, so take care what you enter.

If you upgraded to Version 5 and did not change logs, manually split them
with a word processor in its non ASCII mode.

The findings are stored in a file 'BBS_CALL.ASC', WHERE BBS_CALL is
the call of the BBS. The summary is written if the month changed, or
if the logfile ended.

Please run your logs through the program and send the BBS.ZCZ file
to [email protected]

This file was put together in a hurry, so that I could pass the program
out at a SYSOP meeting in Maryland on 2/12/89.

The source code is included in the arc file so you can see what criteria

are used to distinguish the types of messages. Early MBL logs may contain
other types which will show up as unrecognized (and beep at you) and be
counted as others. If you have any, and can remember what they were
please let me know.

73 Joe [email protected]

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