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An automated file transfer script for TELIX. A mini mail networking system. Allows you to create a private network.
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An automated file transfer script for TELIX. A mini mail networking system. Allows you to create a private network.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

T H E - M A I L !

An automated mail and file transfer script for TELIX


The-Mail! is released to the public domain and you are granted full licence
to distribute this product at no charge to any interrested party, provided
that the Masters Software logo and name remain attached to the product and
it is distributed with all files in an un-modified condition.

The-Mail! is a SALT language application written by Masters Software.
The-Mail! is supplied "as-is" and Masters Software neither Warantees nor
Guarantees the function or suitability of this product.

Masters Software and/or associates will not be held liable or responsible
for any losses either real or anticipated which may result from the use or
abuse of this product.

The-Mail! is not now nor will it ever be in any way compatible with any
communications programs used to communicate messages or files between
Bulletin Board Systems, nor is it compatible with any other package which
might perform a similar function to that performed by The-Mail!.

Revision History:

2/1/90 Ver 1.0 Initial release version.

After a few weeks of use, a couple of improvements over the BETA test
versions were suggested by my callers and these have been added to the

At the suggestion of Sheldon Korentayer:

The user's manual was updated with more specific information about modem
settings and compatibility.

Removed default paths from TCONFIG to prevent confusion with the ones
stated in the user's manual.

Forced minimum dial-pause time to 30 seconds so that it didn't have to
be changed in the ALT-O menu each time and added code to reset it to the
user's setting at the end of the session.

Made several minor changes to the screens.

At the suggestion of Terry Wilcox:

Added second search for a file to send. The-Mail! will now send the
file ALL.ZIP if there is no file explicitly for the caller. This
allows some "public message" ability. (This file is not erased after

Added "ESC cancels" on-screen messages to appropriate points in the

From my own experience:

Changed method of watching for certain things to happen in order to
improve noise immunity and prevent disconnects due to line noise.

Adjusted delays to allow for time before the dialing or re-dial window
drops after a "Connected press any key to continue" message.

Made pickup responce when answering in host mode a bit slower to allow
for line-junk.

Cleaned up the source code and hopefully didn't cause any new bugs in
the process.

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