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TAPCS542.ZIP - TAPCIS(R) Version 5.42 - The Access Program for CompuServe. Navigate CompuServe quickly and cheaply. Includes Shareware Version with documentation. $79.00 registration.
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TAPCS542.ZIP – TAPCIS(R) Version 5.42 – The Access Program for CompuServe. Navigate CompuServe quickly and cheaply. Includes Shareware Version with documentation. $79.00 registration.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

TAPCIS(R) Version 5.42 README.1ST 11/28/93
The Access Program for CompuServe
Copyright (c) 1993, Support Group, Inc.
Lake Technology Park, McHenry MD 21541
CompuServe 74020,10 (GO CIS:TAPCIS)
Phone 800-USA-GROUP, 301-387-4500, Fax 301-387-7322
TDD 301-387-7319


Both the 5.25" and 3.5" contain three files: TAP.EXE, TAPDOC.EXE,
and README.1ST (this file). TAPDOC.EXE is an optional copy of the
documentation in electronic form. While you may not need this file,
it will be helpful should you pass the disk to a friend as a
shareware copy.

The files TAP.EXE and TAPDOC.EXE are self extracting zip files.
That means that all the programs and files are contained in a
single "program" that will magically transform itself into the
separate files upon execution.

For example, if you have TAP.EXE in the
current directory, you
could type:


and all the programs, scripts, and files will end up in C:\TAP.
If you do not specify a directory like C:\TAP, the files will
extract into the current directory.

Note that in expanded form, each of these files require about
425K of disk space, 850K total with docs (so you cannot expand
them onto a 360K 5.25" floppy; a 1.2M floppy would work fine).

If you wish to extract the files directly from the distribution
floppy, prefix the command with "A:" such as:


Note: Replace "A" with the letter of the floppy drive you are
using if different than A:.



If this is your first version of TAPCIS the choice is totally up
to you. We recommend installing TAPCIS in its own directory,
C:\TAP, for example.

Create this directory then read the "INSTALLATION" section for
specifics on the files included on the distribution disk and
installation of 5.42.


You have a number of choices. If hard drive space permits, you
could create a new directory for 5.42 leaving the prior version
completely intact in another directory. This is the safest but
will use a lot of disk space. You'll also need to copy over to
the new directory your PARAMS.CIS file from the prior version and
rejoin all your forums (or copy over the *.SEC files).

Another and perhaps more popular option is to install TAPCIS 5.42
in the same directory where the prior version was located:

BACKUP! PLEASE! Practice safe computing every time you install
any new software. TAPCIS 5.42 has been extensively tested for
over 6 months, but no software is perfect. I strongly suggest
making a special backup of PARAMS.CIS.


1) Extract the files by running the TAP.EXE program.

2) UPDATE ONLY: As each file is about to be extracted, the
program looks to see if it already exists. Most of these
files will already exist in an older version directory.
Updating users should extract all files EXCEPT FOR USERID.CIS
(the TAPCIS Address book) AND TAPCIS.CFG (the configuration
file). The ones in TAP.EXE are to get new users started; you
should not replace your own USERID.CIS or TAPCIS.CFG with
this file (answer NO when asked). All other files should be

3) Read the file README.542. It describes the changes in this
new version.

Note: If you have the printed manual for TAPCIS 5.4 you WILL
NOT need any of the files in TAPDOC.EXE.

If you have questions that this file does not answer, please feel
free to leave a public message to All in the TAPCIS Forum.

Remember that your registration number is stored in the
PARAMS.CIS file. Copying the old version PARAMS.CIS file and
using it with 5.42 is the best way, or you can re-record your
registration number following the instructions you received with
the printed manual from Support Group, Inc.

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