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Shows how to config a USR HST 9600 for use with Telix.
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Shows how to config a USR HST 9600 for use with Telix.
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The following are settings for Telix 3.11 when using a Courier 14.4 HST
US Robotics modem when using an AT 286/12 computer

These settings have produced 1400 to 1550 cps on Exec PC and Rusty and

Dip switch settings are as follows:
1,2,4,6,7,9,10: UP
All others: DOWN

Use Alt O in Telix to configure as follows:
(of course Com2 and ANSI-BBS may be others)

Terminal options

A - Baud 38400 Parity None Data length 8 Stop bits 1
B - COM2

C - Default terminal type ........... ANSI-BBS
D - Status line ..................... Bottom
E - Local echo ...................... Off
F - Add Line Feeds after CRs ........ Off
G - Strip high bit (incoming data) .. Off
H - Received Backspace destructive .. On
I - XON/XOFF software flow control .. Off
J - CTS/RTS hardware flow control ... Off
K - DSR/DTR hardware flow control ... Off
L - Compuserve Quick B transfers .... On
M - Zmodem auto-downloads ........... On
N - Answerback string (ENQ) .........

Change which setting? (Return or Esc to exit)

You may add &K0 to the Init string to turn off MNP compression
I use ATDP. You may be using ATDT, if you have touch tone.

Modem and dialing parameter setup

A - Init string ......... AT &B1 &H1 X4 S0=0^M
B - Dialing prefix 1 .... ATDP
C - Dialing prefix 2 .... ATDP
D - Dialing prefix 3 .... ATDP
E - Dialing suffix ...... ^M
F - Connect string ...... CONNECT
G - No connect strings .. NO CARRIER BUSY
H - Hang-up string ...... ~~~+++~~~ATH0^M
I - Auto answer string .. ATS0=1^M
J - Dial cancel string .. ^M

K - Dial time ........... 50
L - Redial pause ........ 5
M - Auto baud detect .... Off
N - Drop DTR to hangup .. On

Change which setting? (Return or Esc to exit)

Set the line rate to 38400.(some use 19200)

Dialing Directory
Name Number Line Format Script
1 Exec PC(9600) 1-414-963-3581 38400 N81
2 Rusty's(9600) 1-216-726-0737 38400 N81

I have had good speeds with MNP on. Exec PC reports better speeds with MNP off
(&K0). I have not..

I got about 929 cps using Zmodem until I used these settings. Then they
skipped to the coveted 1400 t0 1550 cps.

If you want to leave a message for me, leave one on Exec PC to Robert May.
I am still working with my new 14.4 USR HST and I would be interested in any
hints on further optimization.

Actually, I got no more than 929 cps until I used the settings I have
outlined above, despite using the settings I downloaded for the modem.

Good luck and enjoy your new found speed!!

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