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Latest version of ZKEY file transfer utility. Shell out to DSZ or PCZ so that you can download using XModem, Ymodem, or Zmodem.
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Latest version of ZKEY file transfer utility. Shell out to DSZ or PCZ so that you can download using XModem, Ymodem, or Zmodem.
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Contents of the PCZ.DOC file

PCZ 2.11.89 Dec 01, 1989

PCZ - A Public Domain implementation
of Zmodem, Xmodem, Xmodem-1K, Sealink,
Ymodem for the IBM PC family

PcConnect Zmodem by Drue Kennon and Gary Smith

PCZ is a public domain Zmodem implementation that will allow
users of communication software that does not implement internal
Zmodem to access it through an external program. It is a
fully-featured version of Zmodem, but does not have the
professional and commercial polish of a program like Omen
Tech's DSZ. However we do believe that it will be suitable
for the average BBS'r.

PCZ also provides support for the basic Xmodem variants:
Xmodem, Xmodem-1K, Sealink, and Ymodem Batch.

Command line:
PCZ [port (1-4)] [speed (300-9600)] [sz] (r)

PCZ [port (1-4)] [speed (300-9600)] [rz]

The entering of the words << port & speed >> are optional.

Default port = 1; Default speed = 2400;

To receive a file using Zmodem simply enter :

|-- PCZ rz - Using com port one.
batch | PCZ 2 rz - Using com port two.
modes | PCZ 3 2400 rz - Using com port three at 2400 baud.
|-- PCZ 4 1200 rz - Using com port four at 1200 baud.

PCZ rz INFILE.ARC - Receive one file and name it INFILE.ARC

To send a file using Zmodem simply enter :

PCZ sz OUTFILE.ARC - Using com port one.
PCZ 2 sz OUTFILE.ARC - Using com port two.
PCZ 3 2400 sz OUTFILE.ARC - Using com port three at 2400 baud.
PCZ 4 1200 sz OUTFILE.ARC - Using com port four at 1200 baud.
PCZ sz r OUTFILE.ARC - Send file and resume transfer.

To send a batch of files via Zmodem :

Create a text file with one complete file spec per line,
with a maximum of 25 files allowed.
Have no blank lines in the file and place the "@" symbol
as the first character of the dos file name. Pass it
to PCZ on the command line as follows:

PCZ 1 2400 sz @OUTFILE.TXT - Using port 1 at 2400 baud.

To receive files using any of the Xmodem variants, the format is :

PCZ rs filename - Sealink recieve
PCZ rx filename - Xmodem receive
PCZ r1 filename - Xmodem-1K receive
PCZ ry filename - Ymodem receive
PCZ ry - Ymodem Batch receive

To send files using any of the Xmodem variants, the format is :

PCZ ss filename - Sealink
PCZ sx filename - Xmodem
PCZ s1 filename - Xmodem-1K
PCZ sy filename - Ymodem

If you want PCZ to keep a file transfer log then the following line must be
added to your autoexec.bat file or typed in on the command line.

set pczlog=d:\mycommdir;

where d is the drive & mycommdir is where you want the logfile to be placed.

Note: the bytes and cps rate reflect the actual number of bytes sent
to or received. It does not necessarily reflect any specific "BLOCKSIZE".
This will let you see actually how PCZ is progressing in the transmission
of data. In the best case "Full Streaming Zmodem", you will see the time
for actual file data; worse case time will reflect the transmission of
data headers and block acks. It is different, but I hope everyone can
appreciate a more accurate account of what is happening inside the powerful
zmodem protocol.


V1.01.88 - Intial release, no known bugs. Please report
any problems to Drue Kennon or Gary Smith.

V2.01.89 - Extended version that contains Xmodem, Xmodem-1K,
Sealink, and Ymodem Batch in addition to Zmodem.
Also does provide full file sharing for use in
networking enviroments.

Fixed several reported bugs. Enabled hardware flow
control for use with MNP type modems. Enhanced port
speeds up to 19.2k, and tightened some code for
more efficient operation. Properly set errorlevel 1
in event of transfer failure.


PCZ 2.11.89, Copyright (c) Drue Kennon and Gary Smith 1989.

PCZ is free, but it is a copyrighted work and may be distributed only
pursuant to this license.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and disseminate PCZ so long

(1) No remuneration of any kind is received in exchange; and

(2) Distribution is without ANY modification to the contents of
PCZ.EXE and all accompanying documentation and/or support
files, including the copyright notice and this license.

No copy of PCZ may be distributed without including a copy of this

Any other use is prohibited without express, written permission in

Contact may be made by any one of the following methods.

Drue Kennon Gary J. Smith
Rural Route #2 Box 54 6122 Cedar Wood Drive
Center, TX. 75935 Columbia, MD 21044

Voice 409-598-3809 Voice 301-740-5880

The Programmer's Corner
Data/BBS: 301-596-1180
Data/BBS: 301-995-3744

6 roll over lines in place
with over 3/4 gigabyte of
storage space

For use by corporations, government, institutions, or for
profit, contact Omen Technology Incorporated for licensing
information using their excellent professional DSZ Zmodem

Chuck Forsberg
Omen Technology Inc
The High Reliability Software
17505-V Northwest Sauvie Island Road
Portland Oregon 97231
Modem: 503-621-3746 Speed 1200,2400,19200(Telebit PEP)
Compuserve:70007,2304 GEnie:CAF
UUCP: ...!tektronix!reed!omen!caf

Omen Technolgy makes Professional-YAM, a comphrensive comms program with
unmatched power. Flavors are available for PC-DOS, Unix, Xenix, and OS/2
Protected mode.

ZCOMM is a full featured shareware communications package.

DSZ, ZCOMM, Professional-YAM
are Copyrights of Omen Technology Inc, all rights reserved.

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