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This is a fully integrated mouse menu for Telix 3.12.
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This is a fully integrated mouse menu for Telix 3.12.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

TLXZMENU Version 1.0 4/25/90
CopyRight (c) Z Innovators 1990

TLXZMENU provides mouse support for the TELIX terminal program
version 3.12. TLXZMENU is for the Microsoft mouse and it's
compatibles. You install TLXZMENU with MENU.COM by the following


TLXZMENU has a main mouse menu with all of Telix's main menu
commands except DOORWAY mode. In all other areas of TELIX 3.12, there
is support for the mouse.

TLXZMENU is shareware. After you test the program, if you
decide to use it, you must register. The registration fee is $1.00.
Send your fee to:

Z Innovators
1344 Park St.
Dept. 187
Stoughton, MA 02072.

The file, TLXZMENU.DOC contains instructions for using the mouse

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