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WIGWAM - compuserve navigator for Windows from UK. Shareware.
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WIGWAM – compuserve navigator for Windows from UK. Shareware.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


To read this file conveniently, please select
Word Wrap from Notepad's Edit menu.

If you are upgrading, the file CHANGES.TXT (included in the .ZIP) has details of changes from version 1.21f.

WigWam For CompuServe


1. Installing and using WigWam
2. Licensing and Registration
3. Updates and Corrections to the Manual
4. Joining CompuServe

Installing and Using WigWam

Please refer to the User Guide. The User Guide is available for download from CompuServe in two formats: Word for Windows 2.0, and Windows Write. If you have Word for Windows, we suggest that you use that version, otherwise use the Windows Write version.

2. Licensing and Registration

The WigWam 'deal'

WigWam is commercial software. A demonstration version is available for download from CompuServe. The demonstration version is identical to the 'registered' version, except that it does not support the 'Prune' command, which allows you to remove messages from your saved message base as they grow old. You are entitled to use the demonstration version for a maximum of two weeks, after which, if you wish to continue using WigWam, you must register it by one of the means listed below.

When you register, you will receive a full copy of WigWam on disk, a printed manual including a comprehensive index, and the right, at our discretion, to download future full releases of WigWam from CompuServe. The program is sent on 3.5 inch disk unless you specify otherwise. Registered users are provided with unlimited support via the UKCOMP forum.

WigWam has taken many hours to develop, and we are dependent upon your support if it is to be developed further. So if you like the program, please support us by registering.

Registering and Ordering Information

For an introductory period, WigWam is available for a price of 65 UK pounds including carriage, plus Value Added Tax in EC countries where applicable. You can register by any of the following means:


Credit Card orders can be sent by CompuServe Mail to the Ashmount account, 70007,5437, or by mail, telephone or fax to the Ashmount office (see address below)


You can register via CompuServe's Software registration service: GO SWREG for details. SWREG orders are billed in dollars at a price which approximates to 65 UK pounds: the dollar price is displayed in SWREG and will change from time to time if the exchange rate fluctuates. The price at the time of writing is 120USD. When you register via SWREG, the price is added to your CompuServe bill.

Company Orders

Please submit payment in the form of a cheque with Company Orders. If this is not possible please contact the Ashmount office.

3. Updates and Corrections to the Manual

Chapter 1 - Installation and Setup

There are three checkboxes in the Options/Setup dialog box which are not documented in the manual:


Currently WigWam does not use sound effects, and this checkbox therefore has no effect.

Auto Join

When this box is unchecked, WigWam will not automatically recognise new forums when you start downloading messages from them. You should keep the box checked - it is provided for compatibility with the multiuser facilities of TeePee.

Line Gap

Checking this box increases the separation between the header and the message body when a message is displayed in the message viewer window.

When upgrading, WigWam's setting of Forums from which to download messages may be cleared. To correct this, after upgrading choose 'Select Forums to Download' from the Actions menu, review your choices, and leave by pressing OK (it is important to press OK, not Cancel).

The modem 'init string' can contain the following 'escape sequences':
\r send CR
\n send LF
\b send BREAK
\p pause for approx 2 seconds
\\ send \

Chapter 2 - Forums

You can now define a 'signature' which will be added to the end of all the messages you post on CompuServe. Create the signature with a plain text editor (such as Notepad) and put it in a file called CIS.SIG in your WigWam directory. When you call up the Message Editor, you will see the Signature in the editor window (and delete it or amend it, if you decide not to send it with that particular message).

When using Say, the Subject line is now limited to 24 characters, which is the maximum length allowed by CIS.

The WigWam Status Window cannot hold text of indefinite length, and it is possible to fill it up when running a Search that has lots of hits. If the window fills up, WigWam will stop and the Status Window will display an extra button. When you have finished reviewing the contents of the Status Window, press the button and the window will clear so that WigWam can continue.

Chapter 3 - Libraries

When you refresh an existing library, the 'Max Age' prompt will default to the number of days necessary to bring the library up to date (the date stamp of the file is used to calculate this). Because in some forums files are not added to the library list on the day that they are uploaded, WigWam also adds an 'overlap' of three days to this default number. You can alter the length of the overlap by modifying the liboverlap parameter in the [tpopts] section of TP.INI - set it to 0 for no overlap.

If you are reading a message and decide to download a file referred to in the message, highlight its name by double clicking on it in the message viewer window. When you select 'download file' from the File menu, the highlighted filename will be filled in automatically.

Chapter 5 - Other CompuServe Features

The 'dummy' Forums and Topics that WigWam fills with information collected via Script Commands are now marked 'read only' so that you can't accidentally attempt to post a message to them. It is highly unlikely that any other forums will ever be marked 'read only', but, just in case, you can use the 'Make Readonly' and 'Make Readwrite' commands on the Housekeeping menu to change state.

A new script command, 'Collect ENS Stories', will collect stories from an Executive News Service folder which you have previously established. You will be prompted for the name of the folder. The stories are downloaded for reading in a WigWam 'dummy Forum' called ENS. You must establish your ENS folders by using CIM or logging on manually.

4. Joining CompuServe

If you are not already a member of CompuServe, we hope that you have been sufficiently impressed by the combination of WigWam and CompuServe to become a member.

The easiest way to become a member is to contact CompuServe
Customer Services as follows:

United Kingdom (0900 to 2100 weekdays)
Tel: 0800 289 378 (FREE within the UK)
(44) 272 255111 (from outside the UK)

or write to: CompuServe Customer Service
15/16 Lower Park Row
PO Box 676
Bristol BS99 1YN

Switzerland (0900 to 20:00 weekdays)
Tel: 155-31-79 (FREE within Switzerland)

Germany (0900 to 20:00 weekdays)
Tel: 0130-3732 (FREE within Germany)
(49) 89-66-55-01-11 (From outside Germany)

or write to: CompuServe Customer Service
Jahnstrasse 2
D-8025 Unterhaching

United States (0800 to 2400 weekdays, 1200 to 2200 weekends)
Tel: 614-457-8650

or write to: CompuServe Customer Service
5000 Arlington Center Boulevard
PO Box 20212
Columbus, Ohio 43220

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