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More QMODEM 4.0 external protocols from John Friel's support BBS.
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More QMODEM 4.0 external protocols from John Friel’s support BBS.
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Contents of the DSZ.DOC file


dsz - ZMODEM, YMODEM, XMODEM PC-DOS file transfer subprogram

ddddsssszzzz [CCCCOOOONNNN] [ppppoooorrrrtttt NNNN] [ssssppppeeeeeeeedddd SSSS] [hhhhaaaannnnddddsssshhhhaaaakkkkeeee oooonnnn] [dddd] _c_o_m_m_a_n_d

_D_s_z uses the ZMODEM, YMODEM, or XMODEM protocol to transfer
files over a serial port with a variety of programs.

ZMODEM Transfers support 32 bit CRC, transfer recovery, and
advanced file selection.

YMODEM transfers preserve the exact file length and
modification date/time with the information in the YMODEM
header block 0.

_D_s_z supports XMODEM-1k (XMODEM with 1024 byte blocks,
sometimes mislabeled YMODEM) and CRC-16 with the _s_x -_k and
_r_c commands.

_D_s_z is derived from Omen Technology's Professional-YAM
communications software, (also published by POLYTRON Corp of
Hillsboro Oregon as PowerCom(TM)), and supports a subset of
Pro-YAM's file transfer related commands.

_D_s_z is designed to be called from a communications bulletin
board program. _D_s_z may also be called from other
communications programs, but the combination lacks many
amenities of a communications program with seamless ZMODEM

_D_s_z uses its own modem I/O. The original interrupt vector,
UART interrupt configuration, and 8259 interrupt mask are
restored on exit.

_D_s_z uses standard DOS output for messages, it does not write
directly to the screen. _D_s_z expects its standard output to
point to the console, a logging file, or NULL, not the modem
port. If necessary, _d_s_z'_s standard output may be redirected
to the console device with the CCCCOOOONNNN command.

_D_s_z exits with 0 status for successful transfers, 1 if a
file transfer failed.

_D_s_z commands are an improper subset of Pro-
YAM/PowerCom/ZCOMM commands. Except as noted, all commands
must be in lower case. Please refer to the ZCOMM, PowerCom,
or Pro-YAM manual for details. Unlike ZCOMM and Pro-YAM,
_d_s_z does not support Kermit and ZMODEM AutoDownload, ZMODEM
command download and ZMODEM security challenge. _D_s_z does

Page 1 (printed 7/2/87)


not support Kermit, Super Kermit, B Protocol, the
traditional XMODEM variants MODEM7, Telink, WXMODEM, and
Clink/SEAlink supported by Pro-YAM/PowerCom/ZCOMM.

When used, the _C_O_N, _p_o_r_t, _s_p_e_e_d, _h_a_n_d_s_h_a_k_e, and _d commands
must be given in the order shown.

CCCCOOOONNNN Redirect message output to the DOS "CON" (console)
device, overriding any previous redirections.
hhhhaaaannnnddddsssshhhhaaaakkkkeeee oooonnnn
Enable RTS/CTS hardware handshake. (The default is
XOFF/XON software handshake).
ppppoooorrrrtttt NNNN
select port N (n = 1,2,3 or 4) Default is port 1 (COM1)
or read from the DDDDSSSSZZZZPPPPOOOORRRRTTTT dos environment variable.
ssssppppeeeeeeeedddd SSSS
Set the specified speed. This command is rarely needed
because _d_s_k reads the port's current speed by default.
Please refer to to the _M_A_I_N _C_O_M_M_A_N_D_S and _S_O_F_T_W_A_R_E
_C_O_E_X_I_S_T_E_N_C_E chapters in the ZCOMM or Pro-YAM manual for
important information about the _s_p_e_e_d command.
dddd Disables carrier dropout monitoring, for modems that do
not properly drive the "Data Carrier Detect" input on
the PC.
LLLLAAAARRRRGGGG Convert AAAARRRRGGGG to lower case, then parse aaaarrrrgggg....
ppppxxxxNNNN Set a numeric parameter xxxx to N. These parameters are a
subset of the Pro-YAM or ZCOMM numeric parameters, and
are listed below. They assume their defaults each time
_d_s_z is called. Without an argument, pppp displays the
numeric parameters and their values.
zzzz ppppxxxxNNNN
Set zmodem numeric parameter xxxx to N. These parameters
correspond to the Pro-YAM or ZCOMM "zmodem" parameters
and rarely need changing. These parameters assume
their defaults each time _d_s_z is called. Without an
argument, zzzz pppp displays the zmodem numeric parameters
and their values.
Restrict pathnames to current disk and directory tree.
sssszzzz [-abnpr+y] [PREFIX=p | ONAME=n] file ...(ZMODEM or
ssssbbbb [-k] [PREFIX=p | ONAME=n] file ... (YMODEM or
ssssxxxx [-k] file1 (XMODEM or XMODEM/CRC)
rrrrzzzz [-abnpr+y] [dir] [file ...] (ZMODEM)
rrrrbbbb [-ab+y] [dir] [file ...] (YMODEM)
rrrrbbbb ----gggg
[-ab+y] [dir] [file ...] (YMODEM-G)
rrrrcccc [-ab+y] file1 (XMODEM/CRC)

Page 2 (printed 7/2/87)


rrrrxxxx [-ab+y] file1 (XMODEM)

_D_s_z uses the following main numeric parameters, settable
with the _p_x_N command. In addition, _d_s_z uses the Pro-
YAM/ZCOMM _z_m_o_d_e_m numeric parameters described in the Pro-
YAM/ZCOMM manual.

BBBB Set the size of buffer used for disk reads and writes.
The default is 1024, 16384 maximum. A larg value may
give better results when sending files to or from from
sluggish floppy disk systems. Too large a value will
exhaust memory or induce receiver timeouts. This
parameter is supported on versions compiled with

SSSS Timeout after seconds waiting for XON

aaaa Calibrates protocol timeouts used with handshaking and
XMODEM and YMODEM transfers (Cybernetic Data
Recovery(TM)). The aaaa numeric parameter is
automatically set to 2000 for a 4.77 mHz PC or XT, 4000
for a PS2/30, 6000 for an 8 mHz 1ws AT, and 12000 for a
PS2/80. If your computer has a speedup card or
otherwise runs unusually fast (or slow!) for its type,
you should set the aaaa numeric parameter to a value that
reflects its speed.

oooo If non zero, allow concurrent disk/port activity

vvvv Verbose level (debugging output) Negative values
inhibit some routine messages

zzzz Timezone in minutes behind GMT

dsz sz c:foo.* b:*.c (send files)

dsz sz -r zmodem.arc (resume interrupted transfer)

dsz sz -n *.* (send files that are newer or
rx has no copy)

dsz sz -Yn *.* (send files that are newer and
rx has copy)

dsz rz C:/UPLOADS (receive files to specified

dsz port 2 speed 38400 restrict rz

dsz rz -y prog.arc (ZMODEM, single file pathname

Page 3 (printed 7/2/87)



DSZ LRZ L-Y NEWPROG.ARC (generate lower case "rz -y"

dsz z pr1 rx foo.dat (XMODEM receive, remove file
on error)

dsz pv2 sz foo >debug.dmp (Debugging data dump)

Consult the Professional-YAM, PowerCom, or ZCOMM manual
chapter "Options for File Transfers" for option meanings.
The "File Transfer Basics" chapter explains the relative
merits of the XMODEM, YMODEM, and ZMODEM protocols. The
"Main Commands" chapter describes the rb, rx, rc, rz, sb,
and sz commands.

Information on the ZMODEM _I_n_t_e_r _A_p_p_l_i_c_a_t_i_o_n _F_i_l_e _T_r_a_n_s_f_e_r
_P_r_o_t_o_c_o_l may be found in ZMODEM.DOC, part of ZMODEM.ZOO.

C Source code for XMODEM, YMODEM, and ZMODEM transfers is
included in RZSZ.ZOO. This file includes a Pro-YAM/ZCOMM
script to upload a bootstrap file to a Unix system, force
its compilation, and (if the compilation is successful)
upload the rz/sz source files.

Some programs claiming to support YMODEM do not send or
accept the YMODEM pathname block. 1024 byte XMODEM is
XMODEM-1k, not YMODEM. _D_s_z sets the UART shift register to
8 bits no parity; the original UART parity setting (if
different) is not restored on exit.

32 bit CRC code courtesy Gary S. Brown.

Cybernetic Data Recovery, Error Containment, OverThruster,
Password Guardian, CryptoScript, and TurboDial are Omen
Technology trademarks.

PowerCom is a trademark of POLYTRON Coprporation, Hillsboro


Page 4 (printed 7/2/87)



_D_s_z is written by Chuck Forsberg. _D_s_z may not be modified
or sold without the written permission of Omen Technology
Inc. _D_s_z may be freely used and copied by bulletin board
systems which feature the ZCOMM files (ZCOMMEXE.ARC,
ZCOMMDOC.ARC, ZCOMMHLP.ARC) for unrestricted downloading.
_D_s_z may be registered by sending your bulletin board's
telephone number and a valid login to

Omen Technology Inc.
P.O. Box 4681
Portland, OR 97231.

_D_s_z registration and a diskette with current versions of the
ZCOMM files will be mailed upon validation.

Other users may register their copy of _d_s_z with a check for
$20.00 sent to the same address.

Protocol transfer timing has been modified to depend less on
the "a" numeric parameter. The procedure described in the
YAM/ZCOMM manual for adjusting the "a" numeric parameter is
no longer valid, and should not be used.

Versions after March 1987 buffer both transmitted and
received data, providing enhanced throughput with multi
tasking systems such as DESQview.

Versions compiled with _T_u_r_b_o_C support the BBBB numeric
parameter and code to allow file sharing on transmitted

The BBBB numeric parameter now supports both transmitted and
received files.

Page 5 (printed 7/2/87)

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