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ListRead creates a local BBS list from a national one (such as Darwin's). This version adds support for SUBST'd drives and increases speed. Can also create a Telix compatible .FON file.
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ListRead creates a local BBS list from a national one (such as Darwin’s). This version adds support for SUBST’d drives and increases speed. Can also create a Telix compatible .FON file.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Version 1.05

Corrected the problem with substituted directories. The program, when
searching for the listread.cfg file, would make a mistake when the if the
configuration file was somewhere on a substituted drive. Also, did some
code speed improvements. Also, removed all case sensetivity on all of the
prompts and configuration file paramaters.

Version 1.04

Bug with the Telix file output. The program did not include the board
name when creating the file. This has now been corrected.

Version 1.03

This version will now support one additional parameter. This parameter is
TELIX. If you use this command on the command line, or in the config
file, the system will create a Telix 3.1x compatible phone file called
LISTREAD.FON. The one limitation is that it will set the baud rate at
38400, and Zmodem downloads as a default. This is not configurable at
this time.

Version 1.02

This version has incorporated an attempt at AI for figuring out what the
board name is. If you select the SmartMode, the program will try to
format your output file into two columns.

The first method is used if there is no header telling the program were
the columns are. It will base its decission on spacing (the largest
section is probably the board name).

The second method is based on the header of the file. This is usually in
one of the first couple of records in the file, and will have some- thing
referencing to the name and phone number of the board. Provided that they
are both present, the system can use this method. This is also the

Version 1.01

The system will now automatically scan your path for its configuration

Now, if you want the program to prompt you for input, simply place:
[INPUT] in place of a filename.

Fixed a problem with the area code. It was defaulting to 215 even if you
specified a different one.

Version 1.00

Initial release.

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