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Utility for Telix. Scans Telix USE file and generates a list of all files transfered, and their source.
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Utility for Telix. Scans Telix USE file and generates a list of all files transfered, and their source.
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Contents of the SCANUSE.DOC file

SCANUSE V1.00 (c)1990 Tom Jarosh

This program is designed to parse the TELIX.USE file and produce a
sorted listing of the files you have up and down loaded. You can look
at your printout to see if you have already downloaded that great
program that just appeared on your favorite board.

An output file named SCANUSE.TXT is produced. This file may be printed
as is or edited on your favorite word processor.

The file names of downloaded files appear in capital letters, while
uploaded file names appear in lower case. The following is an example
of the output:

Name Date Time Board Name Phone

ATO58B.REQ 01-10-90 06:46 pm Manually entered number. 745-8745
ATOADV.ARC 01-10-90 08:03 pm Compuserv @ 2400 Baud 745-8745
BDB00.NEW 04-19-90 07:14 pm Compuserv @ 2400 Baud 745-8745
BDB01.NEW 04-19-90 07:18 pm Compuserv @ 2400 Baud 745-8745
BDB02.NEW 04-19-90 07:19 pm Compuserv @ 2400 Baud 745-8745

BDB10.NEW 04-19-90 07:24 pm Compuserv @ 2400 Baud 745-8745
BDB11.NEW 04-19-90 07:24 pm Compuserv @ 2400 Baud 745-8745
BIGBLUE.ZIP 05-23-90 10:15 pm Advanced ComTech 290-9851
C.ASM 04-07-90 05:54 pm ????? ???-????
CATALOG.ZIP 04-21-90 04:21 am BigFoot II 886-7943

scrpt1.exe 01-01-90 12:30 am Alleluia 1-602-883-2465
scrpt2.exe 03-18-90 01:22 am BigFoot II 886-7943
scrpt2.exe 01-01-90 01:08 pm Alleluia 1-602-883-2465
scrpt3.exe 03-23-90 03:28 pm BigFoot II 886-7943
scrpt3.exe 01-01-90 01:58 pm Alleluia 1-602-883-2465

Uploads: 5
Downloads: 10

Please note the entry for C.ASM. This was a transfer between 2
machines and, as such, it did not produced a "Connected with" entry in
the TELIX.USE file. In general, question marks will therefore mean a
local transfer not involving a phone call.

The program can handle up to 800 transfers from 200 different boards.
This was done to allow the program and all variables to exist on one
64k block of memory.

Finally, as with all shareware, if you find the program useful I
would appreciate a contribution. It is always discouraging to me
to find folks using someone elses work without ever giving thought
to payment. By the same token, a suggested price is sometimes to
much when you consider the amount of usage you give to an
individual program. Therefore, I'll let you decide. If you feel
that the program is only worth a buck, then please send me a buck.
If you feel this program saved you an hour, and you value your time
at $20 per hour, then please send me $20. Let your conscience be
your guide. Please mail your contribution to:

Tom Jarosh
7408 E. Calle Arturo
Tucson, AZ 85710-3714

Thank you!

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