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ProComm Plus script files for automating certain functions on GEnie.
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ProComm Plus script files for automating certain functions on GEnie.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DLDIBM.ASP 4589 1698 deflated
FILESEND.ASP 3622 1303 deflated
GENIEFAX.ASP 4008 1360 deflated
GENIELOG.ASP 1460 456 deflated
GENSET.TXT 359 217 deflated
GENSTART.ASP 2955 896 deflated
GETMAIL.ASP 2806 941 deflated
LOFGENIE.ASP 71 58 deflated
NEWS.ASP 2022 908 deflated
NEWSBYTE.ASP 4623 1718 deflated
PROFSCH.ASP 5714 1184 deflated
README.TXT 3232 1460 deflated
SNDMAIL.ASP 5785 2088 deflated
TIMLOG.ASP 883 478 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Procomm Scripts for GEnie 11-04-92

This is a series of Procomm scripts developed to make automate a couple of
Genie functions. For inidividuals who like myself prefer using Procomm instead
of ALaddin.

This is shareware so if you use the package I would appreciate a $15.00
registration fee. Plus for that I will supply updated versions and possibly
any new scripts I've developed. I will also attempt to resolve any problems
you may encounter. In order to facilitate bug fixes please LOG the entire
session where the error occurred and send me that file as GEmail.

My GEmail address is S.Decarie phone (403) 274-8502

Stephen Decarie
62 Beacham Way N.W.
Alberta T3K 1R8

I would recommend compiling the scripts with ASPCOMP before starting to use
them. If you run a script then change it for these changes to take effect it
must be recompiled (Procomm compiles it only if an ASP file exists and No ASX
file exists). To force a new compilation including your latest changes delete
any ASX file. Eg. if the script you change is NEWS.ASP before running delete
the file NEWS.ASX from your PCPLUS directory otherwise your changes will be

There is a way around this problem after change the script exit to the DOS
prompt in you PCPLUS directory type ASPCOMP NEWS. This will compile the script
automatically replacing any old ASX file.

Also note you must put your USERID,PASSWORD in metakey 9 for these scripts to
function. If you also insert GENSTART as an other metakey you can start the
sequence by choosing that metakey after starting Procomm.

Another change required is you must correct the line at the top of most
scripts which reads DEFINE ENTRY or define dial_dir (I wasn't consistent) this
number should be set to point to the entry for GENIE in your Procomm (PCPLUS
dialing directory ALT-D).

To use the SNDMAIL script you must modify the section which selects the GEMAIL
address based on the file name.

Revised 11-06-92

Added a script for transmitting a GENIE fax from a text file.

Revised 11-11-92

Added a logon Menu script GENSTART.

Revised 11-14-92

Added a down load file scripts (also changed menu and colored future options
to indicate not yet implemented)

Revised 11-25-92

corrected problems with fax send script

Revised 11-29-92

modified SNDMAIL,SNDMAIL, NEWS to return to menu script upon completion

Revised 12-02-92

modified profile search script to correctly handle optional question as well
as to terminate at the top menu. Also fixed IF CONNECTED to not logon

Revised 12-20-92

modified news script to current GEnie configuration but this may change again

If you start Procom with the command PCPLUS /fGENSTART
a script menu will appear for you to select the desired operation

Any comments or suggestions for additions will may be considered for
future revisions.

Thank you

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