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Boyan Host script, BBS style. Additional passwords, file directory with descriptions, and enhanced message base. Nice, but hard to setup.
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Boyan Host script, BBS style. Additional passwords, file directory with descriptions, and enhanced message base. Nice, but hard to setup.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


INTRO: When I first saw Boyan's host, I thought it could use a little
more "pizzazz" and some serious rework on the program flow. What I've
done here is to completely rewrite the script and add the following
features (to name a few of the important ones): Caller can select text
colors for his/her type and/or text from my host, I eliminated the need
for a secondary hostmsgs.bsc - all functions run off one script, I tied
function access to a single PW - only the sysop can delete messages and
shutdown the host, new callers are limited to message action and chat
only, recognized callers have full access to messages, chat and files, I
added FV.COM to enable callers to view archive file contents on line, I
enabled the sysop to put messages, files, scripts, text files, etc in
whatever directories he/she chooses, I added the recognition by the
script of attempts by callers to select unauthorized functions more than
three times (automatic logoff results), it also recognizes
(and logs off callers) who fail to enter the correct password in three
times. This host is by no means an attempt to write a BBS, but I think
it does do a good job in spicing up your host mode. My name and address
are listed at the end should you have any suggestions for improvement or
comments on bugs found. Hope you enjoy it.

I. Files Required (Most are included in archive, the ones that aren't
get created by Comm.bat)

a. Host.bsc - this file replaces both host.bsc and hostmsgs.bsc, all
functions run off one script

b. Welcome.msg - this is a sample ansi opener the caller will see
when first connecting..substitute one of your
choice. THE DRAW is a good program to use if you
want to make one.

c. Main.mnu - A sample main menu you can use or change as you
see fit.

d. Prot.mnu - A sample protocol menu you can use or change

e. Send.bat - A small batch file that sends text out the modem
faster than Boyan's default ULa convention.

f. Flist.bat - A small batch file which invokes FV.Com ..used for
viewing archive file contents. (Note: ZIPTV can be
substituted for FV.COM - if you add ZIPTV, scan the
Host.bsc for :VIEW, change the area that's currently
\DC[FLIST %V0] to \DC[ZIPTV Pn Ty Lx %V0],
where n = your comm port, y = time in minutes allowed
in ZipTV and x = length in lines. You'll need to get
ZIPTV20.ZIP from a BBS. Once ZipTV is installed, you
can delete Flist.bat and FV.Com.)

g. Comm.bat - A small batch file which initializes the msg.lst and
files.lst files. Invoke Boyan using this batch versus
just typing in Boyan

h. Msg.lst - A listing of messages available to be read by the
caller. Created and/or updated by Comm.bat

i. Files.lst - A listing of files available for download by the
caller. Created and/or updated by Comm.bat

j. New.lst - A list of new files uploaded..only sysop can see
this one.

k. Free.lst - a crude, but effective method of showing the caller
how many bytes you have free in your upload
directory...just a redirected "dir" of your upload

l. Goodbye.msg - What the caller sees when he/she logs off..can
be changed as you see fit.

m. FV.COM - File View..the method I chose to view contents of
archived files. (See my note above about adding
ZipTV instead of FV.COM)


a. Copy all files to the directory where you run Boyan scripts.
(Files.lst and Msg.lst will be created when you run
Comm.bat -- New.lst is created first time someone uploads

b. Using a text editor, scan the host.bsc file for places I've
included comments to the right. Of particular importance is
the requirement to substitute your APPROPRIATE PATHS in the
spaces I've marked by "Path". If you change any of the file
names, be sure the correct name appears in these places as well.

c. While scanning the host.bsc with your text editor, go to
the area I've marked as for users and put in your name and
PW along with names and PW's of any users you wish to add to
the system. Be sure your password as well as those of your
users are all different. Access to functions is determined
by password. Be sure none of your known users takes "new" as
his/her system password. "New" is the default PW I use for
all new callers...anyone with this password is limited to
message activity and chat only.

d. Using a text editor, edit Comm.bat to reflect appropriate path
for files as indicated..DELETE REMARKS BEFORE RUNNING!!

e. Create your own welcome.msg and goodbye.msg -- the ones I've
included are OK, but you probably will want something which
reflects your personal taste.

III. General Comments

a. The files.lst and msg.lst (just the titles of files and messages,
not the files or messages themselves) should reside in the
same directory you run the script from..they can go anywhere you
want though..

b. The default file directory in Boyan (done via the Alt-C) should
be set to the directory where you keep files available for
downloading, not the directory where you want files uploaded.

c. Once you have the paths set in the host.bsc you can delete the
comments I put out to the right (after the "\\"'s).

d. I recommend you set your Alt-G macro to \IE-%AM,G[\AM[G]]. This
will make entering gossip (chat mode) a lot easier.

e. I make use of several shortcut macros to hold values for: user
selection for color of text to and from him, current on-line
user's PW (needed for return from chat), a counter for how many
times the caller selected something he/she shouldn't have. If
you are hard set on using the same shortcut macros for something
else, then you can do one of two things: a. not use this host or
b: scan the host.bsc for all occurrences of shortcut macro
symbols and "SM" type commands --- change all to your liking. It
would be far easier, though, to change your current shortcut
macros to some other keys. I use shorcut macros: 114, 115, 116,
120. These are in addition to the ones Boyan already uses in the

III. Running the script

a. You invoke the host just as you normally would -- Alt-I

b. When in local test mode -- ANSI SEQUENCES WILL NOT APPEAR ON
if you see a bunch of ^[[2C or other ^[[ type phrases appear
on your screen while in local test mode. That's normal.

c. IMPORTANT: While you are in local test mode there are a couple
of menu options you must NOT select. These are: (L)ist
messages, (F)ile names, and (V)iew Files. I've got these
functions set up for remote use only since I can do these
without being in host mode. Making them run in local test
mode requires more lines in the script than I think are
necessary. Add them if you want, but don't select these options
till you do.

d. Going to Gossip Mode: If a caller selects (T)alk w/Sysop, a
bell will ring at your end. Should you decide you wish to chat
with the caller, hit (and hold for a second) the escape key.
This will interrupt the script and you should see
"Communication Ready" in the status block. At that point hit
Alt-G (if you changed your macro to what I suggested) and you
will be in gossip mode (split screen) and ready for chat. When
you are finished with chat, just hit Alt-I again and the host
script will resume at the main menu. (The script checks for
carrier on start-up, if found, assumes you came back from chat
mode and bypasses the welcome.msg and PW screens).

The best way to see what this new host does is to call it from another
computer as would normally be the case. All ANSI will be interpreted by
the calling comm program and you will be able to see the colors and
cursor control actions as they actually appear on the remote end.

I've completed what I believe is thorough testing on this new host but
will not guarantee there aren't any glitches in it. I haven't found
any. If you should find something wrong with it, I'd appreciate a note.
You can reach me at any of the Prince William County BBSs or my address

James Bennett
14751 Barksdale St.
Dale City, VA 22193

Hope you enjoy this new Boyan host. See you.

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